assistant responded.

Hmm, The emperor was satisfied with the good news.

That how it should be, He was pleased with that report at least.

The unknown illegitimate child of his father appeared out of nowhere when his father was about to die.

He remembered his mother, the Former Empress, angry that there was one more person who could threaten his position as the crown prince at his younger age.

The Former emperor was a lusty man, but surprisingly a good ruler, and that good point made the nobles not do anything to him.

Which man didn have urges that his wife could not satisfy?

Well, his father had many.

And that led to many concubines in the palace with many children.

He remembered his mother crying every day but always looking at him with a pained but hateful expression, That throne will be yours, do you hear me?! That throne must be yours!

She utters those words to him almost every day.

Sometimes he feels, she reassures herself that even if she doesn have her husbands love, she could have power through her son.

Every month, one concubine dies, one after the other, through suicide, accidents, running away, or so many excuses.

Their children die with the same excuses.

He knew it was his mothers work.

But he didn say anything and did his duty as the future ruler. The position of the crown prince was his in the first place. Why would he give up his power to an illegitimate child?

His father did not love him, but his mother did and made him sit on that throne by any means.

Even after his mother did everything, she could to ensure no child threatened his place on the throne. There was one more child left.

A child that his father found and brought into the palace with the mother.

When his mother saw that, he remembered her face paling at the sight of that child.

For this reason, he didn know until his mothers death.

His mother managed to kill the childs mother but not the child, which threatened his position.

That child resembles the founding emperor of the Persian empire. Remember that, my son. He could be your biggest opponent. She said those words before her last breath.

Yes, mother, The emperor muttered, coming to reality.

Thats why he did everything he could to make the child know his place or die, but it seemed heaven was against him in killing the child.

Instead of dying, he created an army, another fearsome power like the grand dukes.

Instead of being an archduke in name only, he is an archduke with actual power, a power that his son, the crown prince, does not have to succeed the throne but threatens his place.

One way or the other, he must die, The emperor declared with pure malice deep in his voice.

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