p>It would be wrong to think of The Academy as a mere school.
It’s an educational institution that specifically existed for the emperor to select those who would become nobles.
Its purpose was different from the school on Earth.

“Student Lilil, Lilil.
Come this way.”

A trainer assistant called her name.
Next to the assistant stood a woman with light green hair and light green eyes .
She was clearly an trainer, but her big – almost stupid looking – smile made her look like a flower garden within a desert.

However, Jinhyuk couldn’t ignore the amount of magical power she had within her.

‘She is strong.’

Even such a stupid expression could not hide her strength.
The students gathered under the control of the assistants also looked nervous.

‘To be fair, you don’t fuck with the platoon leader even if he’s smiling like a dumbass.’

Things were simpler to understand once he compared them to the military.
Jinhyuk and Lilil followed the assistant’s call.
By her side, the late girl followed.

“Ooooh! We’re assigned the same trainers, huh?”

“Y-yes, it seems so… ”

“Hey, why so distant? We are from the same batch of students, aren’t we?”

“Ye-yeah, but…”

“How old are you? I’m 15.”

“I’m 15 too… ”

“What?! So no reason to act so distant! Unless you want to.
I’ll physically run away.”

“Ah, n-no, th-that’s not it… ”

Lilil was overwhelmed by how social the girl was.
Lilil is an asocial that learned about the world not through people, but books.
Lilil probably felt like a paper boat that was struck by giant waves.

“My name is Erina.



“No, Lilil.”

“Aha, Nolilil?”

Forget being social.
Maybe she is just stupid.
Jinhyuk felt like he was going crazy hearing their conversation.

“The name is Lilil.
Is that hard to understand?”

“Gah! Who are you!”

Erina got defensive as a man suddenly interrupted the conversation.
Jinhyuk tried to lower her guard by introducing himself, but Erina went so beyond herself that she may as well be in space.

“Aha, you’re an assistant hiding within us for analysis, aren’t you? You may be missing your hat to be a spy, but you can’t fool my eyes!”

“If I’m really a trainer assistant, how bold are you to not refer to me as sir?”

“Huhuhu! You fool, I even called the principal by his name!”


Jinhyuk sighed, “Ah,” without realising it.
This conversation so far convinced him of two things.

The first was that Erina was the type of person who would be very bothersome if he got to know her.

The second was that she was the type to stick to others even if they didn’t want to be friends.

`We fished an annoying one.’

A sigh came out automatically.

But Lilil didn’t seem to react badly.
There was a subtle envy within her eyes looking at Erina.
Like, seeing a tidal wave after spending her whole time looking at calm streams.

‘Well, as long as the summoner lady is fine.’

Lilil seemed okay with her, so Jinhyuk dismissed Erina and looked around.
Leira was waving from afar, seemingly assigned to another trainer.
Jinhyuk waved back.

“Single file, students.
I will now call the names from the list again.
Answer if your name is called.”

The trainer assistant called out names with a strict tone.
After making sure there was nothing wrong with the list, the students started moving, following the trainer.

Jinhyuk found one difference between the military and the academy.
At least they didn’t have to march in unison.

‘Left, left, left, right.’

One two three four, two two three four – for some reason, Jinhyuk felt like he had to match his feet, so he did.

The place they arrived at was a room with the words ‘Trainer’s Lab – Orori’ written on it.
The temporary trainer’s name seemed to be Orori.

“Now, the trainer’s interview begins.
The student who is called will come in and have an interview.”

The trainer assistant called out the student’s name, and they entered the room accordingly.
Waiting students sat on benches in the hallway.
Erina sat right next to Lilil and started smiling like a puppy wagging its tail.

“Lilil, you are really, really cute!”

“Ah, uh… ”

Lilil didn’t know what to say, and it showed in her eyes.
It was a good thing to burn that ‘How to Talk to Strangers’ book.
No help at all.

If the summoner lady found the conversation difficult, the summons must step in.
That said, there was no reason for Jinhyuk to barge in to a conversation praising Lilil’s cuteness.
He had to bring up a topic that Lilil could be part of.

“By the way, you must have no idea what this is all about, being late to the entrance ceremony.”

“Oh? Is there something I’m missing? Tell me tell me!”

“After the interview, a group of 3 incompatible people will be made.
And that group has to survive for a week in a forest with two orcs.”

Jinhyuk vividly remembered the kind of expressions the temporary students had when they heard the challenge.

Despair, and the courage to shake it off.

Jinhyuk expected the same reaction from Erina.
The point of bringing this up was to lead the conversation in a way that Lilil would comfort Erina.

But Erina simply tilted her head.

“Okay? Thanks for letting me know.”

That’s not what he expected.

“Aren’t you afraid? It’s orcs, of all things.
Can you handle them?”

“Why should I be afraid of orcs?”

In a brief moment,

Erina dropped her playfulness and smiled strangely.

What would be the best way to describe the smile? Jinhyuk could not find a suitable expression.

It was simply creepy.

The magical strength that oozed out with the smile was so freezing cold, it amplified the creepiness.

“Aren’t they just some stupid pigs?”

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