Since Raymonds death didn happen, primarily, Raine has destroyed the plot of the story, as his death is the trigger for the story to proceed.

Anything can happen, and she needs to prepare for the unpredictable.

The assassin organization in the Persian empire had the emperor as one of their clients, so taking over the organization now would be a bad idea, especially in her weak eight-year-old body.

It is called the Blood Moon organization.

Another assassin organization in this kingdom with branches spread across the two empires.

Those are the two active organizations of the assassins in this world.

The Sicarii are famous for not being involved in the royal families, which is good for her, as Raine did not want to risk herself one day.

It also has much information about the two empires and rivals the Bloodmoon organization, which is another good point.

Everything fits the criteria Raine wants for an organization of assassins.


Alice went to tell the Butler the young ladys instruction before going to her room.

If she were an ordinary maid, she would share a room with three other maids, but as the personal maid of a young lady with high noble status, she has a room for herself.

Entering the room, she heard a swish sound from the trees and instantly knew that is the young lady.

An innocent child? she sarcastically remarked.

An innocent child will not kill someone without batting an eye.

An innocent child will not surpass her, an assassin of skills.

An innocent child would not know the darkness behind the glorious nobles and royal family.

Perhaps the young lady hid deeply, or shes very observant since the duke was almost absent in her life after the late duchesss death, thanks to the emperor.

Its shocking that shes only eight years old yet possesses skills like that.

Well… as expected from the firstborn child of the grand duke, She thought.

Since the young lady saved her life, her life has changed drastically.

From an assassin to an exclusive maid of the grand dukes daughter,

Any commoner like herself would dream of having this chance.

Supposing she kills people to earn money, she can help but feel guilty when taking the lives of innocent people like the grand dukes son.

Since she had this chance to redeem herself, she would repay the young lady by doing her duties as her maid.

She could tell the young lady was not like those greedy nobles.

Although she could guess what the young lady wanted to do, Alice would not overstep her boundaries.

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