like someone who could never learn magic no matter how hard he could try.
But that only proved that he wasn’t from this world.
Orori nodded.


“Strong despite being unable to use magic.
I can’t wait to see how that goes.
I’m curious how you’d perform in the future.


“A-about that…”


“A little difficult, right? According to my judgement, you have very little magical strength.
You can’t utilize him properly despite his strength.


Lilil’s magical strength increased significantly since the first day.
Yet Orori’s assessment was harsh, despite all the past efforts.
Lilil’s magical strength was still on the low end.


“Which brings me to ask, aren’t you afraid?”




After this interview, you’ll be entering the orc forest.
It’s normal for summoners to be weak at start, but in your case, you can’t even utilize your summon properly.
I’d be scared if I were you.”


Orori swayed Lilil’s mind.
Not just Lilil’s – she shook every student before her.
Half of the students already left the academy after the interview, unable to stand the fear.


Just as the principal intended, they were being interviewed and shaken up at the same time.
‘Just think about it’ ‘Are you sure you are being rational about this?’ ‘Orcs are scarier than you think.’ ‘Are you strong enough to fight an orc?’  ‘I don’t think you are.’


Everyone so far at least second guessed their decision by then.
All students showed visible worry.
They showed fear, and trying to force themselves to endure the fear to remain in the academy.


But Lilil showed none of that.


“It’s scary.
I’d be lying if I said otherwise.
But running from your fears gets you nowhere.”


Lili’s parents turned in to evil spirits by the Cruel One, and her family name fell with them.
Lilil could no longer reveal her family name anywhere.
She was insulted by those who knew her origin regardless.


‘Her parents were a noblemen origin, right? And yet they became evil spirits?’

‘How pathetic.’

‘Has she no shame?’

‘Noblemen are to be honorable, not leave such gap in your heart, let alone become an evil spirit!’

‘I’d have killed myself if I was her.’


A world filled with such ridicule and contempt.
Yes – for Lilil, the world was pure horror.


And despite that horror, she did not let it get in the way of her vengeance.
She honed her mind for revenge, again and again, and stepped in to the world filled with horror.


Ishizu lent her magical powers to Lilil knowing this, and she attempted a summon.
That’s how she was able to meet Jinhyuk and enter the academy safely.


Fear? Afraid? Of course she felt those emotions.
She always have.


And that never stopped Lilil from moving foward.


“I don’t run from my fear.
I’d rather die than to run from it.”


Lilil must’ve mustered up a lot of courage.
Jinhyuk felt her shoulders stiffen up as she spoke.


However, Lilil knew what she must do, and separate personal matters from others.
Jinhyuk smiled, proud of his summoner.


“Hmm, really… You’re a student who moves forward even in fear, Lilil.
I see.
You may head out.


With that, Lilil bowed her head and tried to stand up.
In that moment, her legs gave out.
Before she could fall to the ground, Jinhyuk supported her up.


“Well done, summoner lady.”




Lilil smiled weakly and left the lab with Jinhyuk’s help.
Normally, Orori would call the next student, but she instead stared in to the documents in her hand.
It was the notes she wrote regarding the interview with Lilil.


“What do you think, assistants? That student just now… ”


“Whatever it is, she can probably make it.”


“I agree.
Anyone who knows how to move forward in their fear can achieve anything.


“That’s what I think as well, as a trainer.”


Orori wrote in Lilil’s interview notes: “potential to leave a mark in the world.” The assistants commented that that was exaggerated, but Orori dismissed them and called in the next student.


And so the interviews continued.
The student count decreased further from an already lower number as each busted out of the lab moments after they entered.
The number of students seated in corridor chairs gradually decreased.


Meanwhile, Erina rambled on with Lilil.
She’d go on about how bingsu was her favorite snack, especially strawberry and melon flavor – but also that all bingsus were good, and so on.


Lilil had never tried bingsu as she never spent much on food, so she simply nodded awkwardly.
Time passed as students were called in to the lab.


Eventually Orori walked out of the lab.
That was all for the interview, she said.
The students were told to wait for a while.


Erina jumped up.


“Wh-what are you talking about, ma’am? I haven’t done my interview yet! ”


“What’s your name?”


“It’s Erina, ma’am.”


“Erina…? I don’t have that name.


Orori read the list again several times.
Erina was not onl the list.


If you think about it, Erina came late for the admission ceremony for taking the wrong path.
She might be at the wrong spot again.


“Erina, maybe you were supposed to go see a different trainer?”


“Ah, is that the case?”


It was a reasonable doubt.


“There was a student named Eria.
You may have mistaken Eria as your name.”


“Well shit! Pronounce names properly, damn it!”


Erina exclaimed as she quickly ran out of the hallway.
She seemed like she would go grab any trainer and asked if they were in charge of her.


‘Really bothersome…’


Hoping that alone becomes an issue enough to reject admission.
Jinhyuk prayed desperately.


But if prayers ever worked, there would be no misfortune in the world.


“To those who still remain, I, the principal, declares your formal admission to the academy!”


As Rikal declared the formal admission, Erina stood next to Lilil, smiling softly.
And such was a damn shame for Jinhyuk.

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