Sure enough, people are habitual.
After this introduction, she suddenly felt that this terminal illness was not so scary.

    “Well, what were you discussing just now?” Wu Ge asked.

    “We’re saying that Little Red Riding Hood just said the same thing as you.” Xiao Ming quickly explained, “She also thinks that those who want to commit suicide should be respected with their decision and let them commit suicide.”

    No, no, I  just thought that what you said seemed to make sense, so I unknowingly came along.
I have no intention of supporting suicide.

    “Oh? I didn’t expect to meet a confidant here.” Wu Ge looked at Little Red Riding Hood with a little more appreciation.

    “…” Little Red Riding Hood was tangled, she still had to explain it.
If she didn’t explain it, she felt that she was a strange person with three wrong views.
After explaining it, she felt that the small friendship that was hard to establish was about to collapse.

    Are all the people here poisonous?

    “Humans have reproduced for thousands of years, and what they have been fighting for is human rights.
Since this is the case, I think death should also be a human right, so if the other party chooses to die consciously, I think we should respect them.” Wu Ge said, “It’s like euthanasia (2).”

    “Wu Ge is a lawyer.” Xiao Ming whispered in Little Red Riding Hood’s ear.

    Oh, no wonder he talks a lot.

    “I don’t agree.
I think life is infinitely incompetent.
As long as people live, their thoughts will change.” Bai Xue disagreed.

    “That’s why you people who only think about living the moment feel this way.” Wu Ge said venomously, “People like you will never be able to suffer from depression, and you will never be able to reach that level of thinking.”

    ” You…” Bai Xue was in a hurry.

    “Sister Bai Xue, forget it, he’s a lawyer, how can you win against him.” Xiao Ming quickly grabbed Bai Xue.

    “Then… if that’s the case, why does the Underworld want to save these people?” It can’t be that the underworld is all wrong.

    “You really are smart.”

    Little Red Riding Hood, who was caught off guard and praised, was stunned for a while.

    “You are the second person who was thinking about this when you received the first task.”

    Who is the first one, don’t ask, I also know that it is you, the boss.

    “There are a lot of suicides in the world.
Why does your company choose these people to save lives? What are the conditions used to select them?” Wu Ge said.

    When he said this, the other three looked at Wu Ge curiously, obviously not knowing.

    “Two reasons, merit and value,” Wuge said.


    “Value?” The

 three of them looked blank.

    “I have done the research.
Over the years, the objectives of the underworld rescue plan have two common characteristics.
The first is that this person has done a lot of good deeds, such as Wang Yanping, who has been supporting children in mountainous areas for decades.
, Over the past few decades, without her knowledge, she has trained ten doctors and two government officials.
Doctors have saved countless lives, and officials have built bridges and paved roads.
This is merit.”

    “The second, value.
For example, Qin Tian, when he committed suicide, he accomplished nothing, he was just a down-to-earth young man who had just graduated and could not find a job.
But now, he has become a leading physicist in the country and has made immeasurable contributions to today’s scientific community.” Wu Ge gave an example.
his own argument.

    “Sure enough, people still have to do more good deeds.” Xiao Ming sighed.

    “It turns out that the great scientist also committed suicide.” This is Bai Xue.

    “So… our mission goals are either great people or great people who will make great contributions to society in the future?” Little Red Riding Hood concluded.

    “Smart.” Wu Ge really seldom praised others like this.

    “That senior… can you help me analyze the mission goals in my hands?” Little Red Riding Hood planned to ask for help while the other party appreciated him.

    “Is the life you will earn for me?” Wu Ge asked indifferently.

    “This…” Little Red Riding Hood was speechless.

    She seemed to go back to the time when she first went to work, and she went to ask her seniors for advice when she didn’t understand anything.
As a result, the seniors not only didn’t help but said indifferently: “If I do the work for you, will you give me your monthly salary?”

    Can’t we help each other? There is no coworker love.

    “Excuse me.” Wu Ge ignored Little Red Riding Hood whose face turned red and white and left indifferently.
As if the person who complimented the other party three times for being smart just now was not herself.

    Little Red Riding Hood turned her head in disbelief and saw two people lying on the table who were already laughing to the point of fainting.

    The author has something to say: Your comments are all hahahahaha…

    The new little angel thought I was writing a collection of jokes

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