e current situation.

The novels title is My Primrose, and it focuses on the heroines life with her prince charming, the crown prince of an empire.

A villainess is necessary for the hero and heroines story to proceed with novels.

More like to make their love grow stronger, Raine felt.

Raine is the Villainess, or should she say, she transmigrated into her body in her childhood.

Thats long before the story starts in the novel.

The author gave each important character their point of view in the novel but not in full, at least giving her a glimpse of their lives.

According to the novel, the villainess family is one of the founders of the empire, and each generation produced successful Grand dukes.

According to the novel setting of the ancient hierarchy, Duke or Grand Dukes families are relatives of the empress.

An empress could come from a marquess family or a dukes family.

Either way, there would be an elevation of noble status.

Currently, according to the novel, there are two Grand dukes,

One with actual power and the other one with status.

The Villianess family became the Grand dukes family with power, especially in the military aspect.

Strange creatures and glowing stones do exist in the novel.

The part of the empire that belongs to the Villainess family is the northern side, which has the most creatures.

One of the duties of the Villainess father or family is to protect the empire, especially since this is one of the empires entrances.

Raine remembers when she read the novel, she learned a new emotion, an emotion of feeling that a person was lucky. Thats how she felt when she read to Villainesss point of view.

Her familys prestige made her lucky.

But with that much power of a family, the emperor, leader of the empire, felt threatened as the Villainess familys power rivaled his own.

The founding emperor of the empire created a rule for the founders to remain neutral in the succession of the throne.

The reason for the current emperors fear of the Villainess family remained unknown.

Nevertheless, Raine could see how the Villainesss life withers away because of the royal family, especially the emperor.

The Villainesss father became a loyal supporter of whoever stayed on the throne.

And the emperor uses that advantage of his loyalty to send him to the dangerous part of the empire, the forest of monsters.

Taking advantage of his absence in the north, the emperor plants his people, one of them being the person in charge of the villainess, her brother, and the north in her fathers absence.

It appears he is starting to deal with them according to the novel, Raine realized, recalling the part of the novel when the Villainess woke up the next day, only to find her baby brother dead in his room.

The emperor used that opportunity to send his son to console her in his stead to show his concern and favor for the Grand dukes family.

Like Father Like son, the Crown prince of the empire regards the Villainesss family as a thorn in his eyes.

The crown prince demanded his father to be the fiancee of the Villainess to console her for her brothers death. He wanted to be like a family to villainess since her father was away.

The charming crown princes behavior touched the deceived villainess heart.

In summary, she becomes possessive of him, threatens other girls, and the crown prince falls in love with the kind-hearted heroine.

The Villainess commits evil crimes against the heroine, and someone catches her evil acts before being suspected of colliding with monsters and being killed in the end.

The Crown prince and heroine loved each other without caring about the innocent life they killed.

What a dog novel, Raine thought, remembering the third emotion she felt was an emotion of disgust towards the primrose novel.

But its not the transmigration into a novel that stunned her.

This was when Raine learned another emotion of being surprised.

Its the fact that the Villainess name is the same as hers in her previous life.

Raine and Raine Langston.

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