ent arm, dressed in his white and black butler uniform. He walked towards her at her call.

Yes, Young Lady, He said with a warm smile different from the expression he showed that night.

Please chase out the maids except for my exclusive maid, Raine ordered, using the silver knife and fork to cut the steak on the silver plate.

She ate her steak with the fork and looked at the Butler with a blank gaze.

The Butler met her gaze and answered promptly, I-I see.

Everyone should leave except the young ladys exclusive maid, The Butler requested.

As the door closed, Raymond, Butler, Alice, and Raine remained in the room.

Raine took the plate of untouched steak and cut it into tiny pieces before pushing it to her brother, who sat beside her.

He nods with a slight blush before taking the fork bigger than his hand and eating his meal.

In the novel, the relationship between the villainess and her brother was not stated before he died, but judging by his behavior when he listened to Raine that night of his death without suspicions, it seems their relationship was close.

But its strange the villainess forgot quickly about her brothers death and became obsessed with the crown prince.

It should be the novels setting, Raine thought before moving her gaze to the Butler.

Wiping her mouth with the folded napkin and placing it on the table, Raine spoke, Butler, I didn say you should chase the maids out of this room alone.

The lady means…He widened his eyes in realization.

Yes… Out of my fathers castle She finished his words.


Butler should understand from my actions from yesterday, Raine stared at him.

Bring new maids, but not many of them into this mansion to prevent more spies. His eyes widened further, if thats possible, at Raines last word.

I am sure Father doesn know his employees are not serving him but others, She continued.

Raine turned to her side to see Raymonds plate empty before pushing her half-finished meal to him and turned to the Butler.

I will be in charge of this mansion until father comes back, and I won tolerate nobles or them looking down on the Grand dukes children, She looked straight into the Butlers eyes.

The Butler didn say anything and stared at Raine momentarily before bowing his head. As you wish, my lady.

…But young lady, the viscount…. The Butler rose his head and spoke cautiously. However, Raine did not allow him to finish his words and cut him off.

Butler, who is your master? She demanded.

The Grand duke, He answered without hesitation.

Who is the Viscount? She asked again.

He is a vassal, He replied again.

Who am I? Raine continued.

The Grand dukes first child, He answered.

Then, who is your master after the Grand duke? She asked the final question.

The young master and you, my lady, He answered without hesitation, again.

Then I expect the results of my orders in the future, Butler, Raine said with her first fake smile in this novel world.

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