The Ace Amongst The Imperials

Chapter 4: Unexpected Encounter

I let out a yawn as I got up from my nap on my desk.

”Didn you sleep? ” Akito said as he placed his bag next to his desk.

”Not much. ” I said with my head resting on the table.

”You missed some lessons yesterday. ”

”I know, I was sleeping. ”

”Why are you so tired then? ”

”If I don get at least 10 hours of sleep I won be able to function properly. ”

”Didn you go past that? ”

”Well I went to sleep as soon as we got to our dormitories then I woke up at almost midnight, then I remembered that girl from before so I went to her. ”

”I forgot about that, how did it go? ”

”I turned her down. ”

”Why?! ” He said almost as if he was going to kill me for rejecting her. ”Thats a womens feeling. ”

”Theres also mine and I value mine more. ”

”You can argue with that. ” He said, ”Did you get her name? ”

”Ask her yourself. ”

Akito then jumped from his seat after seeing someones face appear from the blind spot of his peripheral.

”Don go sneaking next to people like that! ” He said as he pointed to Harumi who was standing in between our desks.

”Hi there Akito-san. ”

”How do you know my name? ” Akito said as he looked at me.

”Don look at me, I don know how she knows. ” I said as I predicted what Akito wouldve said.

”I have good observation skills. ”

”Is that so? ” I said not that I doubted Harumi but it was something that changed Harumis line of thought.

”Yup! ”

”Tsukamoto-kun, theres a meeting after school and you have to come. ” Yamada said, standing in front of my desk.

”For what reason Yamada-kun? ”

”I don know but it concerns us and some second and third years. ” Yamada said in a stern tone implying it was important.

”Looks like I have no choice then. ”

”Ill see you after school then. ”

I didn reply because it would only seem that I and Yamada are close with each other. This would only raise suspicion and will result in my failure so there would be no benefit if they-Harumi and Akito-knew that Yamada is working with me.

”Yamada isn as stupid as I thought then. ” I thought as Yamada went back to his desk to talk to his friend, Takemoto Yuudai.

”This has become less of a Japanese school now. ” I thought as I rested my head on my hand which acted like a stand on the desk.

I looked outside watching the clouds move through the blue sky. I watched the other building next to us as I daydreamed. Then I caught someone looking at me. Someone from the other building. It was a girl about the same age as me. She had long purple hair and grey eyes. Although she was at least a hundred meters away I could see every last detail of the building and anything inside. If I recalled properly that was the 1-B building meaning she was in Class 1-B.

”Why would they have a whole building just for homeroom? ” I wondered as the homeroom teacher of 1-A spoke of important school matters.

The school didn believe in equality and nor did I. There was once a person who said if you got the whole economy and spread it out equally to everyone, the money would go back to the same pockets. This was the undeniable truth of society. Given to the wrong people money would not stay long in their possession. The reason the rich will never become poor is that they know how to harness money in the right way. Whether its for good or bad they know how to handle it. That is why the school separates those of different abilities and categorises them into different groups for each subject. A student could get perfect marks in their exams but they could still get placed in the lowest classes due to their skills such as leadership and social skills. No one thinks alike because it isn physically possible.

”Tadashi-san, we have our next lesson now. ”

”You can drop the honorifics. ” I said as I got my bag and put it on my back.

”Tadashi? ”

”Yeah, Ill call you Akito then. ”

”And Ill call you Tadashi and Akito then! ” Harumi said as she smiled towards me.

”Why am I making so many friends now? ” I said to myself sarcastically.

”Lets go then! ”

We walked towards another building. The building was large and cost a lot of money. We were joined by other classes. There were at least ten students from each class in one group.

”First, science. ” I said.

”Yeah. ” Akito and Harumi said with a hint of sadness and frustration.

We walked inside the building as did many others. The building had elevators like the dormitories but there were five this time. We called an elevator and when it came down to the ground floor students appeared out of it like ants.

”Tadashi. ” Akito called out in a pessimistic voice.

”Yeah. ”

”I have claustrophobia. ”

”One man down. ”

”Tadashi-sama, you
e friend is dying. ”

”Its been nice knowing you Akito but I can help you. ” I said, ”Do you want to know whats worse? ”

”What can be worse in this situation than claustrophobia? ” Harumi asked.

”Nothing, you
e on your own Akito. ”


”At this point, I can even guarantee our survival. ” Akito said with a dead soul inside. ”I hope I get isekaid. ”

”Thats a good wish. ” I said, congratulating his decision-making skills.


”Goodbye Harumi-san youve been a good friend for the past thirty minutes Ive known you for. ” Akito said looking up to the light that embraced him. A small tear run down his cheek as the light completely devoured him.

”Akito, thats the sunlight. ”


”You wasn gonna get isekaid in the first place. ”

”Well thats my hopes and dreams shattered. ”

The small ping sound from the elevator woke Akito up from the emotional rollercoaster of dreams and hopes he had.

”Finally. ” I said with a sigh of relief.

We entered the elevator but we were immediately squashed by the vast amount of students.

”Most of them will go after the first floor. ” I said, praying that my body would not undergo being crushed by the immense amount of students in the elevator. ”Wait a minute. ” I said as I was no longer squashed. I then realised I wasn in the elevator anymore.

I quickly realised that the students have pushed me out of the elevator. It wasn a problem as I memorised the full layout of the school yesterday when I went to meet Harumi and I didn care if I got into trouble but what made me shiver in fear was that I wasn the only one forcefully pushed out of the elevator.

”Crap! ” I said to myself.

The lesson starts in around two minutes and here I am. Stuck on the first floor. First impressions last and if I don make it in time my plan of laying low and doing well in academics in this school would be shattered. In more pieces than Akitos dreams of being transmigrated to another world.

I quickly scanned the area for any plans. The chances of the elevator coming back down in perfect time were low. Extremely low.

”How would plot armour save me here? ” I thought as I searched the area for any ideas for my plan.

Although the stairs seemed to be a great idea in this situation someone running up multiple flights of stairs in less than two minutes is, without a doubt, abnormal in every way possible. The only thing left was for me to accept my fate and be late.


That wasn the only thing I could do in this situation.

”I guess Ill do that. ” I said as I took my phone out of my pocket.

I turned the phone on and entered an app. The app had a few buttons like a control panel. I pressed one of the buttons with the same hand I was holding my phone with and called an elevator with the other.

The elevator was empty. No soul in sight. I stood in the elevator with my thoughts in peace. The tranquil silence made me forget how rare peace is. I almost forgot when I enrolled but my usual thoughts have come back. Being alone made me more aware and allowed me to think to my hearts content.

The elevator came to a halt and opened its doors for me. From the narrow hole between the doors, I could instantly tell that my plan had worked out. A whole crowd peered through the door of a classroom, watching whatever happened inside. With a crowd that large no small matter was taking place.

With the press of a button, a whole event was caused. I tried to cut through the students and see for myself what I have done. The result of my work.

Two students were fighting. The reason being was unknown but they were. One with a muscular build and brown hair while one with a medium builds with black hair. The muscular student got in a stance and instantly threw a punch at the black-haired boy. The black-haired boy dodged with ease and returned with a kick to the brown-haired boys left rib.

Everyone watched while muttering with their friends but what some thought was how a school as incredible as this not have teachers already here when two students are fighting. While caught up in my thoughts the brown-haired boy was thrown on the floor. I then realised who they were.

”Yamada Yoshio. ” I said as I watched the black-haired boy walk towards the student who he just threw on the floor.

I already knew who they were but my mind suddenly felt a sense of realisation. What the button did was send three people messages. Person 1 was a boy who is in a relationship with a girl. Person 2 was the girl and Person 3 was Yamada Yoshio. The messages purpose was to end a relationship between Person 1 and 2 but another messages purpose was to make Person 1 feel as if it was Yamadas fault. I also added another part which was that Person 1 and 2 had to be close in distance to Yamada.

I kept this scenario for times like this. A scenario to buy time for me. The relationship between people who are friends and who have already exchanged phone numbers in the first week can be broken easily. However, the relationship between two people who have known each other for a long time can also be broken but the impact it would have would be significantly more than the ones who have been friends for less than a week.

Although there would still be an impact with the shorter relationship it is not as much as the long relationship.

The brown-haired boy who is fighting Yamada was previously in an intimate relationship with a girl that he has known for a long time. In a few messages, a years worth of an intimate relationship has been destroyed.

I know for sure those two would get back together in a few days but at this moment I needed time.

”Fighting with me is futile Yamashita-san. ” Yamada said.

Anyone could hear the pride he had in his strength. Yamada didn intend on fighting but he didn mind fighting as fighting isn punished severely as students should be able to defend themselves. A key skill in business.

The brown-haired boy seemed to be Yamashita Mashiro from Class 1-B. If thats the case the girl must be Kinoshita Hiromi-also from Class 1-B.

Kinoshita is in the top five most intelligent students in Class 1-B and besides her pulchritude, she is abnormally strong. Anyone could get why a guy like Yamashita would get enraged by anything that would jeopardise his relationship with Kinoshita.

”Why would you send those messages? ” Yamashita said.

Those words sent the audience to their interpretations. Soon rumours would start and this would affect Yamadas reputation negatively.

Who knew a simple press of a button would cause such distress to people?

”I didn send them, Im trying to tell you that it wasn me. ”

”What evidence do you have? ”

”Just my word. ”

Ineffective in its finest form.

”A phrase like that could obliterate your whole company and Yamada said that to Yamashita. ” I thought to myself as I watched the events unravel into more destruction.

Just as Yamashita lunged towards Yamada a teacher came and grabbed him. The strength the teacher had was indeed abnormal. Although no one could tell, Yamashita was on par with Yamada in physical strength and a teacher had stopped Yamashita with just a single hand.

”In the real world, you wouldve died or be thrown into prison. Control yourself next time. ” The teacher said.

The teacher had black hair tied in a ponytail and wore a black pantsuit.

”The messages will be erased in around five seconds. ” I said, looking at the time on my phone.

I then caught two people going into a classroom, Harumi and Akito. I put my phone back into my pocket and walked towards them. They then saw me walking towards them and stopped.

”Tadashi-sama! ” Harumi said as she jumped on me. I dodged Harumi and she fell on the floor.

”Is this the classroom? ”

”Yeah. ” Akito replied.

”Hey! Why did you dodge me? ” Harumi said as she pouted.

I ignored her and entered the classroom. There were desks for two people but the desk we took allowed an extra seat. I sat near the window with Akito next to me and next to him was Harumi.

The teacher then came in, introducing himself as Mr Ichigawa. He was around his thirties with black hair and glasses wearing a white shirt and a tie with black trousers.

”A whole building just for science. ” I thought to myself, amazed by the school.

I then looked out of the window and watched the outside.

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