Chapter 6: Best Summoner

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 The staff always released the goblin and just left.
They enjoyed watching it when they were young, but eventually got bored after seeing it for so long.


 But after hearing roaring blasts from this guest’s visit, they couldn’t resist to peek at what startled them.
Did he use explosion magic to catch a mere goblin? They had to know.


 However, what the customer was holding wasn't a magic wand, but an unknown weapon.
The weapon spat out loud sounds resembling explosion magic, but with a completely different attack method.


 What the hell is that weapon?


 At the very least, it didn't seem like it was from this world.
Even if it was, it may be some ancient weapon no one knows about.


 ‘Though, it seems to lack accuracy.’


 Low accuracy compared to its destructive power.
That got them thinking: For a bow, you can control the shot with magic to increase accuracy, but the weapon this customer just used didn't involve any magic.
It must be a weapon that could not use magic.


 ‘Now that they killed the goblin, I’m guessing they’ll leave soon?’


 The staff was about to turn back after such a strange experience, but stopped after hearing something about goblin meat and other things.
Looking back into the room, the customer pushed the button to open the iron grate and started disassembling the goblin with a sharp knife.


 Are they seriously trying to eat a goblin?


 A thought suddenly occurred.
They may not be human.
It is said that spirit creatures that have lived for a long time enjoy imitating humans.
Maybe this is the case?


 So, is that man a dragon? Spirit King? It is not suitable for a Spirit King to eat goblin meat, so it could be a dragon or something similar.


 In any case, there is no way a human would eat goblin meat.
The staff felt something magical.
With excitement, they skipped all the way to their boss.


 “Boss, boss!”


 “What is it?”


 A muscular man wiping his axe on the floor looked up at the staff.
He was Raytley, the boss of the goblin battlefield.
He was quite old, but healthy and strong enough to go catch goblins himself.


 “I think the customer that just came is a spirit creature, not a human.
It's using some incredible powers.”


 “Is that so? No end to strange things no matter how long you live, I see.”


 Raytley laughed as he listened to the staff’s story.
A kid he picked up 10 years ago, who had nowhere to go, had grown up so well.


 “Leira, are you happy that you may have found a spirit creature?”


 “Yeah! It’s incredible.”


 “Is that so… I was right.
You are definitely more fit to be out in a bigger world.”


 “What do you mean?”


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 Leira tilted their head.
Raytley smiled and showed them a piece of paper.
It was a confirmation letter for admission to the academy.
He submitted an application without them knowing.


 “I know that you train your swordsmanship every night.
I know you cut your hair short because it’s inconvenient during training.
Even though you are a little girl.”


 “B-boss… ”


 The moment she saw the confirmation of admission to the academy, Leira felt happy for a brief moment.
She didn’t care to be recognized as a noble, but it would be incredible to explore the world through the academy.


 But that meant she had to leave the boss she respected so much.
You couldn’t just commute to the academy.
At best, she could only visit during semester breaks.


 Leira didn't like that.
It’s him who took her in when she had nowhere to go, and acted as the father figure more than her real father, who she didn’t even know the face of.
She didn't want to leave him to spend the rest of his time catching goblins all alone.


 Raytley spoke first as if he read her mind.


 “Don’t worry about me.
You are like my daughter.
If you are happy, that’s what makes me happy too.”


 “Thank you, so much… ”


 Leira choked up as she felt like she was about to cry.
Her throat lumped.
Raytley spoke again with a big smile.


 “The customers are leaving.
Go and see them.”


 “Of course!”


 Nevertheless, there was work to do.
Now wasn’t the time to be overwhelmed by emotions.
After calming her chest down, Leira went to greet the customers.


 The customer, Jinhyuk, was obviously tearing up the goblin's meat, but he had nothing in his hands.
Did he eat it already? She was curious, but couldn’t ask without telling them she peeked into the room.
She simply smiled.


 “Did everyone have a good time?”


 “Ah, yes.
I ripped some goblin meat inside, it’s fine if I take them, right?”


 “Of course! There’s no problem.
How you deal with the goblins you killed is up to you.”


 “Can I make a reservation? I want to come tomorrow too.”


What time would work for you?”


 Jinhyuk left the store after making a reservation.
He just hoped that the goblin meat would be of some help to Lilil.


 “Let’s end the day here.”


 “Y-yes, sure.”


 It was nearly time for dinner.
It would be right to eat out if you are outside, but since the purpose was to feed Lilil goblin meat they had to go home.


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 Jinhyuk took out the goblin meat as soon as they returned home.
At first glance, it looked no different from pork or beef sold at a butcher's shop.
Pointing to the meat, Jinhyuk laughed.


 “This is the goblin’s belly.”


 “I know, I saw…
It’s not pork belly, is it really delicious?”


 “The only meat you would eat from a goblin is its belly.
It’s amazing if you cook it well.”


 Jinhyuk took out a cutting board from his inventory.
He placed the goblin's belly on the chopping board and pressed it down with his fingers.
Goblins’ entire body hardens and becomes tenacious the moment it dies, and its belly is no exception.
If you try to cook it and eat it, it will only exhaust your jaw.


 But it's different if you beat it like a dog on a lucky day1.
He took out a stick from his inventory and began to beat the meat.


 “If you beat it like this for 10 minutes, the stomach becomes soft.”


 But that alone doesn't make it edible.
Goblin meat has a strong fishy smell, and a spice is required to get rid of it.


 “lemon juice is amazing for its fishy smell.”


 You don’t just squeeze on top of it.
Jinhyuk took the lemon juice he had made in advance from his inventory, poured it into a large bowl, and immersed the softened belly.
All the lemon juice soaked up into the meat.


 “Okay, now it’s ready!”


 Due to the price of lemon juice, goblin belly was strictly considered a luxury dish on Earth.
Looking forward to seeing Lilil surprised after a bite, Jinhyuk took out a burner, a grill, and cooking oil.


 Lilil's eyes widened and pointed at the burner.


 “Hey, what is that?”


 “It's an item from the world I lived in.
It can make a fire very easily.”


 This was something that cannot be expected in this world yet.
Jinhyuk was glad to have a lot of these things in his inventory and turned on the burner fire.
Then he drizzled oil on the grill and put the meat on top of it.




 Just the smell was enough to salivate.
Lilil’s eyes twinkled at the fact that goblin meat could smell like this.


 “Okay then, while the meat is roasting… ”


 Jinhyuk remembered the book about magical strength he had read earlier.
It read that all magical powers start from the heart, so he needed to feed the heart to get the goblin's magic.


 So he did.
He pulled the heart out, dipped it in lemon juice and cut it into small pieces with a knife.
Do it right, and it tastes better than raw cow liver.


 Of course, like raw cow liver, it depends whether you like it or not.
But what can you do? It’s what is necessary for magical strength.


 “Tada! It’s done.
All of these are for you.
You have to eat them all.”


 “W-wow… ”

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 From the delicious roasted goblin belly to the chewy goblin heart.
It's not an easy-to-eat luxury dish, but Jinhyuk just smiled and waited for Lilil's response.


 “C-can I really eat it all?”


 “Of course.
I have something else to eat.”


 Jinhyuk had a bunch of stuff, like bread, in his inventory so he could eat at any time.
Probably going to eat a red bean bun or something.


 He watched Lilil eat as he chewed on a bun.
Lilil used a fork to pick up a piece of meat and carefully put it in her mouth.


 Her eyes lit up.


 “Wha, Woow!”


 Lilil tasted something beyond this world.
The meat melted as soon as it entered her mouth, and its juiciness with a subtle lemon scent was enough to keep her saliva leaking.


 What about the heart?


 Lilil tried dipping it in the little unknown sauce Jinhyuk suggested.
My god, how could there be such a chewy and savory dish? Lilil couldn't stop exclaiming while eating.


 “I-I’ve never eaten something so good in my life!”


 “I’m glad you like it.”


 Lilil, who ate it up in an instant, was smiling brightly and looking satisfied.
Jinhyuk felt good seeing Lilil's brightest smile so far.


 “Well then, how is it? Do you think your magical strength has increased a bit?”


Surprisingly, it seems to have increased a little.
Not by much, though…”


 A little was good enough.
It was written in the book that goblins were not monsters with a lot of magical power in the first place, so they had to be satisfied with this much of an improvement.


 ‘If we go into the academy and cook powerful monsters, Lilil’s power will surely grow stronger in an instant.’


 Then one day she will be able to take revenge on the Cruel One.
Jinhyuk did not know what Lilill would do after that, but for now, he wanted to help her achieve her immediate goal.


 There’s no intention of going back to the original world anyway.


 “Um, I wanted to ask.”




 “Are you a god, Mr.
Jinhyuk? Or an angel?”


 Lilil asked cautiously.
This was something he was asked tirelessly back on Earth.
Unfortunately, that was not the case.

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 “I am just a human.
And it’s because I’m human that I like you and want to help.”


 “You like me? I don't think there’s anything great about me… There’s not much I can do for you, Mr.Jinhyuk.
Mostly just a nuisance.”


 “A nuisance? No.”


 It hasn't even been a day since he came to this world.
And that was enough time to find this more meaningful than any time he spent before.
It was more fun.


 Someone who’s pure with no greed, and abstinent, when they have the power for more.
He had no regrets to have such a person as his summoner.
Rather, he was happy.


 It felt like his tired heart was being healed.


 “I'm just glad you, my summoner lady is my summoner.”


 “Y-you are…?”


So, summoner lady, don’t be so self critical and have some confidence.
You are the greatest person I’ve seen so far.”


 “Thank you for thinking so highly of me.”


 Lilil wondered if she deserved such a compliment.
However, throughout the day, Jinhyuk continued to praise him.
There was no sense of pretense.
It's a cold world, but Jinhyuk's words and actions warmed her up.


 ‘Yes, let’s not doubt it.’


 Lilil was extremely lucky to have Jinhyuk summoned.
There was no need to doubt something that had already happened.
It did not matter what others thought of her, as long as Jinhyuk, her summon, liked her, that’s all that mattered.


 “That reminds me.”


 “Reminds you of what?”


 “In ‘There are No Bad Summons in the World’.
The book said that even if I don’t follow the book, it’s not a problem if the summon likes the summoner.
The best summoner is a summoner that the summon likes.”


 “Hmm, is that so? Good thing I didn’t burn that book.”


 “Ah! Please don’t burn any more books.
They cost 10,000 derats…


 “Alright, alright.”


 Jinhyuk and Lilil spent the evening laughing.
Thus, the relationship between the summon and the summoner deepened one step at a time.


 Jinhyuk's woke up with his plans disrupted.


 “A day off?”


 The goblin battlefield was suddenly on a day off.

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