“You’re right.” Brother Wolf has always agreed with Little Red Riding Hood, but he always has different choices, “but I really can’t find anything to cherish.”

    “That’s because you don’t understand that feeling.

    “Okay.” Brother Wolf put the fruit plate in his hand back on the table heavily, and he immediately stood up from the beach chair, “That’s all for today.”

    After that, Brother Wolf ignored Little Red Riding Hood and turned around.
Walking to the road next to him, he looked a little angry from the back.

    “Why are you suddenly angry?” Little Red Riding Hood wondered, thinking that Brother Wolf is a strange creature that is harder to understand than a woman.

    “Please let us through.”

    Little Red Riding Hood turned around in astonishment, only to realize that the two bodyguards, one holding a beach chair and the other holding a table full of snacks, were standing behind Little Red Riding Hood at the moment.
Just now, because Little Red Riding Hood was thinking about things, she walked a little slowly, and the bodyguard brothers couldn’t help but called her out.

    Little Red Riding Hood hurriedly turned sideways to get out of the way, and the two bodyguards quickly passed by Little Red Riding Hood, returned to the road in a blink of an eye, then put things into the car, started the car, and disappeared by the side of the road.

    Little Red Riding Hood looked at the empty road and the boundless sea, and burst into tears in an instant: Where is this, how can I go back?

    Two hours later, Bai Xue’s fiery red supercar stopped beside Little Red Riding Hood, looking at someone who seemed to be about to grow mushrooms, Bai Xue chirped happily: “Oh, look at this poor person.”

    “Bai Xue~~~” Little Red Riding Hood raised her head tearfully.

    “Bullied by Brother Wolf again?” Bai Xue tried her best to hold back her smile, “Get in the car, I’ll take you back.”

    “Mmmm.” Little Red Riding Hood got into the car obediently.

    Falling into the water, having a heart-wrenching conversation with Brother Wolf, and finally squatting on the side of the road for two hours, Little Red Riding Hood caught a cold when she returned to the hospice.


    “Go back to rest early if you have a cold.” Xiao Ming couldn’t help saying.

    “It’s okay, I got the El Niño disease approved, do you think I still care about this little cold?” Little Red Riding Hood said indifferently.

    “We are afraid that you will infect us.” While Wu Ge spoke, he took three masks out of nowhere and distributed one to Xiao Ming and Bai Xue each.

    The three moved in unison and quickly wore it.

    “Hey, you guys are too mean.” Little Red Riding Hood said that she was hurt.

    “Oh, don’t care about such small details.” Bai Xue said aloud, “How is the communication with Brother Wolf this time?”

    “There is no progress.
He even arranged his own funeral.
This guy is determined to die.” Little Red Riding Hood almost gave up, it’s been three days, and she has only 27 days of life left.

    “Actually, there is progress.
Compared to throwing you out at the first meeting, he was willing to talk to you this time.
The prospects are promising.” Bai Xue comforted.

    “Really?” Little Red Riding Hood had completely lost confidence and began to doubt herself.

    “Of course, it is, right?” Bai Xue hurriedly winked at the two people next to her.

    “Yes, yes, it is indeed good progress.” Xiao Ming immediately echoed, “If there is communication, there will be a way.”

    “Barely.” Wu Ge said reluctantly.

    “It’s really… ah… choo!” Little Red Riding Hood gave another earth-shattering sneeze.

    Xiao Ming, who was sitting opposite Little Red Riding Hood, moved far away in fright: “I said you should go back to rest early.
We will help you find

 a way tomorrow.”

    “Can you do anything?” Little Red Riding Hood was asked dizzily.

    “Yes, yes, tomorrow we will share with you our newbie tasks.” Bai Xue said, “and another patient will come back tomorrow, and he has the best ideas.”

    “Cao Nuo will be back tomorrow?” Xiao Ming asked in surprise.

    “Yes, his task has just ended, and it is estimated that he will arrive early next morning.” Bai Xue said.



    The three of them avoided it in disgust, didn’t dare to say more, and urged her to go back to rest.

    Little Red Riding Hood smiled embarrassedly, returned to rest obediently, and prayed for a better solution tomorrow.


It’s when she first entered the hospice, the dean kept asking her why she need to care so much about everything if she was going to die anyway.

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