As Walter wept tearfully, Count Norden got up from the sofa and put his hand on his shoulder.
The way he bent his knee for his servant was the very virtue of mercy, and that was his way of forgiveness.

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“Walter, I am sorry, I was such a poor master.”




Count Norden, I’m sure he meant it in a virtuous way, but that’s the problem.
He’s the same type of airhead as Edward.
Their head is filled with nothing but justice.


Sure enough, young Walter choked and banged his forehead on the floor.




“Sir ……! I’m so sorry, sir.
I was shallow.
It’s all my fault.


“Could you tell me what’s going on ……?”



Lord Domenic commanded with a slightly withdrawn look on his face.


“Your son is quite good, Lord Domenic,” said Count Norden.
I think my parents might be feeling proud too, come to think of it.


Every family has its own characteristics.
This phrase couldn’t be truer than now.












After a round of apologies, Walter began to talk about his motives.


“One day about two months ago…..”, he started.


He was told by a nobleman who visited his house that-

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Count Norden is under the curse of a magical stone, which has sucked out his energy without his being aware of it – at this rate, he will gradually weaken and, in the worst case, die.


In order to break the curse, the magical stone must be delivered to a qualified wizard.


He needs a courageous young man who is willing to offer himself for his master to take on this role.




Walter, who had originally wondered why there was a magic stone in the knight’s house, took this whisper to heart.


His master is fascinated by the power of the magic stone and is about to be possessed and killed.
He must save his master, even if it means going against his master’s orders, even if it means offending his master and endangering himself.


He used the sleeping potion he was given to put Count Norden to sleep, and while he was asleep, he switched the magic stone.


The magic stone was given to the attendant of the nobleman who had instigated Walter.


The attendant told him that it would take six months to break the powerful curse.
He also said that he would return the magic stone if the curse was lifted.




“…… Well, I afraid that’s all I know.”(Walter)


I knew it when I took one look at young Walter.
He had the same face and eyes as Harold.
The eyes of a man who would give his life for …… his master.


I glanced at them and saw that Count Norden was listening to him, his lips pursed tight.




Now, here’s the main issue.


The aristocrat who incited Walter and stole the magic stone is…




“The Duke of Druids.”


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Everyone was momentarily speechless at the name Walter announced.


We had not expected such a big name to be mentioned here.
A Duke is a higher rank than the Marquess of Marshall or the Countess of Norden.



To begin with, there are only three Ducal families in our country.
They are the Dukes of La Montrivere, Elizabeth’s family, the Dukes of Utah, and the Dukes of Druids.
The Druids are a new family, established by the brother of the previous King.
However, it is the highest of the nobility.




“Your opponent is somewhat powerful…….”




After a few seconds of pause, Lord Domenic was right when he said that, as if to spit out his displeasure.


Walter believed in him and act on it.
If Walter did not act, the Nordens would be in the Dukes of Druids’ displeasure, and I can imagine that it would be, well, troublesome.


I’ve only met the head of the Druids a few times, but I don’t like him because he treats me like I’m his nephew, saying they’re almost royalty.
How many degrees of separation do you think we have? We don’t have any blood relationship but he still acts as if we are family.


I believe they have a son about my age.


If that family was pulling the strings in this whole mess, it makes some sense.


I wondered if Lord Domenic and Count Norden were feeling the same way as I was.




“I understand the situation now, but the magic stone is already in the Merryfield family.
There is no evidence that the Duke’s family took the initiative.”Count Norden)


“I agree.
I will carve a magic circle on the magic stone and look for the person who gave the blessing.”(Dominic)


I nodded, “That’s all we can do.”


It would be good if a conclusive piece of evidence could be produced, but if not, the only way was to build on the evidence.
Walter’s testimony alone was still weak.


At the very least, we would have to show that it was the Duke of Druids’ request that gave the magic stone the blessing of the first-class forbidden spell, or we would not be able to go as far as inflicting some kind of punishment.


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“Now, Count Norden.
The punishment for this matter–“(Vincent)


“I will accept whatever punishment is necessary.
So please do not blame the Master!”(Walter)


“This is my fault, Your Highness.
I take full responsibility.”(Count Norden)




Just as I opened my mouth, the servant-master duo was begging me to punish them.


They both want me to punish one of themselves – and let the other off the hook.


I sighed inwardly as they stared at me with their Chihuahua-like eyes*.



[T/N: Hopeful eyes.]



“I’m going to let the …… punishment slide for now.
I’m sure Count Norden and Walter can go on as usual.
You see, “business as usual”.
If there is any suspicious behavior, the Duke of Druids may find out.
Pretend you didn’t notice anything.
I will send you news when this matter is settled.”


“That’s ……!”




Count Norden’s eyes widened.
Walter still looked frantic, as if he wasn’t quite sure how to accept my words.


I’m not sure if that means there’s no real blame.
I’m sure Count Norden will be able to handle that.




“Count Norden, be careful that Walter doesn’t go off on his own.”


“Yes, Your Highness.
I will.”




Following Count Norden’s nodding, Walter also bowed down.

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It was a small harvest, but it still was a good one.
We now know what we need to do.


It was to gather information on Duke Druids, and Lord Domenic was to search for the wizard who had cast the blessing of the magic stone.


“I’ll have to ask my father and mother again.
…… After all, they are my family.


I murmured as we left the house of Count Norden.




“If it were me I wouldn’t be taken in by that kind of talk.”




On the carriage ride home, I looked up at Harold’s words, which were suddenly spoke.


This man rarely says anything unnecessary.
He rarely initiates topics of conversation.


I wondered what on earth he was talking about and realized that he was referring to Walter.
He had even noticed that I thought he looked like Harold when I saw him.
When did this guy learn how to read minds? Scary.
Or maybe it started before.
That’s scary too.




“I know.



He is there to admonish me when I do something stupid.
That’s why Harold has keen eyes.


In Harold’s case, he is from the Count Abakarov family, which has some of the best friendships among the nobility in the country, so it’s easy for him to find wizards, appraise magic stones, and lift curses.
I can do it in secret so that my name will not be tarnished even if I’m being seduced.
But in his case, he can’t.
Since he is my assistant, he always has to keep his eyes close and his guard high so that no one can a reproach him.


“You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”(Harold)




“I know.”




I repeated again, and Harold said nothing more.

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