The Blind SaviourAether Book 5

Chapter 3: A Very Awkward Time

As Azou,ASheleki and Luna all fly well above Fafirs scouts and where they can detect soon the trio encounter some rather unusual and unfamiliar land. What was this place and what could it even be? Did it have any purpose at all? Who lived here? These two questions were on the three womens mind as they began to descend on sandy ground.

”This way girls Ill show you all around this place. ” The shaman said excitedly. She and the two sisters slowly walked for a few minutes. What laid before them was ruins and old huts. ”Hmm..I wondering any one happened to live here? What ya think Luna? ” Azou said. Luna scratched her head and got on her knees she wondered if she could search for a map.

”Girls this way!! Whats the hold up? ASheleki said impatiently. She got Azou to follow,but Luna was doing her own little digging research. Azou quickly swept her little sister off her feet and followed the impatient shaman. Five to ten minutes later nothing but vast quantities of land and the random ruin were all the three girls encounter, they soon took a rest and ASheleki opened her bag and took out a canteen. It had water inside.

”Here you two go. Look we need to get underground soon. You two may have wonder where exactly we are? Well..Ill tell ya. This is the old continent called Jessou. It was led to be believed the very origin of Neotic creation, back when Nea and the Primordial Deities ruled. Hmm from what the Neotic God Books say..Jessou had several underground tunnels that led to shelter,warmth,food and even technology so advanced that it surpasses what we have today. ” The woman informed an amazed Azou and Luna. ” what happened to the Neotics of that time? Was it..don tell me. Fafir!!? I bet he was up to their demise as well huh? ” Luna asked.

Azou laughed and patted her sisters back. ASheleki also shared a chuckle and walked five paces to the left she tripped backward over something sticking out the sand. Luna came to her aid and asked if she was ok. ”Im fine my dear. Your awfully strong for someone so small. You can put me down now. ” The woman assured Luna. Azou sniffed the stranged object. After an sneeze she blew away the remaining sand from the object.

”Hmm..a lever? Weird. Why would the people of Jessou make a switch? What could have been there motives? ” Azou wonder. She pondered as Luna wanted to see if its leading to anything. ”Ggg..hhgh..ghh.. come on the lever is stuck. A little help ASheleki?! ” Luna called. The shaman lady ignored her and found a bird fountain strangely in the middle of the sand. She walked to it and placed her finger in her mouth,with the needed saliva all that was needed was water.

”Simply trace in a circle..lets see here. ” The shaman woman mumble to herself as she begins to trace the filthy bowl of the decrepit fountain. Confused Luna and Azou stayed alert for anything that could possibly attack. Internally all three of the girls were feeling very uneasy about this abandoned continent.

”Hey uh..ASheleki how do ya know so much about this place? Why does no one else talk about it? ” Azou asked. Unfortunately her question fell on death ears as a loud rumble begin to shake the very land they stood on. This followed with a high pitched screech. Soon a large ramp jutted suddenly downward. The three girls were now in free fall Azou screamed the girliest scream and ASheleki held the screaming blue girl with all her might. The two feared for the worst as the ground was getting closer and closer. Luna had to act quickly. Though she was unfazed by the sudden freefall,she swooped her two annoying companions, uses the wall to come to a slow and steady halt.

This doesn work as she is taken off balance due to her sisters annoying scream. For a short instance Luna is force to transform into Blue Aether. She begins to dig her feet far into the wall and skee all the way to the bottom.

”Fly to the bottom. This doesn look good. I hear some rocks getting ready to crash. ” Luna told Azou. She calms down and uses her own body as a shield to absorb the impact. In her stupor Azou forgot to grab ASheleki thankfully she landed on a soft bed of some strange gooey material. Azou however fell like a rock and left a crater as she slowly got up from her rough landing.

”Hup..hup..haa!! ” Luna exclaimed as she showed off her new flips and acrobatic skills she learn from some of the guards at Fafirs Palace. She gently glided and giggle. What the three saw before them was utter darkness. There was only before them a narrow pathway, two brick walls and cobblestone floors. The sand was few and between. Odd enough. ASheleki saw a feint glow in the distance and urge the two girls to follow. Azou agreed and pulled her sister with her.

”Whoa hey! Hey! Easy sis. Im coming. But why don we let ASheleki go on ahead maybe she knows something more about this place than we do. ” Luna said acting very odd. Azous big sister radar immediately went off. She made sure her and the shaman had enough distance. The two sisters continued to walk and the entire tunnel grew darker and darker soon the sisters stopped. Azou could sense Luna was in a funk. Azou placed a hand on her sisters shoulder and sat her down on the sandy floor.

”Whats up sis? Is something bothering you? ” Azou asked. Luna didn answer. She just looked to the side and kept moving. Azou wasn too happy with her response. So she tried yet another time. This time the duo were further in darkness. Luna stopped this time and confessed what was on her mind.

”Ok..As long as no one besides you and Saruna know..b..but..Im such a slut.. ” Luna said as she fell to her knees. She broke down in tears. Confused,but compassionate Azou crouched to Lunas face and kissed her forehead. She smiled and pushed some of her sisters hair back. ”Whoever told ya that is a big ol bully. Your not a slut,just cause one time with Faffy Faf went a bit..ahem..arry. It doesn make you a slut. If anything your friend Chelsea told me it was cause of the Pink Planet aphrodisiac Fafir used on you. ” Azou said trying to reassure her sadden sister.

Without even asking she knew deep down that Luna wasn referring to that but something more..recent. ” don mean..L-Luna didn ..r-r..right? ” Azou asked a guilty Luna. Luna opened her mouth and let out a weak yes. ”I..i..yes..I have no..excuse. ” Luna confessed. Understandably Azou was upset by this news,to her it felt like the whole rescue mission was for naught. All her worries seem to be the least of Lunas worries.

She slapped her younger sister and shed tears of her own. ”HOW COULD YOU!! AFTER EVERY THING WE ALL DID FOR YOU!! ” Azou shouted. Luna cried more and sobbed. She felt sick to her stomach and begged for forgiveness. ”Just tell no one else okay..I know what I did was horrible..but..I figured if I told you,youd understand. ” Luna tried to reason with a angry Azou.

The older sister folded her arms and apologized for hitting her sister. ”Fine..but I just don understand sis. After what he personally DID. TO YOU!! and yet you go back for MORE and MORE!! It just makes no sense. Did Papa defending you mean nothing? I pray it did not. Ill keep your disgusting,dishonest and horrible deed a secret,but Silvia has every right to know. You broke her heart once,why would you do it again? ” Azou asked with a soft voice.

She walked passed Luna leaving her alone in the darkness to think about her poor choices. The truth burned Luna like a roaring fire. She figured if she even wanted a chance to birth Luazou. She had to be a open book with her older sister.

”Silvia can never know..if she does..dear sister..your right..but I can let that deter me now. Gotta keep moving. ” The purple girl says as she follows Azou. The two meet up with ASheleki who was inspecting and examining a odd machine with a large circular pedestal in the middle of the room. She wonder what took the girls so long.

”Ho ho. Howdy ya two. Well ya asked about merging ya bodies into one huh? Well maybe this little baby can do just that. Question is..ya two ready? ” The shaman asked.

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