“Didn’t you keep saying don’t?” Brother Wolf replied innocently.

    “I…I told you not to jump into the sea!” Little Red Riding Hood was about to die of anger.

    “It seems that the person who really jumped into the sea is you.” Brother Wolf glanced up and down, and Little Red Riding Hood looked wet just after jumping into the sea…

    “I’m here to stop you from jumping into the sea.
Don’t think that I don’t know.
Did you want to jump into the sea just now?” If this kid hadn’t wanted to jump into the sea, she would not have been teleported over for no reason.

    Brother Wolf suddenly laughed.
He looked at Little Red Riding Hood with some interest, and admitted it frankly: “Yes, I really wanted to jump into the sea just now.”

    “Look, you admit it.”

    “But…how do you know that?” Brother Wolf was surprised, why every time he wanted to commit suicide, this woman always appeared in time.

    “I… I just know.” Little Red Riding Hood can’t make up an excuse, anyway, I just know, what else do you want?

    This girl truly didn’t want to tell him, and suddenly the clever and scheming Brother Wolf felt that he couldn’t do anything about it.
How magnanimous, the magnanimous Brother Wolf was embarrassed to ask further.

    “Wooo…” The dolphin called out loudly when it saw that the girl on its back still didn’t get off.

    “Oh my God.” Little Red Riding Hood then realized that she was not on the shore, but was lying on the back of something unknown.

    Frightened, she climbed onto the pier and looked back.
Yo, she found out that it was a cute little dolphin, and she exclaimed happily: “Dolphin! Dolphin!”

    “Woo~~~woohoo~~” The dolphin felt the joy of Little Red Riding Hood, and squealed happily, its tail swaying in the water.

    “It was you who saved me just now? Thank you.” Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t help but reached out and touched the raised mouth of the dolphin.

    “Woooo~~” The little dolphin seemed to like being touched very much.
After being touched by Little Red Riding Hood, it shook its body and swam to Brother Wolf again, stuck its head out, and whimpered.

    Brother Wolf stared at the inexplicably happy little dolphin for two seconds, then bent down and stretched out his hand to lightly pat the dolphin’s head: “Go back.”

     The little dolphin seemed to understand as it sank its body, and it turned towards the sea.
It swam away and disappeared into the sea in a blink of an eye.

    “Do you know that dolphin?” Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t help asking when seeing the interaction between one person and one fish.

    “Her name is Ariel(1).” Brother Wolf turned and walked towards the shore.

    “The mermaid princess?” Little Red Riding Hood joked, “So it turns out the mermaid princess is a dolphin.”

    Brother Wolf ignored Little Red Riding Hood and walked to the shore with his head sullen.
There was a beach chair and some sunshade tools on the coast.
Two bodyguards with black shades dutifully guarded the area.

    The two bodyguards saw the boss coming back all the way, wait…why is that woman behind the boss again?

    By the way, that girl… just came here, right? Did they really miss her walking there? What is happening? Who let her go? (Underworld Group: Hehe… it’s alright if you don’t understand.)

    Brother Wolf lay comfortably on the beach chair, and turned his head to look at someone who was following him: “Tell me.”

    “What?” Little Red Riding Hood wondered.

    “Because of your perseverance and commitment, even jumping into the sea, I’ll give you a chance to treat me.” Brother Wolf made a gesture of invitation, “Let’s start.”

    Treatment… treatment? How should it be treated?

    Why do I have to travel through mountains and rivers just to find the toilet? But suddenly now you feel constipated?

    Screw you!

    The author has something to say:

    Brother Wolf: Goblin, show me what you can do.


The original text write the name Alice but she said it’s the mermaid princess’s name so I made the decision to change the name.
If there is a character with the name Ariel in future chapters I might change the dolphin name back to Alice.

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