Chapter 4 – Reasons for suicide

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Although the boldness of the goddess is slightly beyond Little Red Riding Hood’s expectations, it does not affect Little Red Riding Hood’s love for the works of the goddess.

    “Goddess, I really like the clothes you designed.” Little Red Riding Hood said a little embarrassedly.

    “Really?” Bai Xue raised her head in surprise.
The ketchup on the corner of her mouth was unusually striking on her fair skin.

    “Wipe.” Classmate Xiao Ming skillfully handed over a napkin.

    “Oh.” Bai Xue took it skillfully and wiped the ketchup from the corner of her mouth cleanly.
Looking at this chemistry, it was obvious that the two had been hanging out together like this for a long time.

    “Which design do you like the most?” Bai Xue asked casually.

    “I like your Bloody Rose the best.
I remember that the model was standing against a snow-white background.
That picture was stunning and touching.” Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes sparkled, “I still have a dream, that is, to be able to wear it.
Goddess, I want to wear the dress you designed to a banquet, but unfortunately, your design is too expensive and hard to book.”

    “What’s so difficult, I’ll design one for you later.” Bai Xue said generously.

    “Really?” Happiness came so quickly, Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t believe it.

    “It will be a replica.
I’ll paint it for you when I go back.” Bai Xue said, “Since no one else order it, I’m too lazy to paint anything.”

    “That’s great, but… it’s not a problem anymore.” She said disappointedly, “I don’t have any banquets to attend.”

    “Then I will design some more uniforms for you? The ones that you can wear at ordinary times?” Bai Xue treated her fans and wardmates with unusual generosity.

    “Goddess, do you still design regular clothes?”

    “Of course, I actually prefer to design regular clothes.
I design dresses because dresses are more profitable.” Bai Xue said frankly.

    “Ah…hahaha…” How cute is the thought of my goddess.

    “It’s almost halfway through this summer.
I’m just about to prepare autumn clothes.
I’ll help you design them and take them to the factory to make them.
But the time it will take to make it might be a little longer.
It may take a month or two.” Bai Xue said.

    A month or two? Little Red Riding Hood’s mood dropped instantly: “It will take a month or two…”

    “What’s wrong?” Bai Xue asked with concern, realizing the sadness of her fans.

    “Sister Bai Xue, you forgot, Little Red Riding Hood’s HP (T/N: it means Hit Point, basically it means how much life she has left) .” Xiao Ming reminded.

    “Oh oh oh…” Bai Xue suddenly realized, “There’s still a month left, I remember.”

    Please don’t remind me.
Everyone here is a patient, can we not hurt each other.

    “Didn’t the old dean give you a mission?” Bai Xue asked while biting her chopsticks.

    “Yeah, you should already have it, haven’t you received it?” Xiao Ming also turned his head and asked.

    “Mission??” Little Red Riding Hood remembered, “There seems to be one, but I don’t know how to do it.”

    Not only did she not know how to do it, but Little Red Riding Hood still didn’t believe in the authenticity of the mission.

    “It’s normal for a novice, but it doesn’t matter.
After dinner, you can show us the task, Xiao Ming and I will help you come up with ideas.” Bai Xue said.

    “Yeah.” Xiao Ming also nodded.

    As expected of my goddess, she is bold, generous, powerful, and helpful… (Xiao Ming: Hey, are you ignoring me completely?)

    After dinner, the three of them gathered in Little Red Riding Hood’s room and started analyzing Little Red Riding Hood’s newbie quests.



    Little Red Riding Hood nestled on the side, trembling.
Seeing the two of them going for a long time, she didn’t say a word, and her heart gradually became cold: “Why? How is it?”

    “As a novice task, it’s a bit difficult.” Xiao Ming commented.

    “It’s a bit big.” Bai Xue agreed.

    “Is it big?” Little Red Riding Hood asked in horror.

    “The most troublesome thing is that Little Red Riding Hood has only one month left.”

     “It’s only

 30 days, no… 29 days.” Bai Xue considered that it was already night.

    “Sister, this month has 31 days.” Xiao Ming reminded.

    “Oh, that’s thirty days left.” Bai Xue corrected immediately.

    Is one day less that important?

    “Excuse me, what about it so difficult?” Little Red Riding Hood humbly asked for advice.

    “Your mission target is too rich.”

    “Too handsome.”

    “Too smart.”

    “Too charming.”

    The two of them praised Little Red Riding Hood’s mission target one by one.

    “These are all good things.” Little Red Riding Hood said strangely.

    “It’s just because it’s too good.” Xiao Ming concluded.

    “Such an excellent person either he doesn’t really commit suicide, or he really doesn’t want to live anymore,” Bai Xue said.

    Nonsense, if he wants to commit suicide, he definitely doesn’t want to live, Little Red Riding Hood can’t bear to complain about her goddess, and can only complain silently in her heart.

    “Then… what should I do now?” Although the two seemed unreliable, Little Red Riding Hood had no one else to ask.

    “There must be a reason for this person to want to die, so our first step should be finding the reason.” Bai Xue said.

    “Makes sense.” Little Red Riding Hood agreed.

    “Look at this.” Xiao Ming pointed to the bottom line of the document and said, “It was written here, Hui Lang lost both his legs in an accident.
Such an excellent life was suddenly crippled, no wonder he wanted to commit suicide.”

    “That’s why.
So he couldn’t accept his disability after that, that’s why he had the idea of ​​committing suicide?” Little Red Riding Hood asked.

    “There is a possibility.” Xiao Ming nodded.

    “I don’t think it’s possible.
Hui Lang doesn’t look like he can’t handle his disability.” Bai Xue had a different opinion.

    “Then you said… what other reasons are there?” Xiao Ming asked.

    Little Red Riding Hood looked at her goddess excitedly.

    “Yeah~~ Judging from the data, there is barely any other reasons.
Either way, you should start with this entry point.” Although Bai Xue had different opinions, she could not find any other reason.

    She doesn’t find any other reason, Little Red Riding Hood cried.

    “Then… what shall I do next?” Little Red Riding Hood asked again.

    “Aroused his desire to live.” Xiao Ming said.

    “Let him see the beauty of life.” Bai Xue suggested.

    “…” Can you be a little more constructive?? Can we have any kind of guide? Where are the details, details??

    Hui Lang on the other side of the city: I always feel that if I want to commit suicide later, someone might actually disturb me.

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