swift attack.

Now I understand, Raine mumbled before leaping and striking the assassin with the cutlery knife she took from the table in her room when she transmigrated at dawn.

So this was the assassin responsible for the assassins death that could not kill Raymond and his death, Raine finally understood.

They follow others to ensure their task is complete, or else death would be waiting.

Cunning, She felt, striking the dagger that the assassin used to block the attack before using her leg to kick his shoulder and using that momentum to leap backward to the same spot she stayed before attacking him.

Raymond, Raine called to the sleeping boy on the bed.

He could not sleep with all the noise in the room. And that was obvious.

The boy rose to a sitting position on the bed and stared at Raine before looking at the intruders in his room.

Raine struck the assassins shoulder with her cutlery knife as he was distracted by her brother before speaking, Get under the bed.

Raymond calmly got on the floor before obeying his sisters orders.

The assassin groaned at the piercing of the knife with closed eyes. Raine used that opportunity to jump and aim for that pierced knife with her hand.

Pushing the knife deep into the assassins shoulder, she used that opportunity of his distraction to take the assassins dagger with her other hand and used it to pierce his heart.

The assassin suddenly looked at her before spitting blood on her face, and they both dropped to the floor.

Raine fell backward, and he fell forward slightly beside her.

Staring at the dead assassin with open eyes, she tried to get up.

Raine stood up, ignoring the stings on her body, and stared at the window before turning her gaze to the frozen assassin.

So this is pain, She expressed at the stinging part of my body.

An emotion to feel pain.

I have to train this body.

Raine concluded in her heart before concentrating on the assassin.

Why don you work for me as my exclusive maid since your organization wanted to kill you for not doing your task? Raine suggested, turning to the dead body before pulling the cutlery knife out.

Consider this as a thank you gift for not killing my brother, she continued, staring at the bloody knife in her hands.

I can believe I used this to kill someone. Raine glared at the bloody knife, hoping her collections of daggers transmigrated with her, but thats not possible for an object.

Her body stilled as she remembered the specialized doctor said something about hope, the emotion of hoping for something.

What if I kill you, Lady Langston? The assassin broke my thought of herself experiencing another emotion.

An emotion to hope.

I doubt you would kill me. Besides, to appear behind you and save your life tells you I am stronger than you. Raine looked at her.

The assassin kept quiet before speaking softly. I didn expect the lady to be different from the investigation.

Raine chuckled at her sentence, but it was not funny.

The original was a well-behaved and quiet girl until her father left for the forest of monsters again, which was a day before her transmigration.

And the person behind her behavior change was none other than the royal family.

After Raines chuckling, the butler came.


Your name would be Alice from now. Raine blinked her eyes to put the previous nights memory away and stared at the maid at her front.

You would be my eyes and ears in the north and empire, She continued. do not disappoint me,

The new exclusive maid, known as Alice, nodded with her bowed head.

Raine removed her arm from the dressing table and stood up from the chair. Now that I have settled your issue, lets deal with the spies in this place first.

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