Jinhyuk left his honest impression.

“I hear that often.
I interrupted to introduce myself formally, since we are to part ways soon.
I hope I’m not being disrespectful.”

“You must be more exhausted than any of us, coachman.
What could possibly be disrespectful?”

“Thank you.”

The coachman bowed her head slightly and spoke.

“My name is Fleur, the commander of the Fleur corps.”

“Ah, yes, flu… What?”

She spoke so casually that Jinhyuk almost dismissed it, but quickly noticed something strange.
His eyes widened in surprise.

“ Y-you mean the Fleur mercenary corps? That 100 million derat Fleur?”

“That’s correct.
We wander around the world disguised as various identities.
All the Fleur mercenaries are like this.”

He knew the coachman was strong, but not that she was Fleur.
Jinhyuk stared blankly like he’d been hit in the head, and bursted out laughing.

“Why did such a strong person stand still during the Mokidi Bandits?”

“I was thinking of stepping in if I felt it was getting dangerous.
But the moment I was about to, Mr.
Jinhyuk destroyed the bandits with a strange weapon.
So I stayed put.
They’ll be fine, I thought.”

Or so she said.
Fleur couldn’t help but be astonished to see Jinhyuk’s special power and the weapon he handed over to Jonathan.
To be on such a level without using any magic – what would it be like if he did? She couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Jinhyuk grows stronger as Summoner Lady Lilil’s magical power grows… It is quite tempting.
I’d have Ms.
Lilil join the Fleur mercenary immediately if I could.”

“What’s the point of joining a mercenary corps that doesn’t do their job?”

“Fufu, mercenary status is merely a camoflague.”

“A camouflage? Then what are you really doing?”

“I cannot reveal my exact identity.
If it leaks, it will be troublesome.”

However, I can tell you one thing is certain.

“The Fleur mercenary corps aims to eliminate the Cruel One.”

Eliminating the Cruel One.

That’s something Lilil would like to hear.
The reason she’s working on her talents is to take revenge on the Cruel One.

“For you to tell us that… ”

“Miss Lilil and Leira are victims of the Cruel One as well.
We mean to provide help.”


“Any information we gather about the Cruel One, we will immediately share with you as well.
In addition to that…”

Fleur looked at Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I want you to join the Fleur mercenary.”

“Oh my… Did Ms.Fleur fall for my looks as well?”

“Not sure if you were joking, but I don’t know how to respond to that.
I’m not really good with that.”

Jonathan scratched his head in embarrassment.

“It is truly an honor to join the Fleur mercenary.
I haven’t been directly harmed by the Cruel One, but seeing Miss Lilil, Miss Leira, and Mokidi, I have learned a lot.”

Jonathan thought to himself: If you become strong in this world, what do you need to achieve at the peak to unleash your sense of responsibility? Isn’t the point of becoming strong to defeat someone, and protect some another? At the very least, it isn’t to make anyone suffer.

Jonathan believed should he become strong enough to reach the pinnacle, he should kill the Cruel One.
The peak responsibility would be to eliminate absolute evil – he had no reason to reject Fleur’s offer.

“The peak responsibility, I will join the Fleur Mercenary.”

“Thank you for graciously accepting the offer.”

The peak responsibility.

Jinhyuk pondered those words.
Perhaps that’s what he lacked.

The reason he was bored even at the peak, and the reason he could not wield Excalibur, may have been due to lack of responsibility.

‘But now there is someone to take responsibility for.’

His summoner,
His master.

Jinhyuk glanced over at sleeping Lilil.
When Lilil summoned him, was it merely the idea of getting stronger that made him excited?

Not really.

Perhaps it was because of a sense of responsibility.
Going through sealing a summon contract, he may have found the emotions and responsibilities of the summon for their summoner enjoyable.

Though that’s not exactly the case.

For now, that’s why it was fun.

‘Yeah, for now… ’

Responsibility he felt towards his summoner Liril.
That may be the only reason.
When Lilil achieves her goal, he loses responsibility and may become bored again.

But that’s still a long way off.

If one day he becomes a complete person, perhaps he’d have a sense of responsibility for people other than Lilil.

People like Fleur and Jonathan will become precious bonds when he looks back to this time.

But now was time to part ways.

By the time Leira was happy to defeat the level-5 training doll,

And Lilil’s stomach filled with 10 more monsters that appeared during the journey,

They were able to arrive at the capital.

“Be careful.”

“Take care of yourselves.”

With the academy in front, Fleur and Jonathan spoke.

“There is no place as enjoyable as the Academy,”

“But no place more dangerous than the Academy.”

A place where sensitive teenage students gathered.
A place that plants such students with competition and the fear of failing.
A place that struck down on evil spirits and demons that arose in the process, calling them failed students.

A paradise to glorify their school days, coexisting with a place that certainly is hell for some.

They have arrived at the academy.

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