The Beloved Fiancee Is Likely to Be the Villain – 22.
The Ulysess Trap (Part 3) – Galaxy Translations

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7-9 minutes 08.07.2022

The young lady who received the pillow took a deep breath, clenched her fists, and with all her might, she launched a punch with her fists.

“You bitch!!”

The air shook with an impact that was mostly absorbed by the feathers, but the energy still could not be suppressed.

“What is this?”

In front of my pale face, the young lady repeatedly slammed her heavy fist into the pillow.

Blop! Thud! Smack!

Harold watched it with an expressionless face.

“That bitch ……!!!!”

The young lady kicked her knee straight toward the pillow.
Her thin arm caught the pillow as if afraid it would fly away, she threw the pillow on the wall where it hit and bounced back.

She adjusted her stance and exhaled through her nose with her hair in disarray, looking like a wild beast.

She gripped the slightly misshapen end of the pillow with both hands, making a ripping sound, and just when it broke, she relaxed.

She said, “It’s too bad she won’t be able to use …….
She wasn’t born for this.”

“You’re so kind.”

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Harold said the same line as I had said to Miss Ulysses.

“Well, what do you mean ……?”(Vincent)

The lady handed the pillow to Harold, turned to me, and bowed deeply.

“I am sorry to make you feel uncomfortable.
I am Margaret, daughter of the Earl of Firming.
I was escorting Lady Elizabeth at the order of Mr.
Harold when that woman, bitc…… Ulysses, offered me an exchange: if Elizabeth became queen, I would have to give up my family to the Marquise, and I would be accused of lying.
I rejected her offer but I don’t know what happened suddenly and I started to heed her commands.”

Too much information.
My head was simply spinning

In a single breath, Miss Margaret explained everything before stopped talking.

I have a certain level of understanding, so I can keep up with her.
I checked the truth of her explanation while pressing my temples.

“I’m sure that you were the bodyguard that I ordered Harold to put around her, and that Miss Ulysses didn’t know that and chose you to be her accomplice in plotting against Elizabeth.”(Vincent)

“I am sorry, but I am not sure if what you said is true.
But I can prove that Miss Ulysses made a false tip-off.”

Miss Margaret put her hand on her chest and struck an 《Oath》 pose.

I see.
This proved that Miss Ulysses was trying to make Elizabeth out to be a villainous girl based on a rumor that had no basis in reality.
Even if Miss Ulysses were to act publicly, Elizabeth’s honor would not be harmed.

But still, the effects of enchantment were terrifying.
If I had not heard about it from Harold, I might not have been able to resist it.
I may have thought her as a raccoon dog that was so cute that I wanted to cheer her up.

“You forgot to return it.”

At Harold’s calm rebuke, Miss Margaret picked the tattered pillow with her hand and returned it to Harold.

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I wonder if Harold had the pillow because he thought he needed it to escape the effects of “Enchantment” from his own experience.
Where he got it out of is still a mystery to me.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said, “why don’t you take the day off tomorrow? I’ll tell you when the class is about to start.”

Harold said, holding the returned pillow under his arm.

It is true that Miss Margaret was not touched for a moment like Harold, but rather a hand was suddenly placed on her shoulder and she came to cuddle with Miss Ulysses.
She must have been mentally drained, even though she looked fine.

After all, Harold was the kindest man I have ever seen, but he was also disgusted by Miss Ulysses.

“But if I take a leave of absence, Lady Elizabeth’s guards…..”(Margaret)

“Miss Aiden will be there.”(Harold)

“Miss Aiden? She will be there?”(Margaret)


“But …… I cannot accept the fact that Aiden would be the only one who would stay with Lady Elizabeth while I rest.”(Margaret)

“I’m sure the Duchess of La Montlivre would not want you to see feel uncomfortable around her.”(Harold)


“If you don’t feel well, take a break.
You know that, right? If you collapse in front of the target of your escort, you will bring shame on the Earl of Firming.”(Harold)

“I understand.
If I harm Lady Elizabeth’s reputation, she will be ……”(Margaret)

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I left the two of them to finish their conversation while being buried in my own thoughts.
Miss Margaret finally nodded her head in approval.

” Your Highness, please make sure you expose the evil doings of the woman …… Ulysses.”(Margaret)

You too, be a good guard.”(Vincent)

The lady nodded her head in a pompous manner, but I could sense the pressure in her words.
“You know what will happen if Lady Elizabeth knows even the slightest bit of the rumours, right? She will feel so devastated.”

Miss Margaret, I have a feeling that you are one of Elizabethan fans, just like me and my parents.

With a graceful bow that showed her strong noble bearing, Miss Margaret left the classroom.
Harold was shaking his head as if to say, “Oh dear.
She is all riled up”.

“My apologies, Your Highness.
I always tell people that the Farming family tends to have deep feelings for the subjects of their escorts, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage for …… escorts.”

“That’s all well and good, but how many guards on earth does Elizabeth have?”

I asked, and Harold kept a straight face and started folding his fingers.

He said, “When Miss Elizabeth became His Highness’ fiancée, she had one bodyguard by the order of His Majesty the King.
One additional guard was added to that guard after His Highness’ love for her was revealed.
After entering the school, another guard was assigned by the order of His Highness.
His Highness has ordered more guards, so we have added two more, Miss Margaret and Miss Aiden, who can handle any attacks of assassins.
Please be assured that they are all women.”

Perhaps the friends who were in the study group with Elizabeth were…

“Half of them are guards.”(Vincent)

I didn’t realize that.
I have only Harold, but Elizabeth is surrounded by five guards.
That’s a relief.
It’s a relief, it’s really a relief.
She won’t be lonely.

Oh, I could hear my heart thrushing inside the my ribcage.
She wasn’t alone but it was me who was alone.

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“Are you unhappy?”(Harold)

“No, …… yes, I just thought Elizabeth is loved.”(Vincent)

Especially my father, he loves her more than his own son.

From the looks of Miss Margaret, I am sure that the guards care for Elizabeth more than just an object of their protection.
Surrounded by her friends, Elizabeth was enjoying her school life without me, …… which was a great success in terms of protecting Elizabeth, …….

“Let’s go back to the palace, Your Highness.”


I have Harold.
Harold, like my little brother, a man I’ve known since I was a little boy, a man I’d call a close friend.

I looked up after shaking off the strange feeling of sadness.

Then the white ruffled pillow in Harold’s arms came into view.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“I’m taking it back to …….”

“…… Is Miss Margaret your ……”

“She’s my cousin, and my childhood friend.”

So what? I couldn’t say anything more as he looked at me with a gaze that was absolutely filled with zero intention of explaining.

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