clicked with his tongue seeing the unbelievable speed and put his rifle back in his inventory.


 ‘I see why the goblins were scared.’


 Movement fast enough to dodge bullets.


 It was hard to believe to see such ability from a girl who hasn’t even entered the academy.

Jinhyuk had no choice but to use Lilil’s magic.


 Jinhyuk took a deep breath and used the Hwan-su breathing technique.

 Spiritual energy within his body rapidly circulated and his strength increased.

 Lilil lacks in mana, so he shouldn’t go for a long battle.


 I’ll finish this quickly.




 Tearing through the air, Jinhyuk rushed to Leira.

 Leira swung her broken sword.
Although fast, the broken blade’s limited range missed him.

 After a light dodge, Jinhyuk planted a punch to her jaw.




 Leira stepped back, losing balance.

 Jinhyuk definitely felt the fist slam her jaw, and momentarily felt it break as well.


 An evil energy wrapped around her face and regenerated it.




 Jinhyuk heard a brief scream from Lilil.

 Was that already too much for her magical strength? She staggered, looking exhausted.


 What can I do?


 As he was thinking of his next moves, Leira ran up to him and swung her sword.
Jinhyuk continued to ponder as he avoided the attacks.


 ‘Can I win?’


 Jinhyuk thought for a moment.


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 What happens if Lilil dies from using up too much mana?


 Will I be summoned back to Earth?

 Or will I be left in this world without the constraints of her power?

 If not, perhaps lose all my strength or die together.


 None of them sounded fun.

 Nothing was more fun than living with Lilil.

 So Jinhyuk had to keep Lilil from dying.


 ‘But retreating would just be a temporary measure.’


 The evil spirit will start from this forest and eventually destroy the village.

 If that happens, that’d hurt Lilil equally.


 He had to somehow kill the evil spirit while ensuring Lilil’s survival.




 Lilil also wondered.


 She didn’t think Leira could be this strong.

 There was a point she wondered if there was a way to get her back, rather than kill her.


 But now, even killing seemed difficult.

 She’s already reached the limit of her magical strength.


 Lilil felt useless.


 Jinhyuk is strong, but that didn’t matter because she was weak.

 She wouldn’t have thought of even summoning if she knew it’d be like this.
She felt like she was just causing harm by dreaming bigger than she could handle.


 Lilil was falling into a spiral of self-hatred, until she saw Jinhyuk dodging Leira’s attack from afar.


 He wasn’t just dodgin them.

 He was dodging in such a way that made sure Lilil wasn’t in the way of harm.


 Am I really worth all that trouble? Lilil thought.


‘You are.’


 Jinhyuk’s words came to her mind.

 The way he told her that she was the greatest person he had ever met.

 A great summon was telling the pathetic summoner that she was the greatest.


 If so, shouldn’t she become what her summon expects her to be?


 ‘you can do it.’


 With all magical strength drained out of her, Lilil had no energy to even stand.

 She was already lying on the floor.

 But she clenched her teeth and started crawling on all fours.


 Jinhyuk saw Lilil crawling.

 She was definitely heading for the King Goblin.

 Understanding immediately what she was planning to do, he gulped.


 ‘Is she trying to eat the King Goblin’s heart raw?’


 Is that possible?

 Could Lilil do it?


Lilil can.


 Jinhyuk trusted his summoner, Lilil.

 She’s someone who puts all her heart into what she wants to achieve.

 If she means to eat the heart, she surely will eat it.


 The moment Lilil reached the King Goblin, Jinhyuk quickly ran towards it and pulled out its heart.

 He threw the heart at Lilil and then ran towards Leira.

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 The heart of the King Goblin.


Lilil did not hesitate.

 It must be tasteless.
I might puke mid way.

 But I can’t.
I must eat it all.


 In order to become a summoner suitable for the best summon.




 Lilil felt nauseous, but kept chewing while holding her puke back.

 She kept chewing and chewing, until she could swallow.


 At that moment, Lilil was filled with more magical powers than she has ever felt in her life.


 Jinhyuk and Lilil were simultaneously certain.


 They can kill Leira.


 But Lilil saw something else.


Jinhyuk… there are so many things he’s capable of.’


 With magical strength flowing through Lilil’s body, she could feel what kind of skills her summon had.


 As she felt them, she saw some technique that made her heart pound.


 ‘This technique could restore the employee.’


 But not with this much power.

Just a little more.
Just a little more, and it could work.


 ‘Just a bit more.’


 Lilil looked at the corpses of other goblins.

 Jinhyuk couldn’t understand Lilil’s intentions, but she seemed to want a little more magical power, so he decided to help.

 The role of a summon is to abide by the summoner’s will.


 He pulled all hearts he could pull, and Lilil ate them while holding in her vomit.

 He felt her magic continue to grow.


 Then, when she finally ate all of them,


 ‘That’s it.
This will be enough!’


 Lilil gained enough magical power to use that skill.


 And in that moment, Leira’s voice was heard.


 –Kill me… I don’t want to harm others…


 Why could she hear her? That was unknown.

 Nevertheless, she had no intention of killing Leira.


 “Now! Use the Flame of Zhuque!” 


The Flame of Zhuque.


 A form of Hwan-su-shin technique, which evaporates the opponent’s energy with a flame that is as hot as the Zhuque.


 Jinhyuk understood her intentions immediately.


 The Flame of Zhuque is a technique that evaporates all spiritual energy from the opponent.
It’d certainly evaporate evil spiritual energy as well.


 That would return Leira to her original state.




 Jinhyuk was certain as he felt Lilil’s magical strength.


 Using any of it will put her in danger.

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