s this how it’s like to do drugs?


Neon signs flickered around him as if entering a club, and when the lights finally disappeared, he found himself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling .


Jinhyuk got up and found a girl staring back.


It was really odd.


If you are Asian, you may have black hair and black eyes, and for Western, blonde or red.


But she had pink hair.


‘Well, she could’ve dyed it.’


If you bleach like crazy and dye it, I guess pink’s possible.
But aside from the hair, it doesn't make sense to have purple eyes.


‘Are you wearing colored lenses?’


It couldn’t be.
That innocence in her bewildered bright eyes, she was undoubtedly a young girl.
No matter how much of a weeb a young girl may be, she probably isn't cosplaying at her home.
Especially in broad daylight.


“Who are you?”


“Wo-whoa! He speaks!”


The girl jumped excitedly from his simple question.
Feeling a presence, he turned to his side and found a wizard who looked like something out of a fantasy novel.


“A human? You summoned a human?”


The wizard tilted their head in confusion.
Fortunately, the wizard had a familiar black hair and black eyes, but their unfriendly vibe gave a sense of distance between him.


“Looking at the lack of horns, he doesn’t seem to be a demon… and no monster spirit, so couldn’t be a monster.
A sprite? Elf? Not beautiful enough for that.”


Isn't that just a bit rude? Jinhyuk was dissatisfied, but he stayed still thinking she may be right about how beautiful a sprite or an elf may be.


“You, are you really human?”




“Unbelievable… Lilil! This is a major problem!”


“Eh, a major problem?”

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The wizard quickly turned around, calling the pink-haired girl Lilil.
Lilil blinked blankly, seemingly having no thought going on in her head.


“You haven’t fully developed your skills.
You don't know how to cancel a contract.


“Y-yes… ”


“Then what do we do about him? His family back home, and his friends from his hometown would be worried.
By the looks of it, he could have a wife or children!”


“I don’t.”




“I don’t have any.
Family or friends.”


He started to understand what was going on here.
Lilil’s power is to summon other beings and make a contract, but doesn't know how to cancel the contract just yet.


That’s why the wizard is saying this is a major accident.
Humans normally have family and friends.


But what’s not true must be said.
He has no family or friends.
Jinhyuk is not the type to speak without thinking, but he always spat out whatever he wanted to say right away.


“So the wizard… What can I call you?”


“Call me Ishizu.”


“Yes, Ishizu.
You have nothing to worry.
I have no family or friends.
There isn’t even a place comfortable enough to call home.”


“No way… ”


“Instead, answer these questions.”


Jinhyuk asked the question he had in mind as soon as he saw Lilil.


“Are we on Earth?”


“Earth? Never heard of it.
This is the Kyros Empire.”


“Kyros Empire? What’s that?”


“You don’t know what Kyros Empire is? Are you from another world?”


“It seems so.”


Jinhyuk was convinced that it was a different world.
Do the powers obtained through The System transfer over? He had to check that first.




A small flame sparked in his hand.
He wanted something bigger, but it doesn’t seem to work.
The powers obtained through The System are transferred over, but limited.
What’s going on?


In the midst of my confusion, Ishizu looked stunned.


“H-how? How did you cast a spell with such a simple phrase ‘fire’?”


“Don’t you just have to imagine it?”

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that's the realm of an archmage.
Can you make it bigger?”


“I used to be able to, but not now.”


“No way!”


Ishizu glared at Lilil.
Unaware of her mistakes, Lilil jumped in shock and trembled in fear.


“Lilil doesn’t even have enough magical powers to cast her own spells properly… that spell being the ability to summon others with a binding contract…


“Ah, so since the caster is weak, I became weak as well?”


“You’re fast, as expected of an archmage.
That is correct.”


“Hmm, if so… ”


How weak has he gotten? Since he can't simply go break something, Jinhyuk started doing push ups as a measurement.


“N-not only is he an archmage, but has good stamina as well… ”


A little difficult, but 500 without rest.
However, he definitely felt weaker after doing about 500.


‘I *am* weaker.’


After finishing his push-ups Ishizu's gaze changed from the cold stare to eyes of admiration.
Jinhyuk turned away in embarrassment.


“So, if I want to regain my powers, I just have to make the contractor, Lilil, stronger.


“T-that’s correct, but Lilil is so weak… ”


“How do you increase this magical power?”


“There are many ways, such as eating special foods, focusing and materializing one’s mind… and others.”


“Hmm, Alright.”


So not all hope was lost.
That meant it was possible to solve this problem, and Jinhyuk could feel the joy of getting stronger like before.


Jinhyuk subconsciously pulled out his phone to share this joy with the hunter community.
He didn’t expect his internet to work since he’s in a different world, but somehow he was still connected.


The internet was in shambles, saying that Jinhyeok had disappeared.
He laughed out loud when he read that he might have been a savior sent by God.


For a world that never cared about Seong Jinhyuk, they sure cared a lot about the greatest hunter Seong Jinhyuk.


Could he care less.


Seong Jinhyuk smashed his smart phone with his bare hands.


“So, to summarize, I just have to make my summoner stronger.


And he said with a smile.


“Finally, something exciting.”

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