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I didn’t know that …….
I had no idea that the Duchesse de La Montlivre had been approached by the Duke de Druids about an engagement.




“……But ……I didn’t want to.


“Liza, when was that?”




My voice turned icy.




“That was before I was engaged to His Highness Vince.”


“I see.




Elizabeth spoke nonetheless, her always smiling face clouded.


I nodded, but no more words came out.


What was that? I keep a smile on my face, but I wonder if that was the right place to be smiling.
I know this was not the time to get angry.
It was before she got engaged to me and she had no fault in this matter.
Oh, do I want to cry? Maybe I want to cry.
Can I cry?




Before Elizabeth met me, she met another man.

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Because of her age and family background, I had assumed that Elizabeth had been my fiancee from the time she was born.
I believed there was no other way.


The fact that Elizabeth could have been the wife of another man and the relief that she was engaged to me instead of the other way around made me want to cry.


I must really like Elizabeth.




“I’m glad you said no to …….”




Even after I told her this, Elizabeth’s expression remained stiff.




“I was too young and selfish.
I am sorry for what I did.”(Elizabeth)


But if she had not refused, I would not have been engaged to her.
Even after I told her this, Elizabeth’s expression remaind stiff.




Just mentioning this assumption made my chest tighten.
I couldn’t keep my eyebrows from furrowing as I kept my mouth in a smile.


I must look pathetic.
But I had no other choice.




“Thank you, Your Highness Vince.”




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Elizabeth’s face also seemed to be desperately trying to suppress her emotions as she uttered her thanks.
Her eyes were moist.


Elizabeth was a kind person, so she must have been feeling guilty about her rejection of the marriage proposal.


However, Elizabeth said it was because of her own selfishness, but when I met her, she was still the same angel she is today.
If she had rejected him, it would have been because he was too much of a jerk.




“If you don’t mind me asking, what was wrong with Lord Lars?”




Because I don’t want to make the second mistake.




Elizabeth looked a little lost in response to my question, but then opened her mouth, perhaps because she had vowed not to hide anything from me anymore.




She said, “At the meeting, the dessert that our pastry chef had made was overturned.
…… I cried.
It made Lord Lars unhappy, and he grabbed my dress and pulled my hair …….”


Such a terrible thing to do.


“I couldn’t help but slap Master Lars on the cheek.”


“Well done.”




“Oh, no, violence for any reason is not good, not for either of us.”



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Elizabeth nodded her head in puzzlement, and I also nodded my head in agreement.


When I heard that Lars had been slapped, my heart calmed down a little.


I don’t want to be slapped as hard either.
I don’t want to be thought of as a pervert and have my engagement broken off.




Yes, it was absolutely unacceptable behavior.
There was no blame because it was a fight between children, but the engagement was broken off.




Well, of course.
I think it was the Druids who were more enthusiastic, not Elizabeth.
The fight was a good opportunity to say no.




“I have made every effort to avoid such an abomination ever again.
Please don’t be dismayed.”


“I am not appalled.
I know Liza is a lovely woman.”




She finally looked up, her cheeks flushed and she smiled at me.


Cute …….


I smiled back at her while adjusting my face so that it didn’t look too broken.




I think I’ve found out what’s behind the “Otohoshi” fiasco.

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For the Druids, Elizabeth was the girl who slapped their son and switched her fiancé to the Royal family.


It was not surprising that the proud Duke would hold a grudge against her.
After all, he was a man who made himself look like royalty by bringing up his brotherhood from three generations ago.




I sighed and picked up my knife and fork.
The duck, which had cooled down before I could finish it, was replaced by a new one and was steaming.




“No, that’s ……”(Elizabeth)




I meant to say this to the Duke of Druids, but Elizabeth, who was unaware of the “Otohoshi” fiasco, seemed to think I was talking about her.


The words that followed were powerful enough to break my heart once again, even though I had almost regained my composure.




“I still receive letters of apology from Lord Lars.
My father has been writing back on my behalf.




Elizabeth looked puzzled.
In contrast, I guessed everything.


Why did my father call Elizabeth to talk to me directly? If I had heard this story through others, I would have spent sleepless nights with Elizabeth’s portrait in my arms.




This kind of thing….
Doesn’t it mean Lars….is in love with her?


Elizabeth didn’t notice it at all, though.
But nothing could escape my heart and eyes.

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