Jonathan has been denying himself, because he hates to hear that he’s just a pretty boy.
That stopped him from using his sword art.


 But not anymore.


 He decided to accept that he was handsome.


 ‘It does not matter if I’m just a pretty boy.
It does not matter if Mr.
Jinhyuk hired me just because I look good.
I just have to show skills that match my face value.’


 If a powerful man hired him, it is to fend off opponents stronger than that man could handle.


 Jonathan just needs to get that job done.


Not because he’s just a mercenary.
Not for the money.


But because Jonathan had the responsibility to prove his value.


 ‘Which is why.’


 Jonathan stood in Mokidi’s way, knowing he can’t win.
He told Jinhyuk to flee.
It was impossible to defeat Mokidi, a sword master.


 No amount of determination to prove himself is useful when facing someone really strong.


 Jonathan was upset.


 With great power comes great responsibility.
So why has Mokidi abandoned his responsibility and opted to become a bandit?


 Jonathan couldn’t understand Mokidi.
But he no longer cared to understand a thing that was no longer human.


 He blocked Mokidi’s way out of his sense of duty.


 But curiously,


 Jinhyuk did not flee.
Instead, he drew an unknown sword and threw it towards him.


 “The King’s Responsibiity, Excalibur.”


 What Excalibur was, was a mystery.
But he knew what the king’s responsibility was.


 A king must be responsible for the people he rules, and an irresponsible king has no more right other than to be beaten to death by their people.


 Was it a sword that only a person with such a sense of duty could wield?

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 Jonathan knew the answer the moment his hands grabbed the sword.


 ‘With… with this sword.’


 He could enter the realm of a sword master.


 ‘What is this sword?’


 And what kind of person was Jinhyuk to have such a sword? Jonathan was curious, but his mission came first.
He poured his sense of responsibility to prove his value into the blade and moved his arms.


 Jonathan’s movements started to look different.


 Mokidi wasn’t dumb enough to not notice.
Whatever that sword was, it was special.
Jinhyuk was definitely a special summon – someone who he must get his hands on.


This was no time to be complacent.
Losing all his bandits, Mokidi at least needed to capture that summon away.


 He channeled his Sword Master sword art in order to unleash his full power.


 The Sword Master’s sword art – the ability to create his own rules within a certain space.


 But it didn’t work.


 ‘What, what?’


 Mokidi was perplexed.
Nothing like this happened before.
Mokidi’s sword art, the ability to absorb his opponent’s vitality, did not activate.


 ‘Unless… ’


 When Sword Masters fight against each other, only the rules of the one with a stronger will apply.
Mokidi looked at Jonathan with trembling eyes.


 “The Rule of Responsibility… Even if you lose everything, to take responsibility, you have to stick to the basics, not your special powers.”


 Jonathan’s rule overwhelmed Mokidi’s rule.
Within their space, no one could use their magic.


 No magic or sword art.


 Just pure swordsmanship.


 “Mokidi… How are your basic swordsmanship without your responsibility?”


 “Don’t be cocky!”


 Mokidi shouted and ran to Jonathan.
His basic swordsmanship was poor, as he relied on evil magic for many years.
His movements were too slow and too simple, Jonathan could easily dodge them.


 And a single strike.


 A single sword strike decapitated Mokidi’s.


 It was a sharp clean swing that marked the end of the Morkidi Bandits.


 It was a move that proved that Jonathan was not only worth his looks, but as worth as his looks.


 Jinhyuk couldn’t disagree.


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 “That was incredible.”


 Jinhyuk himself was able to use sword arts, and many hunters used swords on Earth as well.
But even with all the sword arts he knew, none were as neat and stylish as the strike Jonathan swung.


 Perhaps Jinhyuk wanted – even expected – to see something like this.
He himself could not accurately how he felt,


 “The king’s Responsibility, Excalibur.
A sword impossible to wield without the sense of duty a king should have governing his people.”


 —You just proved that you are a person with a greater sense of duty than anyone else.


 Jinhyuk could say that with certainty.


 “But this blade is yours, Mr.
I will return it.”


 “You don’t have to.”




 “Because Excalibur was a weapon that even I, the All Master, can’t handle.
It’s a waste for me to have it.
It doesn’t look like there will be anyone else that can wield it besides you?”


 A sword that can only be used by those with a sense of responsibility.

 A sword whose power varies depending on the user’s level of responsibility.


 Who else could possibly handle the sword except Jonathan, whose swordsmanship was built on a sense of duty?


 “Like I thought, I was right about you.”


 I wanted to hire him despite his poor reputation.
And the result was satisfactory.








 The System message appeared and suddenly gave Jinhyuk a skill.


 ‘For System messages to appear in this world as well.’


 Jinhyuk was skeptical, but right now, the first thing he wanted to do was say his thanks to Jonathan.


 “Anyway, thank you, we are all alive thanks to you.”


 “I’m the one to be grateful.
I now have a great sword… ”


 “It takes a great swordsman to use a great sword.”


 And as the Mokidi Bandits incident came to an end, Leira muttered something as if she had attained enlightenment.


 “Now I understand.”


 Lilil, who was next to her, tilted her head.




 “… … The difference between Mr.
Jonathan’s sword and mine.”

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