uk and Ishizu’s conversation.
She felt so guilty that Jinhyuk, who was so powerful, could no longer use his power properly now.


Jinhyuk asked, glancing at Lilil.


“Does my summoner lady have any questions for me?”


Too drowned in guilt, his question startled Lilil.
Lillil floundered, not knowing what to say.


“I, um, ooo, uhhh…”


“Lilil is shy and timid.
Not a surprise from her background…”


“Are you Lilil’s friend?”


“Yes, I am.
She’s been my friend since childhood.”


Come to think of it, Jinhyuk didn't know what Lilil's last name was.
Perhaps she’s not a noble? But then how could she be childhood friends with Ishizu, the daughter of a noble family? He wasn’t sure what’s going on here.


‘Not that I care to dig into that.’


Things never turned out great digging into things like this.
There are bound to be stories that are difficult to hear.
As Jinhyuk was about to change the topic, Lilil dropped to her knees with tears.


“I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault you’ve lost all your strength, honor and wealth with nothing in return.
I'm so sorry!”


Jinhyuk looked at Lilil quietly.
Her tears showed she was truly sorry.
Was the guilt of inconveniencing another too much for her?


Jinhyuk felt strange.
It was the first time he’s been in this kind of situation.


‘Why doesn’t she think this is her chance?’


Jinhyuk remembered the times back on Earth.
The people who tried to do anything to make some connection with the almighty hunter Sung Jinhyuk, and those who managed to – too busy trying to profit from it.


He’s seen countless people like that.
And when they make a mistake, they’d shrug it off with a thick skin, telling him he should be understanding as the strongest man.


But Lilil wasn’t like that.
She believes summoning Sung JinHyuk here is a mistake, and apologized crying as if it’s a mortal sin that he’s weakened.


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‘Since she summoned someone as strong as me, shouldn’t that make it an opportunity for her?’


He was exhausted from the filthy world filled with ignorant people.
So an odd situation like this was hard to comprehend.
Thoughts don’t flow flexibly and get stuck in stereotypes.
Could it be that his intelligence was also affected by Lilil’s limitations?


Jinhyuk wasn’t sure, but in any case, this wasn’t so bad.
It’s just hard to understand.


‘To feel guilty instead of looking to take advantage, what a good-hearted and kind kid.’


Ishizu described Lilil as shy and timid.
That’s better than being a know it all who thinks too highly of themselves.
Hundreds of millions of times better.


Jinhyuk felt that he wanted to help Lillil from the bottom of his heart, beyond just having fun.
He tenderly patted Lilil’s head.


“Don’t cry.
You shouldn’t look like this in front of your summon, should you?”


Lillil looked up and stared blankly.




Warmth she’s never felt ever since she lost her family to the absolute evil.

The kind of warmth not that even Ishizu, her only friend, could give with her cold personality.

Lilil could feel that warmth.

From Jinhyuk, someone who she’s caused harm.


‘I’ve done him wrong, but why is he so kind? ’


Just as Jinhyuk could not understand Lilil, Lilil could not understand Jinhyuk’s warmth.
Her world’s been so cold ever since she lost her family no matter what she did.
To find this warmth from no one else but from someone she feels guilty for…


‘Is this alright?’


She wasn’t sure, but in any case, the warmth made her feel better.
She opened up her wounded heart a little and nodded.


“Y-you are right.
I am the summoner.
I shouldn’t be kneeling and crying in front of my summon.”


“That's the spirit.
You summoned me, the strongest man, so have some confidence.
Take it as a real opportunity.”


“Yeah! Okay.
I am the strongest summoner who summoned the strongest summon…
Well, not really, but I will be one!”


Lilil said out loud, clenching her fist.
Her trembling fist showed there was still a long way to go, but it was nice to see that she was showing some strength.


‘Is this how it feels… to have a younger sister?’


Jinhyuk looked at Lilil with a smile.
She carefully held her hand out for a handshake.


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“Well, um, uncle… ”


“I’m a summon, so you can call me by name.”


“Uncle Jinhyuk… ”


“That makes it longer.
Just call me Jinhyuk.”




“Alright then, whatever you want to call me, summoner lady.”


Jinhyuk, I’ll be in your care for a while.”


Even the hand she held out was trembling.
What a refreshing experience.
Jinhyuk gladly shook her hand.


“So will I.”


After the handshake, Ishizu quietly stood up.


“I shall be leaving then.
Seems like you won’t have an issue with the academy application since you have a summon.
It’s almost time to practice magic as well.”


“Oh, sure.
Fifteen is a ripe age for studies… was it?”


“Fifteen, the age for studying hard.
Your world is surely interesting.
We’ll meet again at the academy.”


Ishizu placed her hand on her chest, bowed, and left.
A silence lingered in the room, really showing Lilil’s shy personality.


“Hmm, so what should we do?”


Jinhyuk asked, being the first to break the silence.
After a moment of thought, Lilil hurriedly pulled a book out of the bookshelf, titled: 'There are No Bad Summons in the World'.


‘What kind of book is that…’


It reminded him of dog trainers back in Korea.
Lilill fumbled through the pages, then opened the refrigerator with a bright smile.


She then took out the chocolate and handed it to him.


“Get close to your summon with treats!”


“Sure, kid.”


Jinhyuk shoved the chocolate into Lilil’s mouth.

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