Who comes to the office during fathers absence, Butler? Raine asked, seated on her fathers chair and looking at the arranged documents on the side of the table.

The Viscount, Young lady, The middle-aged Butler answered, respectfully.

She paused and looked at the Butler sharply. Viscount Cleirigh?

Yes, Young Lady, He calmly answered despite the intense gaze.

I see.

She picked up papers one by one to read from the arranged documents.

Do you ever refuse his request?

Raine inquired because, according to the original Raines memory, a viscount is lower than a Grand duke, so what dared the viscount Cleirigh to enter the Grand dukes office?

He had the Grand dukes permission, The Butler responded.

And he uses that favor to do whatever he likes, isn that right, butler?

The Butler didn answer Raine because it was the truth.

When did it start? She asked, sipping the tea on the table.

I am behaving like an aristocrat thanks to the original Raines memory, Raine realized, looking at the liquid in the teacup after she dropped it on the table.

Raine Langston liked tea, according to her memory, and her body craves it anytime.

Although Raine has never tasted the historical tea, she enjoys it thanks to the body like she was Raine Langston and not Raine.

Really, weird, She felt, learning another emotion, an emotion to feel unreal.

I do not know when it started, but I remember the Viscount asking the first time when the Grand duke went to the entrance of the forest of monsters for the first time, The Butler brought Raine out of her thoughts.

The forest of monsters.

According to the novel, that place is like its name.

A part of the world containing nasty and sinister creatures that feed on humans,

Once someone goes in, there is no guarantee that the person will come back alive.

Father, don go, The Young Raine begged the Grand duke after hearing from him about the emperors orders

Father, please don go! The Young Raine exclaimed with tears.

Raine…. I am sorry, The Grand duke deeply apologized.

A memory came to Raines mind as the Butler mentioned the dark forest.

The original Raine was begging the Grand duke not to go when the emperor ordered the Grand duke and his knights to survey the entrance of the forest of monsters

Even Raine Langston knew the dangers of the forest of monsters.

I remember that time, Raine mumbled in the quiet office.

It seemed the Butler knew what the original Raine did as he didn speak after.

Butler, never allow the Viscount into fathers office, She ordered, staring at the documents.

Yes, Young lady, The Butler nodded as she stared at the paper with the account of the territory. Her red eyes caught a particular number.

It seems the Viscount has been doing his research well, Raine thought as a knock sounded in the office.

Come in, She responded, dropping the paper on the table.

Your grace, please excuse.

A muscled, lean man entered with a sword hung by his waist.

Dressed in shining black armor with a wolf symbolized silver cape reaching his knee, he bowed with head armor in his left hand.

I really have transmigrated, Raine realized, staring at the knight armor that her history teacher gave a class test for her grade.

Vice Commander Frode, stand upright, She said, staring at the dark brown-haired man with a light beard on his chin.

The Vice Commander stood at her command.

I am sure you have heard of what accident that almost happened to the heir of the northern Grand duke, Raine started the conversation

What are you and the knights doing during my fathers absence? She narrowed her eyes at the man.

The knight gulped and answered nervously, Y-Young -l-lady. ”

Alice, come in. Raine ignored the stuttering man and called for Alice, who hid in the room.

Alice silently appeared from the shadow and passed the frozen men to stand by the chair.

For you not to sense an assassin in the room is pathetic as the knights of the north, Raine insulted the knight without remorse.

The Vice commander avoided her sharp gaze and bowed his head to the floor.

I am sure you do not need me to tell you anything, Vice Commander Frode.

The incident will never repeat, Young Lady, He returned respectfully.

Good, also I need you to clear a fighting space for my brother and me, Raine requested.

He lifted his head at her statement with shocked eyes before he agreed, steadily. Yes, Young Lady.

It seems he knows his place. Raine understood, looking at the man who avoided her gaze again.

He did not cross the line like the Viscount.

Noble Ladies in this era are softhearted and dependent on men, and Raine was sure it would be unusual for a Noble lady like herself to wield weapons.

Especially a Noble lady with High status, when she can have a strong guard to protect her every second.

Good, and make sure nobody knows about it apart from Alice and the Butler, or you would want your head hanged on the Northern walls of the hall of execution, right? Raine mentioned staring at the knight.

Of course, Young Lady, The Knight quickly responded.

You may go, Raine waved her hand dismissively before picking up the paper with a particular number.


Vice Commander Frode closed to door of the Grand dukes office before moving away from the door and stopped where he thought to be a little distant from the office.

He wiped the little sweat on his forehead. Phew! I thought I was going to die.

She resembles the duchess physically but has the Grand dukes behavior, He judged, as it was a crime for servants to gossip about their masters.

or scarier than the Grand duke himself, He added to his thoughts.

Whoever said that young lady was an innocent and pure girl is a liar! He exclaimed in his thoughts as he continued his walk to do his orders from the intimidating young lady.


Bulter, You may go. Also do watch the servants, Raine looked at the Butler with the papers in her hands.

Yes, Young lady, He bowed before leaving the office.

She looked at the closed door for a moment after the Butler left the office and turned to the paper.

Alice, I need you to do something, She broke the silence.

Yes, Young Lady.

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