is time having those thoughts.


 What could Jinhyuk say to Lilil in this case?


 It is now meaningless to say that she’s amazing.

 He’s said it multiple times by now.

He just needed to give a simple correction to what she said.


 “Summoner lady, how many times do I have to say it?”


 “Say what?”


 “That my powers are your powers.
You, my summoner lady, is the best summoner.”


 Jinhyuk wiped the goblin’s blood from Lilil’s lips.

To think of eating hearts of a goblin raw.  Of course she’s the best summoner.

 If Jinhyuk had been in Lilil’s situation, he wouldn’t have been able to.


 “Not anyone can eat a heart raw like that.”


 In the end, eating hearts of the goblins was great to use the Flame of Zhuque.

 While the King Goblin’s magical power was taken away, that wasn’t the case for the other goblin’s.


 ‘Around 10, I believe.’


 10 goblins corpses laid on the floor.

 Jinhyuk couldn’t gauge how much stronger she is now.


 “Thank you for your words…”


 Lilil smiled carefully.
Jinhyuk met eyes and smiled together.


 Now, there was nothing to worry about for Lilil.

 The problem now was Leira, who took a hit from the Flame of Zhuque.

It seemed like Leira escaped the evil spirits influence for now, but it’d be dangerous if they could still return.


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 Jinhyuk decided to watch Leira without taking her to her village.

 Lilil fell asleep again, probably tired, and soon Leira opened her eyes.




 Leira slowly raised her body.

 She couldn’t remember what had happened.

 Her last memories were that she had seen a horrifying level of evil magical powers.


 “The goblins…”


 The goblins who looked at her like a tool all laid on the ground.

 Even the terrifying King Goblin.


 As she looked around in confusion, she found Jinhyuk.

 Isn’t he the being that didn’t seem human?

 I must’ve been saved by him.


 That’s when she finally realized.




 It hit Leira again that Raytely was dead.

 If this was all real and not a dream, Raytely was in fact, dead.

 The man who was like her father no longer existed.


 Was there a reason to live.

Or even the will to continue.


 Leira never thought of a world without Raytely.

The broader world Leira wanted to explore was one with Raytely still living in it.


Leira didn’t want to even think about seeing a world she couldn’t live in.


 “But you should still live.”


 Jinhyuk walked up to her.


 “You have become an evil spirit.
We could’ve killed you.
But we didn’t and returned you to normal.
I know it’s subjective… but wouldn’t it be right for the living to keep living?”


 Leira had become an evil spirit.

 But she survived?

 Was that possible?


 Leila looked up at Jinhyuk in disbelief.


 “A-are you a god?”


 “I’m tired of hearing that.
If I was a god, I would have killed myself for the good of the world.”


 “What does that mean…”


 “A world without god may be a utopia.”


 Always asking whether he’s a god whenever he does anything.
Jinhyuk clicked his tongue in annoyance.

 Leira couldn’t understand what Jinhyuk meant, but she agreed that she should continue to live.

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 Even if you don’t have the confidence to live, you can still live on.


 “Now I understand my boss’ will.
I shouldn’t have even tried to avenge him or anything like that.”


My mistress almost died because of you.”




 Leira followed Jinhyuk’s gaze and looked at Lilil.

 To say that a strange being that isn’t even human is calling her his mistress.
Who was this mistress?


 “Per-perhaps the Great God Merith?”


 “Mer-what? She’s just Lilil.
The best summoner.”


 “Summoner? Then you are?”


 “The summon.”


 Jinhyuk explained to Leira everything that happened up until this point.

 Leira listened in amazement, and Jinhyuk shrugged after the explanation.


 “So, give your thanks to my summoner lady.
Whatever the reason, she’s who saved your life.
If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve just killed you.”


 Leira nodded her head and said cautiously.


 “I-I’m going to the academy as well.”


 “Without any magical powers?”




 The Flame of Zhuque did not discriminate against magical powers.

 Just as it evaporated the evil spiritual energy, it also evaporated her magical powers.

 Leira was shocked to learn that the magical powers she already had trouble handling all evaporated away.


 “Converting a human back from being an evil spirit is all good, until it renders them completely weak.”


 “It’s – it’s okay! I’m still going to the academy.
I will pay for the carriage Ms.
Lilil and Mr.
Jinhyuk will ride.
As a token of appreciation .


 She doesn’t have to.
They were overflowing with money.


 That’s what Jinhyuk was going to say, until he remembered that Lilil likes to save money.

 Then again, even Lilil might refuse to take this offer.


 He couldn’t tell.

It’d be best to just wait for Lilil to wake up and ask then.


 “That’s up to the summoner lady as well.”


 Amidst the conversation between Leira and Jinhyuk, Lilil slowly opened her eyes.


 Leira thanked her and offered Lilil to pay for their wagon.
Lilil nodded.


 “I’m not the type to reject something like this… I only did it to get my revenge, too.
Let’s just ride the carriage together.”


 Leira was added to the party.

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