e Chinese and Western dishes.
The number of chefs in the huge restaurant is several times more than the number of guests.
Looking at it, it is actually a bit luxurious.

    “It seems that everyone hasn’t come back today.” Guo Mingtai glanced at the restaurant and said, “Only Sister Bai Xue is here.”

    Bai Xue(1)? Why does this name similar to mine?

    “Xiao Ming (2).” A bright girl with a smile suddenly called out.

    “Sister Bai Xue.” Guo Mingtai waved his hand in the distance, then took Little Red Riding Hood and walked over.

    Wait… An unbelievable look appeared on Little Red Riding Hood’s face as she got closer, this appearance, this figure, this voice, this is my goddess Bai Xue, why is she here too?

    “There is a new patient.” Bai Xue saw Little Red Riding Hood first.

    “Well, Sister Bai Xue, her name is Little Red Riding Hood, isn’t her name particularly interesting?” Xiao Ming introduced with a smile, “She has terminal Ernino disease and has only one month left to live.”

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    “Oh, oh, I’m so envious ah.” Bai Xue said sincerely.

    Even if you are my goddess, you can’t talk like that.
Little Red Riding Hood’s heart is about to collapse.
What’s wrong with the people here, even a terminally ill person can be envied.

    “It’s not like me, I have Paramy’s terminal illness (3).” Bai Xue sighed.

    “Paramy?? The terminally ill that has to wait for death and lose her hair before she dies?” Little Red Riding Hood looked at Bai Xue’s long shiny hair in shock, deeply suspicious.

    “Yeah.” Bai Xue said as if seeing the suspicion in Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes.
As soon as she raised her hand, she tore off the long glossy hair on her head, revealing the shining head underneath.

    Ripped… Ripped… Ripped off…

    “Although my bald head is beautiful.” Bai Xue casually took off the wig and spoke to the two of them with her bald head exposed.

    “Female…Goddess…you…when did this happen?” Little Red Riding Hood was shocked.

    “It’s been a few years.” Bai Xue replied with a smile.

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    For how many years? The goddess was still coquettish in last month’s fashion week.

    “By the way, Sister Bai Xue, how long can you live?” Comrade Xiao Ming asked very naturally.

    Again, why do you keep asking this type of question?

    “Oh, I have two more years to live.” The girl Bai Xue answered more naturally than Xiao Ming.

    “Come on, let’s all sit and eat together.
It’s so hot this summer, and it’s really nice to eat with a bald head.” Bai Xue took a sip of the iced Coke and touched her bare head, and was satisfied immediately.
She sighed, “It’s cool.”

    Female… Goddess… Was she so unrestrained?


Bai Xue literally means Snow White.

The word ‘Xiao’ here means little.
Usually used in front of a younger person’s name to express closeness or endearment.
Sorta like nicknamed.

Same as Ernino, I believe this is just a fictional disease for the story.
The only thing I found when I searched Paramy is a virus.

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