Chapter 1 – Hospice

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 Little Red Riding Hood is sick.
It is a terminal disease that made her vomit blood every two days and occasionally faint.
The scientific name is Ernino terminal disease (1).
Anyway, it is a terminal disease that cannot be cured with current technology.

    The doctor said that she could only live for another month at most, so Little Red Riding Hood spent all of her savings and moved into a hospice that was said to be especially comfortable, intending to spend all her savings before she die and enjoy a good life.

    It’s just that there is always a difference between reality and dreams, even for dying people.

    On the first day of Little Red Riding Hood’s stay, the dean who checked her in was awful, making Little Red Riding Hood feel that the money spent was seriously worthless, so she was angry.

    “What kind of service attitude do you have?” Little Red Riding Hood was angry.
Before he received the money, his attitude was fine, but his face changed as soon as she paid.

    “You’re a dying person, do you still care about attitude?” the dean scorned.

    “What happened to serve dying people, I spent the money, and I demand the best service from you.” Little Red Riding Hood was angry.

    “You’re a dying person, do you still care about me serving or not?” the dean scorned.

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    “Can you stop constantly talking about me dying? Believe it or not, I will complain about you.” Little Red Riding Hood was furious.

    “You are a dying person, but have such a narrow mind.” The dean continued to despise her.

    “You…” Little Red Riding Hood slapped the table angrily, “Refund, I can’t stand this anymore.”

    “Do you think that if you want a refund, you will be refunded?” As if the money coming out of her pocket will come back.
What a dream.

    “I will call the police.” Little Red Riding Hood threatened.

    “Go, it’s a big deal, but you won’t survive for a few days anyway.
I’ll kill you.” The dean said contemptuously.

    “You even cheated a person who was terminally ill and will die soon, aren’t you afraid of being punished?” Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t believe it.

    “Haha… I’m not afraid at all.” The dean sneered.

    Little Red Riding Hood was indignant, speechless, not knowing what to do.
How could there be such a rogue in the world?

    “It’s already like this.
Won’t you desperately beg me?” The dean suddenly exclaimed.

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    “Okay, I’ll do it for you!” It made Little Red Riding Hood pick up the chair and about to smash it.

    “Wait!” The dean suddenly shouted, “Congratulations on passing the interview?”


    “What happened just now is the interview my company conducted with you.
What my company lacks is your resolve to live and money.
An excellent but dying person with extraordinary persistence.
Miss Little Red Riding Hood, you are welcome to officially become a probationary employee of the Honouring Life Company.” said the dean.

    “Who came for the interview?” Little Red Riding Hood said angrily.

    “Our benefits are very good.” The dean tried to tempt her.

    “I’m dying, what benefits do I want?” Little Red Riding Hood refused.

    Little Red Riding Hood spun the chair in her hand and continued to smash.

    “Wait, what if you don’t die,” the dean asked.
“It will be great but all the money is gone.
It will be so miserable for you.
So… you might as well consider a job, the pay is really good.”

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    “…” Little Red Riding Hood started thinking about whether the last month of her life will be so miserable.
Thinking about it, seriously, all her savings have been deceived by the liar in front of her, “Return the money.”

    “The company will provide food and housing, and has a guaranteed minimum salary of 1,500 per month.” The dean continued to persuade.

    “Screw you, the minimum wage stipulated by the state is one thousand more than what you offer.” Little Red Riding Hood vomited blood.

    “We have rewards.
Every time you complete a task, you can get appropriately-reward life points.” The dean tempted her.

    “You… Who are you?” Little Red Riding Hood was shocked.

    “Down here, I’m just the underworld special commissioner, all humans like to call me Lord Judge.”

    Come on, did I come to a mental hospital of all places? Little Red Riding Hood muttered.

    “Just sign this contract.
As long as you complete the first task I assigned you, you can get a year of life.” The dean pulled out a golden contract out of nowhere.

    Little Red Riding Hood glanced at the contract, and the column of Party A reads; The Honouring Life Company Branch of Underworld Group.

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The author has something to say: I don’t know why I always came up with this idea when I wrote “Dangerous Relations”(2), and after thinking about it, I just used it as an adjustment article.

I left this chapter on Weibo two days ago and simply copied it over.
The bohemian Little Red Riding Hood, let’s watch it as an urban fairy tale.

T/N :

Ernino is probably a fictional disease since I only found El Nino and it is not a disease.
You can read more about it here.

Dangerous Relations is the author’s other work.
You can find it on jjwxc website.


Finally, I’m starting my first ever full-length novel.
This one was written by Grumpy Crab who is the writer for the novel ‘Please Confess to Me‘ and ‘Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau‘ which are among my favourite novels.
So since this is my first ever long project please wish me luck and, hopefully I can finish it.
Even more, finding out the phrase ‘your sister’ doesn’t literally mean another person’s sister is truly an experience, ah… the wonder of the Chinese swearing slang really made my day.

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