The Ace Amongst The Imperials

Chapter 3: Relationships

”Hi. ” I replied leaving us in an awkward atmosphere.

”I won waste any time so Ill get straight to it. ” She said as she prepared for what she came here for, ”Can you go out with me?! ” She said bowing while she said it. She waited in the bowing position for my response.

”Im sorry but Im not looking for a relationship right now. ”

The girl slowly stood straight with a devasted look on her face.

”Ill keep trying until you say yes then! ” She said as she ran off to her dormitory.

I saw the girl run off behind the building so I couldn see her anymore.

”Yamada Yoshio. ” I said as I held the arm that tried to attack me from behind.

”Tsukamoto Tadashi. ” Yoshio said as I let go of his arm. ”Not only are you smart but you
e athletic. ”

”I just have quick reflexes Im not like you and Shimoda-san. ”

”Tomiko-chan? What made you think shes athletic? ”

”Ive seen her do fitness training. ”

”So you
e perverted? ”

”You can blame me when they put it on the internet. ”

”I won blame you then. ”

Yoshio then grabbed me by my blazer and slammed me on a tree. We then heard something crack onto the ground. We were then curious to see what it was and to our surprise, it was a camera.

”A camera? Whats it doing here? ” Yamada said.

”Don act stupid. You knew it was here. ”

”Guess I can fool you. ”

”Question is who put it there. ”

”Can you find out? ”

”Im smart academically, Im not good at detective work. ”

”Looks like its up to me to find out then. ” Yoshio said as if he was happy to be a detective for some time.

”I guess. Tell me who it is after you find out. ”

”So we
e forming an alliance? ”

”Yeah. Well its to benefit both of us. ”

”Seems like a good idea. ”

”What the hell is this sudden personality change? This guy tried to attack me and he slammed me on a tree. ” I thought as I left the scene.

As soon as I met her I already saw the camera in the trees and Yamada hiding in the bush. I played along and so did Yamada but I don know his true intentions or why he was there in the first place. Ill have to meet up with her sometime again and I should try to become close to Yamada.

If the most important thing is power then I could buy it with money and use my intelligence to increase it. Ill have to start a business then but that is guaranteed to fail in a school like this.

If I got a 100 on every test then that would be more than a million yen. I could do this but I should keep my test scores range from 85-100. I should try to rarely get 100 considering how hard they seem to other students and I should try and contain my physical abilities to an above average so I don stand out that much. I shouldve gotten around 60 in my entrance exams but it seemed too easy so I thought there was something wrong and this year was different.

Allying with someone like Yoshio seems beneficial in a lot of ways. Next is Shimoda Tomiko.

”Lets not go on a first-name basis just yet. ” Yoshio suggested.

”Fine by me. ” I said as I went back to my room.

Shimoda Tomiko is also an extraordinary genius in many ways. Forging an alliance or better friendship with her would be beneficial. All I just need to do is to play by her rules and try to form a sort of relationship with her. Ill use her personality to my advantage. With her influence, I could control half the school while having Yamada control the other half. Ill keep my level on par with them and make it seem that we are competing against each other.

Judging by their academic ability they should have an average of at least 86-89. Ill get an average of 86 then. With a total of eight subjects, all of them should total 688 and if I showed my strongest subjects as mathematics and science, that leaves me with 488. I should distribute them with the other subjects in order with my strongest subjects. Mathematics and science-100, Japanese 93, English-86, Home Economics-85, Business and Social Studies-83, Physical Education-58. That should seem normal to the teachers and elites of the school. With this, I have an average of 86.

Ill get this on the first exam and in the others Ill switch the numbers around and then add a few numbers but Ill try and stay in the range of 86-89 then in one exam Ill go all the way up to 94 then go down to 92 then 90 then back to my original range.

By the end of this semester or in about two weeks there should be leaders already forming in the class. In Class 1-D it will be Arita Hachiro, in 1-C it will be Fukumoto Yoshiko, in 1-B it will be Yamashimo Ayama and in 1-A it will be both Yamada Yoshio and Shimoda Tomiko.

It is only a matter of time until the classes have a leader. This will be beneficial for me as it means I can control more classes. That girl, Ikeda Harumi, is being controlled by someone in the upper years but I do not know who. In this school, the main goal is to reach the top but this goal is individual. The school intends that the students will use the resources around them for their gain. Im merely following this but using students as the resources. I came here for a much different reason than the other students.

I found myself at the building of the first-year dormitories.

”I was so lost in thought I already arrived. Guess Ill get a drink. ”

I proceeded towards the vending machine and put in a coin. I retrieved the soda can and as I opened it to take a sip I heard murmuring.

”This seems oddly familiar. ” I said to myself as I investigated the noise.

”Why didn you succeed? ” a male voice said.

”Im sorry oni-chan, Ill try- ” A female voice said, pleading to someone who seemed to be her brother.

The girl had brown hair and her brother had purple hair with glasses.

”TRY? Don even call me your brother again. ” The male said as he slammed her onto the brick wall behind them.

”This doesn concern me so I shouldn get involved- ”

”Do you know what that man is gonna do when he finds out the plans failing because of you? Our family will be stripped of our wealth and power. ”

”What the f**k is that four eyes speaking about? ” I said to myself as I stopped to listen more. ”Harumi-san?! ” I said to myself as I realised who the girl was.

e gonna get close to him. ”

”I will. ” Harumi said as tears almost formed in her eyes and her voice broke. ”Its too hard- ”

Her brother then went in to punch Harumi. As his first neared the helpless Harumis stomach I knocked her brother out just by a small tap to his nape. As her brother dropped to the ground with a thud Harumi dropped to her knees as she saw hope but also fear. Her eyes showed her fear when she saw me.

”Im s-s- ” she tried to make the words sorry escape her mouth but she couldn .

”Its fine but I need you to do me a favour. ”

”I c-c-can . ”

”Ill protect you then. ”

I then left Harumi with her unconscious brother alone.

With this, I have her almost in my grasp. Saying that would make her feel in debt to me as I saved her. She is now considering my favour but she is also trying to think about what would happen if she betrayed her brother.

”Tsukamoto-san, wait! ” She called as she ran up to me leaving her unconscious brother on the floor. ”If you promise to protect me Ill do the favour. ”

”You sure? ”

”Yes just please protect me. ” She said as tears dropped down her face. She almost dropped down to the floor but I caught her on my shoulder.

”Don worry Ill protect you but this isn a small task. ”

”Please Ill do anything. ” She said as she cried even more.

”Yes! ” I said to myself, ”I need you to go against your brother for a bit. ”

”Thats fine but can I ask, why did you protect me? ” She said as she calmed down.

”I hate abuse like that. ” I replied as I took her off my shoulder and let her wipe her tears off. ”You
e gonna look as if you got close to me then after I complete my goal Ill let you be. ”

”Thats fine as long as you keep your word. ”

”Oh yeah, you
e brother, In the best case scenario hes gonna wake up in the afternoon, worst case scenario, hes dead. ”

”Dead! ”

”I said worse case. ” I said as I thought how good I am at livening up situations such as this. ”Im going then. ”

”Bye! ”

”Bye! ”

”Mission Passed. ” I said to myself while I rewarded myself with another can of soda.

Harumi calmed down quicker than the normal person. She had just been scolded by her brother and then saw her brother get knocked out so easily yet she didn seem to question it. She seems to have these types of situations come to her frequently.

”I should be careful with her. ” I said to myself as I entered my dormitory.

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