Strangely enough, the clothes of this world were close to modern times.
It would have been inconvenient if clothes were of medieval fantasy style as well, but since it isn’t, Jinhyuk thought it would be a good time to buy his own.


He didn’t have many clothes in his inventory.


“Okay then, shall we go buy some clothes?”


“C-clothes? What kind of clothes?”


“Clothes you and I will wear?”


“Oh, I can just wear anything…”


“But it’d feel good to wear clothes you like, right?”


“I-is that so?”


“So let’s try some.”


Jinhyuk took Lilil into a clothing store.
At least for clothing stores, clothes were lined up in rows, just like in the modern times.


‘Should make shopping easier.’


A clerk approached them as they looked around.


“Oh, sir, is there a style you are looking for?”


“Ah, no, thank you.
I’ll pick them on my own.”


“Then I will give explanations about the clothes you choose~”


There seemed to be many clerks in the store.
After all, the clerk's job is to hold on to one customer and explain it, so Jinhyuk nodded in agreement.


“Go ahead.”


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“Y-y-yes, of course.”


Lillil scanned the clothes with her trembling eyes.
The set of clothes on a mannequin caught her eye.
White blouse and tennis skirt.
It seemed like it’d look pretty with how it’d flutter around.


Is it okay for me to wear this? Lilil thought for a moment.
It seemed pretty.
She sneakily checked the price.


‘200,000 derats.’


With the top and bottom combined, 400,000 derats in total.
How many books could you buy with 400,000 derats? It was enough money to buy 40 books.
Lilil put down the price tag in shock and looked away.


Well, she *tried* to put it down.


“Why? It’s pretty.
Is it because of the price?”


400,000 derats, that’s 40 books…


“The last thing we’ll run out of is money, what’s there to worry about?”




Lilil hesitated, and the clerk jumped to interrupt.


“Oh my, you must have great eyes for excellence, ma’am.
A combination of white blouse and a tennis skirt! Would make your legs look long.
It is one of the sets recommended by our clothing store.
Wear it on a date, and your man's chest will be pounding! Try feeling the texture of it.
The softness is enough to tell how comfortable it is to wear…


Lilil seemed lost as the clerk poured on more explanation.
Jinhyuk shook his head, seeing how she’s trying to avoid buying something expensive.


“Summoner lady, who am I?”




“Not that, I mean who was I summoned to.”


“To me, you’ve been summoned by me.”


“Then I’m all yours, correct? What’s there to be worried about? I’ve no intention of running away.
My money is my summoner lady’s money.
In the world I lived in, money was power.
So, think of it as your power and just spend it away.”


After hearing this, Lilil thought about it for a while, and eventually bought the blouse and the tennis skirt.
Jinhyuk then grabbed her as she was about to leave and forced her to buy pajamas as well.
What she chose was a white rabbit pajama.


‘Seems like she likes white’

Even the blouse and tennis skirt are white, aren't they? On the other hand, Jinhyuk bought black hooded sweatshirt.
He liked the color black and it was easy to move around in them.


“You can buy more.”


“I-it’s okay! Let's save money…


He paid with a check for one million derat.
Although they had spent only 1 million out of 9 million, Lilil's hands were shaking.


Well, that might be normal.
If I told anyone that I spent 1 million won on a few clothes, many low class people in Korea would shake their heads.


“Summoner lady.”


“Yes, yes?”


“If you keep being so frugal, I’m gonna make you eat at a luxurious restaurant.
One where you spend 4 million derats per meal.”

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“N-no, we can’t do that! 4 million derats, that’s 400 books!”


Counting by books instead of stews, she’s a bookworm, alright.
Jinhyuk smiled bitterly.


“Money’s my power as a summon, so I’d like you to use it with a peace of mind.”


“We must save on spending.
It’s never good to indulge in luxuries.”


It seems that she’s not the type of person who likes to indulge in luxury.
If that's what Lill's wants, I’ll respect it.
In any case, getting to understand yourself more helps with mental growth.


“Hm, but what is that?”


A strange sign caught Jinhyk’s eye.



6 goblins entered today.


Currently 2 left.



“Ah, that’s the goblin battlefield.”


“Goblin Battlefield?”


“Yeah, it’s where you make goblins, the weakest monsters, fight each other after capturing them and bringing them here with cash.
You can think of it as a place to relieve stress.”


Can it be thought of as something like a punching machine in an arcade? Replacing that with goblins sounds a bit ridiculous.


But wouldn't her magic power increase if I feed her goblins?, thought Jinhyuk.


“You know, I want to hunt monsters.
Is that the way to do it?”


“It’s the only way for us.
Minors require permission from the Academy to hunt monsters.”


In other words, the only monsters he could make a dish out of before entering the academy were goblins.
There weren’t any restaurants that served monster dishes, as far as Jinhyuk could see.


“Then, shall we have goblin meat for dinner tonight?”


“What?! Eat Goblins? How?”


Lilil looked shocked.


'No way.'


Is cooking and eating goblins not a thing in this world?


'It was trending so hard back on Earth.'


He smiled, saying there’s no need to worry.


“I’ll cook you a delicious meal.
Let's go.
As a test of my strength.”

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