he night, and I didn’t find a driver with bad intentions…” Little Red Riding Hood asked in a very regretful tone, “Brother, you shouldn’t be either.”

    “No, no… I’m not…” The driver brother almost swore.

    “Then why did you drive here? I’m going to Paradise Road(2).” Little Red Riding Hood asked coldly.

    “I… I drove the wrong way, and I’ll turn back now.” The driver didn’t care whether it was possible to turn around here.
As soon as the steering wheel was turned, he made a 180-degree U-turn.

    “Brother driver, it seems that you haven’t asked me where I’m going since I got in the car.” Little Red Riding Hood suddenly found another question.

    The driver’s brother was instantly lost.

    “Oh… Did you just listen to my story and forget to ask.”

    “Yes, yes!!!” The driver’s elder brother nodded frantically, his body was shaking like leaves in the wind, and he suddenly wanted to drive the car to the police station.

    In the middle of the night, the road conditions were good, and the driver’s eldest brother sped up all the way, although he always felt cold behind him when he drove.
Twenty minutes later, the car arrived at the Bianhua Hospice in the suburbs.

    When the driver’s brother looked at the five characters of the hospice, his fear piled up again: this woman really didn’t lie, she was really dying, and she was admitted to the hospice.

    “Ah…” Little Red Riding Hood suddenly exclaimed, and the frightened eldest brother of the driver almost jumped up from the seat.

    “When I came out, I only brought a knife, but I forgot to bring the money.
If you go in with me, I will give you the money.” Little Red Riding Hood was sincerely invited.

    “No…no…don’t need it, just a few dozen dollars…I…I don’t want it anymore.” Hurry up, big sister.

    “How can I do that?”

    “Okay, okay, you can keep it for treatment.” The driver’s elder brother begged.

    “I already live here, what else do I need to treat? You wait, I’ll get it for you…” Little Red Riding Hood opened the door and got out of the car.

    The driver’s brother saw Little Red Riding Hood get out of the car, stepped on the accelerator, and sped away from there at the highest speed as if this hospice was the bottom of Hell.

    But… it seems that I’m right, isn’t this the branch office of Underworld?

    Little Red Riding Hood stood there strangely: “What’s wrong?”

    Although Little Red Riding Hood deliberately scares him when she first got in the taxi, but after arriving at the destination, Little Red Riding Hood really wants to pay, but since the other party doesn’t want it, then forgets it.

    Little Red Riding Hood went back to sleep comfortably, woke up the next morning, and there was one new trending search on Weibo.

    At midnight, near the Brilliant Square, a young woman, wearing a camel-colored blanket with a one-meter-long knife hiding in it, was walking around searching for various taxis.
This woman is suspected of being terminally ill and has no love for her life, so she wants to find a suspicious man as a target.
It’s commended for young male drivers not to carry passengers casually in the middle of the night, especially single young women.

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