that she was protected. And remains as pure and simple as she was. And not the terrifying Sage of Beginnings.

He could still remember that day even now. It will forever haunt him like a plague.

Far into the future, or the now irrelevant timeline, the young 17 year old Damien looked up at the terrifying cold beauty. The was no smile or joy on her face at seeing him.

There was basically no reaction at all.

”Juliette… ” Damien of the future looked up and spoke. He only uttered that one word, with a complicated expression.

Not much emotion on his face. Just confusion, and thoughtfulness.

”… ”

The cold beauty floating above him did not say anything. She only waved her hand, and the soroundimg mountains were imploded into catastrophic flames.

They eradicated from the surface of the world, and disintegrated into ashes by her flames. Such power was beyond godly, if not blatantly godly.

”… ”

Damien of that time did not say anything. He was not phased one bit. His gaze still stated on her. More confused and thoughtful.

He only repeated the Sam word, ”Juliette… ”, and this time, the god-like beauty responded. Her tone cold, and distant. Emotionless being an understatement to describe it.

”If you do not leave… that, would be you. ” She only said those words, and they were enough for Damien of that time. He looked down at his feet, and slowly nodded to himself.

Damien of the current timeline chuckled. It was the same chuckle the future him did right after he heard those words. A chuckle full of bitterness.

He would change her. That, was a promise made unto himself. One he would keep.

As for her role? She could still achieve it, and he will make sure of that. In fact, he will make sure she achieves even more than that!!

Maybe to become something as grand as the future Seven Supremes, that each embodied the Seven Systems of the world, which were at the level of The Primordial Source!!!

”Lets see what you got for us, big guy. ” He spoke out lightly, as a daring smile appeared on his face. His eyes staring straight right before himself and Juliette.

”… ”

Juliette was not aware of what was going on, or what thoughts her daredevil sweetheart had, but she knew that trouble was coming. Thus she prepared herself.

She still had no idea what was actually going on here though. But she chose to place absolute trust in Damien. Her idol and her superhero.

Though she might not know, she was going to find out soon enough. No. She was about to find out instantly!!!


From a river of lava not far away from the duo, a small explosion occurred. It kicked up a splash of orange-red lava up to two to three meters into the sky.

Then from the lava, an egg-like object flew out.

It was three meters tall, and one and a half meters wide. It was also formed from the lava of the river, making it seem vivacious.

”What… what is that? ” Juliette held on tightly to Damien, almost sinking her fingers into his flesh. Damien did not respond at first, and just kept up his daring smile.

Moments later, he opened his mouth. But Juliette would come to dislike the words he was about to say.

”If Im correct, the rumored devil. ” He said. It was not a devil though, but a demon. They were different. Yet he did not even seem bothered, but Juliette was.

”… ”

She stared at her idol, her big brother, in stupor. A lot of words written all over her face, questions to be precise, yet none making its way out of her mouth.

She just opened, and closed her delicate mouth with no words coming out. She was adorable to look at. Especially her blank gaze.

Meanwhile, the egg-like lava membrane suddenly bloomed like a flower. It was beautiful. The scenery made even the frightened Juliette to stare in amazement.

Yet for only an instant.

For what came out of that membrane, was the most hideous being she had ever laid her eyes upon. It was unbelievably, and absolutely… ugly.

Purely hideous!!


It had a two and a half meter tall body, with a humanoid physique. Yet that was where any human-like traits ended.

It had disoriented arms. The one on the right being large and bulky, even larger than its waist in thickness. The veins on that hand, made it seem like it was about to burst.

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