Chapter 5 – Don’t die

It is said that if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his weapon.
After thinking for a long time, the three of them still can’t find a suitable method, so they decide to go to sleep first.

    After taking a bath, Little Red Riding Hood opened the luggage that she brought and found a set of the sexiest see-through pajamas among the dozen sets of pajamas she bought.

    This pajama is the main style of the most popular underwear brand this summer, and the themes are glamour and temptation.
Little Red Riding Hood has always liked their style.
It’s just that she has never had a boyfriend, and she doesn’t know who to wear this kind of pajamas for.
So she just keeps wearing a large T-shirt as pajamas, which is more comfortable and cheaper.

    But since getting ill, Little Red Riding Hood’s thought has changed.
If you like it, you should buy it and wear it.
Doesn’t matter if no one sees it.
Even she can’t see what she looks like.

    Although Little Red Riding Hood never thought that she would wear these sexy pajamas known as boyfriend’s comfort while lying on the bed of the hospice.

    Not to mention, this bed is very comfortable, soft, and fluffy.
Why does she want to sleep so much when she just lay down?


    “Ouch.” Little Red Riding Hood cried out in pain and sat up from the ground in a daze.
Where is this, and why is it still a little cold?

    Not far from Little Red Riding Hood, Hui Lang squinted at the woman who suddenly pushed open the door, and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

    Who? Little Red Riding Hood turned her head to look and saw a man in a white shirt sitting in a wheelchair not far in front of her, looking sideways at her.
The man’s head was brightly lit by the moonlight, and he was standing at the edge of the roof.

    Rooftop? moonlight? I’m outside, what happened? Didn’t I sleep in the room just now? Little Red Riding Hood looked down at her clothes, yes, she was still wearing her pajamas.

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    (Little Red Riding Hood, the person in front of you is your mission target, and your current personality is the psychiatrist hired by Hui Lang’s parents.
Don’t expose the secrets of our company.) The voice of the old dean suddenly sounded in Little Red Riding Hood’s mind.

    My mission target? Little Red Riding Hood took a closer look, hey, he looks even more handsome than in the photo.

    Wait… The dean’s old man seems to have said that once the contract is signed, she will be teleported at the moment when the mission target commits suicide, that is to say, this handsome guy is trying to commit suicide???

    Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes widened.
She got up from the ground in a flash, rushed towards Hui Lang who was standing not far away, and then hugged him who looked at her with puzzled eyes… The wheelchair moved slightly from her force.

    “Brother Wolf, Brother Wolf, don’t be callous, life is precious.
(1)” Little Red Riding Hood hugged the wheelchair tightly.

    “Are you reading poetry?” Hui Lang asked coldly.

    Little Red Riding Hood didn’t understand Brother Wolf’s sarcasm, and continued to persuade him, “Life is so beautiful, why are you so incapable of thinking about it?”

    “Shut up!” This woman was too loud.

    Brother Wolf’s aura as the domineering president was so strong, Little Red Riding Hood shut up immediately, and couldn’t help but hiccuped.

    Hui Lang looked at the woman who was still holding his wheel in disgust and asked, “Who are you?”

    “I… I’m a psychiatrist hired by your parents.” Little Red Riding Hood replied.

    “You came early.
They only paid this afternoon, and you already arrived in the evening.” Hui Lang said.

    “I’m dedicated.”

    “Really dedicated.
The first time I saw a psychiatrist treating someone while wearing this.” Hui Lang looked down on Little Red Riding Hood with all her spring light(2).

    “I’m going!” Little Red Riding Hood then realized that she was teleported directly from the bed.
She hurriedly stretched out her hand to cover herself, fearing that Brother Wolf would continue to jump off the building when she let go, so she could only cover her chest with one hand and continue to hold the wheelchair with the other.

    Brother Wolf looked at Little Red Riding Hood who still holding on, and sneered, “Psychiatrist, you are dressed like this, are you coming here at night to perform physical therapy?”

    “Physical therapy?” Little Red Riding Hood thought about it twice, and her face flushed instantly after she reacted, “Who… who wants to use physical therapy, it was your family who said you were going to commit suicide, so I ran over in a hurry.
I just ran and forgot to change clothes.”

    In order not to expose the group’s secrets, the group will fabricate a reasonable reason for every unreasonable appearance of employees.
Therefore, the unexpected appearance of Little Red Riding Hood did not cause the target Hui Lang’s doubts.

    “Then how do you want to stop me from committing suicide?” Brother Wolf asked curiously.

    “You really want to commit suicide? Why do you want to commit suicide? Life is so wonderful, you can’t think about it just because you have a little disability in your body.
And it’s so high up here, people will smash into bits of flesh when they jump, how ugly it is.” Little Red Riding Hood eagerly persuaded.

    “So you’re holding on to my wheelchair because you’re afraid I’ll slip off here?” Brother Wolf understood.

    “Even if you’re in a wheelchair, life can be beautiful.
Look at the Paralympic Games, those disabled athletes…” Before Little Red Riding Hood could finish her last words, she saw the disabled body she was encouraging.
Brother Wolf suddenly stood up gracefully.

    Yes, Brother Wolf was standing tall and straight, with a pair of slender thighs, standing under the moonlight, like a king descending.

    “You…you…” Little Red Riding Hood didn’t know what to say for a long time.

    “Heh…” Brother Wolf sneered and walked towards the edge of the rooftop.

    “No.” Little Red Riding Hood thought that the other party was going to commit suicide, so she immediately released her hand from the wheelchair and hugged Brother Wolf’s slender legs.

    “Let it go!”


    “Let go!”

    “Unless you give up suicide, I won’t let go.”

    “Really?” Brother Wolf sneered, took out his phone from his pocket, pressed it, and said, “Security, come and throw this thing.”

    What thing?

    “Da Da…(t/n sounds of footsteps)” Just when Little Red Riding Hood was puzzled, there was a sudden sound of hurried footsteps in the distance.

    When someone came, Little Red Riding Hood was startled, picked up the blanket that Brother Wolf had dropped when he stood up, and wrapped it around herself.

    Brother Wolf gave a sneer, as expected, she was here to tempt him, only showing her body to me.

    “Sir.” The security guard entered the rooftop.

    “Throw it out.” Brother Wolf pointed at Little Red Riding Hood.


    “Huh??” Before Little Red Riding Hood could react, she was picked up by two burly men and got kicked out of the apartment as the door closed with a bang.

    Finally quiet, Brother Wolf looked at the night scene under his feet and felt that the world was both irritable and boring.
But he didn’t feel suicidal today, let’s think about it another day.

    Go back to wash and sleep.

    The author has something to say: The current wolf brother is not in the mood to fall in love.

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