ing that would consume mana – but it did not.


Then there was one conclusion to be drawn.


‘Actions that use spiritual energy consume mana.’


Simple physical exercises, such as push-ups, barely used spiritual energy.
The physical improvement did come from the passive effects of spiritual energy, but they are less dependent than when using a technique.


On the other hand, techniques such as weaponry, martial arts, and magic all were highly dependent on spiritual energy.
They were skills that couldn’t be used without Jinhyuk’s brilliance, all of which uses spiritual energy that is supported by the system.


He wasn’t sure why the System applied in this world, but he was certain that it was different from the magical powers of this world… It seemed that there was no choice but to use mana  to use spiritual energy.


‘And if I can use magical powers,’


That might still consume Lillil’s magical power, but possibly less than he does now.
It was an unconfirmed hypothesis, but worth a test.
There’s pleasure in mastering something new.


“So how do you intend to master magical powers?”


“You might have to suffer a bit, summoner lady.”


“I do?”


Magical powers is a power that comes from the mind, and starts from the heart.


But the imagery of it must be created from the head.
It starts with knowing yourself, and naturally converting that knowledge to a force.


People of  this world had naturally repeated the process since birth as the same as breathing, but not Jinhyuk.
Therefore, it was necessary to habituate the process using his intelligence.


‘But such a brilliant head needs the assistance of spiritual energy.’


In other words, in order for Jinhyuk to use his head to get the magical power, Lillil must continuously consume magical power.
After sharing that with Lillil, she was excited.


“That means I can help Mr.
Jinhyuk as a summoner, right? Feel free to try!”


“What are you two talking about? I want in, too! ”


Once the admission ceremony ended, the students were told to head to their assigned dorm rooms.
Suddenly Erina jumped between Jinhyuk and Lillil.


Of course, Jinhyuk put his hands together and prayed.


‘Please, at least let us use separate rooms.’


The dorms were made to fit two people by default.
It was because loneliness was effective in making gaps in the mind, but Jinhyuk didn’t even need a bed anyway, as someone who was used to sleeping on the floor.


He just thought it would be great if Erina wasn’t their roommate.


‘With how introverted the master lady and I are, we’d go crazy if someone like her shared a room with us.’


Fortunately, Erina was not their roommate.


“How come?! How dare you interfere with my love for Lillil, you cruel fate!”


Erina howled desperately as she headed to her dorm.
She stayed in another building, giving less chance to encounter.
Perhaps Lillil secretly was relieved as well – her lips were forming a smile.


‘Master lady was having a hard time with her too, I see.’


But they couldn’t be complacent.
You know what they say, you avoid a fox only to meet a tiger.
Erina was more like a tiger than a fox, but it wasn’t impossible to have a worse roommate.


As they anxiously opened the door of the room, a room spacious for two people stood before their eyes.


He was imagining a room too cramped for two, but it felt good to have a room that exceeded his expectations.
He could almost feel the Academy’s effort in trying not to minimize even the slightest gap in one’s mind.


In the center of the room stood a girl.
Her sky-blue hair was neatly cut, and he could see her sky-blue eyes beyond the glasses.
However, unlike the color of her eyes, he felt dullness from her dark circles.
It wasn’t giving off pure vibes.


“The room’s just for two, as far as I know.”


The girl said bluntly as she looked at Jinhyuk and Lillil.
Lillil, overwhelmed by the cynical mood, simply mouthed without saying anything.
Jinhyuk spoke on her behalf.


“I’m a summon.
A pet, in a way.”


Jinhyuk? Calling yourself a pet is a little… ”


“I’m not wrong.”


After staring at Jinhyuk and Lillil, she walked to the left as if she didn’t care too much.
There were beds, desks, and bookshelves furnished along each side of the room.


“Since you have brought a pet, you wouldn’t mind if I choose my bed first, do you?”


It seemed like she was trying to decide which bed to use once her roommate came in.
Though it seemed she was going to decide by talking over it.
And now decided she had the right to choose since Lillil brought a pet.


“It doesn’t matter as long as you keep your pet well.
Just don’t be noisy.
I hate noise.
And if you have anything to say, please tell me.


“W,What’s your name?”


 “……Neve Yif.




Lillil was lost for words after hearing the surname ‘Yif’.
Regardless of the graduation from the Academy, Yif was a surname given by the emperor’s to someone who had accomplished great things.


“Is Yif that amazing?”


“It’s a surname originating from Yif, the mythical hero who nearly got rid of the Cruel One.
It’s like a medal given by the Emperor.


“Hmm, that’s amazing.”


Jinhyuk and Lillil whispered.
Neve started unpacking her suitcase without much care.
Jinhyuk was happy that she might be the best as a roommate, and unpacked his luggage as well.


“The bookshelf is spacious to fit all your books in.”


“You’re right.
I wouldn’t have been able to bring them if it wasn’t for you, Mr.


Lillil laughed cautiously.
He petted Lillil’s head and completely organized after unpacking their luggage.


“Then, shall we try it now?”


Jinhyuk put Lillil on the bed, just in case she collapsed, and he sat on the floor.
He closed his eyes with calmness and meditated.


That’s how Jinhyuk’s training for the use of the magical power began.

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