Chapter 11 – I don’t know

Although Little Red Riding Hood wanted to cure Brother Wolf, in the end, she had only been on the job for three days.
She should be studying corporate culture in the Human Resources Office now if she is in a normal company.
His case is a very big case for a newbie worker like her.
To be honest, although she is very grateful to the client for giving her such a big case as soon as she started, she has not yet prepared any business plan for the case.

    Treatment? How to treat? Little Red Riding Hood was filled with despair.

    “What’s wrong? You look a little distressed.” Brother Wolf asked leisurely, holding a cocktail.

    Distressed? How did he find out?

    “No, what distressed, there is no such thing, hehehe…” Little Red Riding Hood laughed dryly.

    “Okay then, please start your treatment.”

    “Treatment…that…cough…” Little Red Riding Hood tried to build herself up, “For our psychiatrist, we need to treat diseases in a very comfortable environment.
But here…”

    “I’m very comfortable now.” Brother Wolf immediately expressed his


    Screw you.
Of course, you are comfortable, under a parasol, lounging on a beach chair, drinking a cocktail, the salty sea breeze blowing, and two bodyguards protecting you.
Brother, I just got up from the sea, shivering in the evening wind.

    “I’m… I just got out from the sea and I’m still wet.
I’m a little uncomfortable.
If I’m uncomfortable, I’m likely to be in a bad state, so you can make an appointment for another time…” Little Red Riding Hood has to go back to the senior to pick up notes, otherwise, how can a nun who has never read scriptures recite scriptures?

    “That’s it…” Brother Wolf said regretfully, “I don’t know if I’m still interested in this next time.”

    “It won’t take too long, tomorrow, tomorrow.” Little Red Riding Hood hurriedly settled the time.

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    Brother Wolf looked at the eager Little Red Riding Hood, and suddenly chuckled, the cocktail in his hand was casually placed aside, he stood up and was about to leave.

    Is it still happening? How does this work? Little Red Riding Hood stopped him and said in an almost excited tone: “Okay, now, now.”

    Brother Wolf saw that Little Red Riding Hood had changed her mind, turned around, and sat back again.
He said with an expression as if watching a play: “Let’s start then.”

    What do you say? How to deal with this psychologically?

    Oh whatever, first find out why he committed suicide.
Little Red Riding Hood thought, and asked, “Why did you commit suicide?”

    “Huh??” Brother Wolf raised his eyebrows with interest, this woman’s style is a little different.
Every other psychiatrist, every time he sees them, always asks questions for a long time before they can cut into the topic.
This is the first time that a psychiatrist has asked him why he committed suicide.
“How do you say it? I

just want to”

    You asked, what is the reason why I suddenly want to commit suicide, how to say it like I suddenly want to eat hot pot?

    “If a person doesn’t respect life, then life and death have no meaning to him.
Living and dying are like whether he should eat steamed buns or plain buns for breakfast.” Little Red Riding Hood suddenly remembered what Wu Ge said.

    From this point of view, Brother Wolf is indeed a pervert in a deviation, a wonderful creature in depression.

    “That…the so-called life is precious…” Little Red Riding Hood held back her words.

    Haven’t I searched a lot on the internet recently, but I can’t remember how to use it.
I really forgot the book’s content when it’s time to use it!

    “The price of love is higher.” Brother Wolf said with a kind reminder after watching Little Red Riding Hood for a long time.

    “Love is more expensive?” Little Red Riding Hood seemed to understand something.

    It was because of love! It turned out to be hurt by love!

    “Brother Wolf, you will meet many people in your life, but some people are destined to be visitors in your life, and some people are destined to accompany you only for some time, but we can’t be heartbroken because of their departure…” Little Red Riding Hood felt her whole person is literary and artistic.
I never imagined that I would be able to say such philosophical words in my lifetime.
Sure enough, Weibo has not been swiped in vain recently.

    “You’re right.” Brother Wolf agreed.

    “Yes!” Little Red Riding Hood was very happy.

    “You and I only met three times in a hurry.
You don’t need to be too heartbroken when a passerby like me leaves…” Brother Wolf said sincerely, fully demonstrating his superb ability to apply what he has learned.

    This guy freaking tricked me!!!

    “I just want to say, love is just.
In this world, men and men, women and women, old and young, can have love.
This kind of thing can be seen everywhere, where is it that worth made you so sad and commit suicide?” Little Red Riding Hood’s literature and art can’t go on any longer, “It’s just love.
I haven’t met any lover in my life, but I’m just as happy.”

    “Oh… so you haven’t been in love.” Brother Wolf nodded to show that he understand.

    Is this the point????? I fell for it!!!!

    “In a word, there are so many forests, why should a tree be chopped, it’s just love, let’s talk about it.” Little Red Riding Hood said excitedly.

    “How old are you this year?” Brother Wolf asked.

    “Twenty-five?” Little Red Riding Hood didn’t understand why Brother Wolf asked her this question.

    “If it’s such an easy thing, why haven’t you done it in twenty-five years.” Brother Wolf asked sincerely.

    Thud! Little Red Riding Hood seemed to hear the sound of an arrow straight into her heart.

    “I’m so ordinary, how can I compare with the excellent you? If you want to fall in love, a lot of women will definitely jump in.” Little Red Riding Hood flattered, clutching her bleeding chest.

    “That’s true.” Brother Wolf nodded solemnly, “But… When did I say that I committed suicide because of love?”

    When it came to the word love, Brother Wolf deliberately increased his tone.

    “Just now, I said that life is precious, and you said that love is more expensive.”

    “Oh~~” Brother Wolf suddenly realized, “So that’s the case, I saw you just finished the first half of the sentence and didn’t say anything for a long time.
I thought you forgot the next sentence, so I kindly continued it for you.”

    This guy… I’m so serious about helping you heal, yet you actually talk to me about poetry.

    “So you just want to kill yourself for no reason?” Little Red Riding Hood asked.

    “That’s right.” Brother Wolf nodded while holding a glass of wine.

    “Then do you have any reason to live?” Little Red Riding Hood asked again.

    “Huh?? No.” Brother Wolf hesitated for a second.

    “You have no reason to live or die, so why don’t you choose to live?” Little Red Riding Hood continued to ask.

    “Huh??” Brother Wolf was finally stopped, and he looked at Little Red Riding Hood approvingly, “You asked a very good question, but I don’t know why.”

    No more chatting…

    The author has something to say:

    Little Red Riding Hood: Pervert, crazy, go to hell.

    Brother Wolf: Thank you for letting me go, bye.

    Little Red Riding Hood: I was wrong, boss, please don’t die!!



Finally, we learn something about Brother Wolf.
Their interaction is pretty funny too..
I’m laughing every time he tricked her lmao.
Also, extra chapter since this one is pretty short.

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