The Ace Amongst The Imperials

Chapter 1: The Imperial Academy

The Japanese School for Elites. Unquestionably one of the most successful schools globally. The school has produced countless successful people who have gone on to build companies to restore the world with innovation. The school sounds like heaven as it provides not only an extraordinary education but also provide lifetime memories and skills that would be needed in the future such as negotiation and logical decision making and analytical skills. This school provides any student who attends anything they could dream of but getting into the school is the hard part. The entrance exams are so hard that not one person has gotten over 65% on the test. A failing score is anything lower than 30%.

”75%! ” A student proclaimed as every other student went towards him.

They all looked at me as I stood on the stage. The stage floor was wood and when I walked on it it felt satisfactory. The sound of my shoes hitting the wooden floor almost made me smile. The headmaster handed me a certificate of gratitude as I scored the highest score in the schools history.

”We will now hear from our top student. ” The headmaster announced.

The headmaster had white hair with a white beard. He was about 6ft and looked around his fifties. He wore a dark brown long coat and he stood in the middle of the stage where a lectern was.

”Hello, students…ummmm… My names Tsukamoto Tadashi and I got higher scores than any of you so study more…thats all I guess. ” I said as I walked off the stage and went back to my seat which was somewhere in the middle of the audience. ”Now that single ”speech ” will affect my life here. ” I thought as the person with the second highest score went onto the stage.

”Students of the Imperial Academy, I am Shimoda Tomiko… ”

The person who went onto the stage was a girl. A girl with dark black hair and a red ribbon in her hair. She wore a black blazer along with a black skirt and black leggings. I recognised her immediately as she was the firstborn of the powerful and wealthy Shimoda family. They had a net worth of over a hundred trillion yen because of their multiple businesses in other countries which were not unsuccessful. She was born with a gold spoon in her mouth and she was taught by the best educators her parents could find. Living life in easy mode should be fun. The girl had gotten an overall of 72 on her entrance exams which were extremely rare. This gave her the title of high intelligence. The average IQ of the school should be around 120 and Tomiko here is probably on the 1%. The girl spoke in a serious tone probably because she felt expressing emotions seemed pointless and being rational and logical makes you a better leader for the company she would inherit.

The girl then walked off the stage allowing the third person to talk to the student body now.

”Hello there students of the Imperial Academy, I am Yamada Yoshio. ” The boy spoke, also in a serious tone.

Yamada Yoshio. A boy with unnatural genius intelligence as he scored an overall 69 in his entrance exams. The three highest this year made it to the schools history of the highest-scoring students. The fourth highest scored an overall 61 meaning only the three of us scored higher than the previous record. That person was Yoshios father, Yamada Takeo, a man who then revolutionised Japan. He is responsible for 98% of his familys wealth and he also paid off Japans debt of ¥1.4 quadrillion. He could pay it off about 40 times more.

After the whole introduction thing, we were categorised in our classes.

”Class 1-A. ” I said as I read the gold label on the door.

I pushed open the door to see students already sitting down, talking to their friends. I then chose my seat next to the window at the back so I can enjoy the view whilst the teacher explains something I already know.

* * * * * * *

”HIDE! ”

I quickly ran to the corner and hid under a table which was seen to be a dark box from the outside but it was as clear as a screen from the inside.

”Shit! Shit! Shit! ” I muttered as I saw who was once my guardian kill one of my bodyguards. I watched as his body dropped to the floor. The lifeless face of the man who saved me stared back at me.

”I assure you Master Tadashi that I am asking to form an alliance with you. ”

Even under these circumstances, I was still able to suppress my aura and bloodlust and I calmed myself down so my breathing could not be heard.

”Looks like Ill have to lay low for a while. ” I thought as the man with golden hair and blue eyes picked up the body of the man who saved me and threw him out of the room.

I then found a trapdoor leading to a dark room. I went through the trapdoor with no hesitation. I quickly fell onto what felt like a table.

* * * * * * *

”Yo. ”

I looked to my left to see a boy looking at me.

”Are you trying to communicate with me? ” I asked the boy

”Isn it obvious? ”

”That was sarcasm. ”

”Oh. Well you looked lonely. ” The boy said.

”I prefer solitude. ” I replied.

”A little bit of socialising is good for you. ”

”For me, it drains the energy out of my body. Before you ask my names Tsukamoto Tadashi. ”

”I know. Everyone knows. You made history you know. ”

”I guess. ” I said to the boy. ”I couldve got higher if I tried, I just thought it felt too easy so I intentionally answered a few wrong. ” I thought.

”My names Kishimoto Akito. ” The boy said. I recognised him as his family is wealthy. The boy had purple hair and blue eyes while I had dark black hair and red eyes.

”Whatd you get? ”

”I got about 50 give or take. ” Akito answered.

A teacher then entered the class and slammed some books on the teachers desk. In an instant the class became quiet.

”Finally. ” I said to myself as I let out a sigh of relief.

I then noticed Shimoda and Yamada looking at me from the corner of their eyes. Shimoda sat on the same column as me and she sat at the front. Yamada sat in the middle o

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