“I’d love to teach my juniors if I could.
But the weapon art I practice would go against yours.
It is difficult to teach you.”

“What do you mean, ‘go against’?”

“It’s only meaningful for you to figure that out, my junior.
If I tell you, it would interfere with your growth as a swordsman.”


Leira pouted her lips.
Jinhyuk felt awkward seeing Leira like that.
He felt that she was forcing herself to act lively and bright.

It made sense.
Her father-like boss had just passed away and she’s on a trip with some strangers.
Depression is contagious – she probably wanted to avoid ruining the mood at the least.

She was just pretending to be bright, forcibly ignoring the wounds within her.
Jinhyuk noticed this, but had no intention of giving words of comfort to Leira.
Leira was not his summoner.

‘Mental care isn’t my specialty anyway.’

On the other hand, providing training was his speciality.
There may be limits to the magical powers, but Jinhyuk was still an all-master, and there were no skills he didn’t know.

Jinhyuk just needed to train Leira with the method he used to become stronger.
He hoped that would provide some comfort.
Hardcore activities help forget difficult memories.

“Leira, try taking on this guy.”

Jinhyuk took out a doll from his inventory and put it on the floor.
The doll grew taller than Leira.

“What is this?”

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“It’s a training doll.
I have it set up as a first-level training for now.”

He took an ordinary long sword from his inventory and handed it to the doll.
The doll grabbed the sword and took a stance.
Because it was its first level, its posture was sloppy with many gaps.

“Mr.Jinhyuk, with that burner thing and others, you really have a lot of interesting things with you.”

“Burner? What is that, Ms.

“It is a tool where you turn a handle to light a fire and helps you cook.”

“Wow! Mr.Jinhyuk, are you really not a god? Maybe not a god, but perhaps a dragon or a spirit king!”

There was no time to humor stupid questions.
The horse was recovering faster than expected, so Jinhyuk had to hurry putting Leira and his training doll for a fight.

That way they’ll rest meaningfully later.

“Leira, try fighting this guy.”

“Oh, Mr.
Do I look that weak to lose to that sloppy thing? It’s full of gaps!”

“When I said fight, I meant fight.”

Leira snorts.

She confidently pulled out her long sword and rushed at the training doll.

Result: Utter defeat.

Unable to overcome the power of the training doll, Leira dropped her sword.
It was the first time she used a sword without magic, so she was not used to it.

“Unfair! That doll is using magic, isn’t it?”

“Does it look like that doll has a heart? It’s purely swinging its sword.”

“No way… I lost to that sloppy thing?”

Leira was engulfed in her shock and couldn’t stand up.
The coachman told everyone that they were ready to leave and to get into the wagon.
Leira didn’t want to stand up with this feeling of powerlessness.

Was she really that weak? Forget King Goblin – she may have lost to a simple goblin.
She was reminded of being captured by the goblins and felt more strength leaving her.

Looking at Leira, Lilil whispered to Jinhyuk.

Jinhyuk, weren’t you trying to relieve her stress?”

“I was.”

“I think you instead recalled a memory she didn’t want to.”

“I think so.”

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But there wasn’t anything Jinhyuk could do.
If Leira was his summoner, he would help her at any cost, but since that wasn’t the case, there was no reason to try.

Jonathan came over and patted Leira on the shoulder.

“Oh, junior.
No one’s strong from the beginning.
Having been through a long dark period, I too know how that feels, but that is more reason to keep trying and move forward.”

Jonathan’s words reminded her of Raytely.
He always wanted her to see the broader world.
And to do that, there’s bound to be times where you trip over and fall.

But what was the point in seeing the broader world? Before, it was from vague expectations, but Leira now had a clear goal.

The goal was to avenge Raytely’s death by killing the Demon of Gluttony, the demon that created the King Goblin.
That required her to go on and explore the broad world and become stronger.

Leira’s enthusiasm soared.

“Thank you.”

She stood up and climbed into the carriage.
After that, she fought against the training doll on every break.

As obvious it was, it resulted in a series of defeats.

But as she continued, Leira started to feel some kind of magical powers.
It was subtly different from the magical powers she knew before, but she dismissed it, taking it as a misunderstanding from losing it for a while.

But Jinhyuk and Lilil noticed the difference as well.

Leira is using the magic of evil spirits, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, the energy is similar.
Although the evil seems to have faded.”

Could it be possible that she may become an evil spirit again? Or instead turn it into her own and reach higher levels?

It’s unsure.
It’ll be necessary to keep an eye on her.
Otherwise, They may have to kill Leira even before she makes it to the academy to minimize casualties.

‘Would suck to kill her after saving her.’

But for two days, Leira did not turn into an evil spirit.
On the contrary, she defeated a level and another as she used the evil magical powers.
She’s become accustomed to weapon art that uses very small amounts of magic.

Then, on the second night, she broke through the third stage barrier.

“hurray! Level 3 Defeated!”

I guess it was a needless worry, thought Jinhyuk, as he eased his worries a little.

Right at that moment,

“Don’t move a muscle.”

He felt a cold blade on his neck.

The Mokidi bandits were attacking.

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