ound to drop.

Meus’ death was a big loss.
But even then, he couldn’t command to kill Jinhyuk.
He was using a strange power, and above all else, isn’t he the goose that lays golden eggs?

He jumped in trying to get that goose, but to kill it now made no sense.
Mokidi was forced to swallow his anger and was about to shout to his bandits to subdue him.



There was no other time but to lie down first.

“What, what?”

Musty smell.

If what happened earlier was a big explosion, was this a continuous big explosion? Mokidi gulped and looked around.

All of his men holding Lilil fell with blood on their heads.
Not moving.

“W-wait, then… ”

Mokidi turned back slowly.
All of his subordinates who had followed him in triumph were lying on the ground with their heads exploded.


If he hadn’t dropped on the ground instinctively, he may have died.
Mokidi felt chills thinking about it, but his anger in suddenly losing all of his bandits forced an insult out of him.

“You motherfucking summon!”

Mokidi got up and ran towards Jinhyuk.

Jinhyuk was perplexed.

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‘Lilil doesn’t have enough magical power to use more bullet time.’

Bullet Time.

A skill that allows one to shoot rapidly by slowing down the sense of time.
The explosive sounds were also caused by the sounds of gunfire overlapping.

Even though he only used it for 3 seconds, Lilil collapsed.
It looked like she didn’t have the strength to get up.

‘I knew this was going to happen.
That’s why I targeted Mokidi too.’

It must be his good instincts that helped him dodge it.
It was now obvious that the evil energy surrounding his body would deflect the bullet.
Jinhyuk knew, as the monsters that appeared on Earth also protected themselves in that way.

‘I can’t win.’

Jinhyuk decided that there was no chance of victory.

‘But that’s why I hired Jonathan.’


A loud clash between a sword and another.
As Jinhyuk thought, Jonathan jumped in and blocked Mokidi’s sword.

“Now is the time.

He said flee.

Not that he could win.

In other words, Jonathan was here just to buy some time.
It’d be nice if he could win, but even if he couldn’t, buying time is still a mission accomplished.

“There is no danger other than Mokidi Bandits anyway.
For someone as strong as you, Mr.Jinhyuk, you’ll make it without a hitch.
Don’t mind me, just leave!”

However, Jinhyuk did not expect Jonathan to tell him to run away.
He did not expect for him to say that he’ll buy time for them.

Isn’t it obvious? The trust between the mercenary and the contractor is not deep.
It’s purely based on the contract money, and without it there is no reason to care.

And that’s exactly what buying time is like.
If you die here, money is meaningless.
Everyone knows that.

What a strange guy.


Lilil slowly walked over, who seemed to have recovered a bit.
He was going to leave it to Lilil to decide whether or not to run away.
The summon must fully support their summoner’s choice.

Or so he thought.

“You don’t want to run away, do you?”

He did not.
Jinhyuk felt exposed by Lilil.

“You don’t want to run, but worried I might be in danger?”

“… … ”

“As my magical powers increased, I started to feel your emotions.
Up until this point, Mr.
Jinhyuk had thought of Jonathan as just a business partner, disposable at any time…”

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—But, that’s not what you are feeling anymore.


“You’re right.”

I don’t want to leave him.

“I think that guy is weird.”

Not too far away, Mokidi and Jonathan were clashing their swords together.
Anyone could tell that Jonathan was at a disadvantage.
It seemed like he was doing well, but room for Mokidi’s attack was opening little by little.

Was there a reason to go this far?

Jinhyuk really couldn’t understand.
He was the second most confusing human after Lilil.
Their relationship wasn’t any deeper than the money, so why was he trying so hard? It’s been less than a day since they met.

“They might be right that he’s all-face.”

Jonathan was not strong.
No, he was on the strong side, but Mokidi was stronger.
No matter how you look at it, Jonathan didn’t look like a 40 million derat mercenary.

“But it might not be just his face that set such a high value.”

The same mercenaries ridiculed Jonathan’s value purely for being good-looking.
He was despised as a mere bluff mercenary.

In spite of all that, many entrusted Jonathan and commissioned him.
Jinhyuk chose Jonathan for his high credibility.

Why would anyone hire Jonathan at an expensive price of 40 million derats?

Jinhyuk couldn’t understand it at first, but he now had the answer.

“responsibility… ”

strong sense of responsibility.
Even if it’s built out of a shallow connection, contracts cannot help but like that about him.
No matter how strong a mercenary is, it’s impossible to trust someone who strictly views it as a business relationship.

In that respect, Jonathan was the best mercenary.

“To carry out his mission to the end with a sense of responsibility despite being weak.
What an idiot.”

However, given that many humans like to shift responsibility when in danger,

“I like that he’s an idiot.”

Jinhyuk wanted to help without running away.

Of course, he couldn’t directly help fight Mokidi with Lilil’s limited magical powers.

But what about indirect help?

“Jonathan! Take this sword!”

He drew a sword from his inventory and threw it at Jonathan.
A sword emitting a brilliant golden light flew towards him.

The wounded Jonathan threw away his long sword, fascinated by the light from the sword.
Then he snatchedit.

Jinhyuk chuckled.

“Someone like you could wield it.”

—The King’s Responsibility, Excalibur.

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