Thus, even as I lost my parents, I never lost my family. I still had people who loved me, and still cared dearly for me. No complaints from my side.

Mom, dad, rest in peace.

Your daughter is well taken cared off.

Yes. Well taken cared off. That was so, until a moment ago, when something strange occurred to me while I was sleeping soundly on my bed.


A loud chime rang within my head, and shook me from my slumber. I could not explain it properly, but I felt it through both my soul and my flesh.

It was as if I was submerged within the coldest pool of negative zero degrees, while a bell was rung, right besides my ears. Waking me up instantly like a frightened kitten.

I swear it was loud, so loud it even wake up those who are deep sleepers as instantly as I. Or those my age, busy with their late night activities at the moment.

I do not blame them. They are now adults, and could do a lot more than they were expected to do a year ago. I would too, but I am afraid to initiate it first.

But that was of no importance, for as soon as I woke up, with my heart restlessly throbbing within my chest as if trying to jump out, I was caught off guard by yet, another surprise.

[ Greetings all living beings. I am The Primordial Source of All Things. And I come in peace. I bring with me an Era of Genesis and Revolution ]

[ Those willing to change their lives for the better, please select the ”Yes ” option. Those not sure, please stay calm ]

[ Would you desire to initiate ”Trials of Ascension ”? ]

[ ” YES ” ]

[ ” NO ” ]

”… ”

I was speechless.

I, Flabbergasted, was.

Dumbfounded, I was.

…I was confused actually. Sorry.

I mean, what kind of trick was this? What sick psycho would dare do something like this? Late at midnight. At the bossom of the night. Who would believe this?

I stared at the thing I thought was within my head in stupor, and speechlessness. I know thats not word, but its not important. My shock was though.

Those were my thoughts in my moment of stupor. My entire being obviously trying to rationalize this experience, and calm my nerves and my frightened heart.

And it was close to working.

For, as I was about to completely calm down and assess everything properly, I heard a rough knock on my door, which further frightened me.

Bam~ Bam~ Bam~ Bam~

It was as if some beast was trying so hard, just to barge into my room, and ravage me into pieces. I was scared shitless. Of course Id be scared!!

Like people!! Its late at night, can you all just sleep and dream peacefully?! Some of us are still maidens you know!!

Hooh~ Anyway.

”Eeek!! ”

I let out a cute scream as I hurriedly hid within my blankets. Yes, I am a scaredy cat, but so what? What else would you expect from a young woman who just came of age?

Okay, maybe I need help.

”Juliette!! Juliette!! Its me, open up. ”

And help, seems to be here!!

It was then, that I came out of my shock, and heard the voice I was probably dreaming to hear for ages, ring within my ears. Big brother Damien!! My superhero!! My idol!!

He called out loudly and ruefully, knowing fully well I was in a state of panic due to the appearance of this strangeness, and his rough knocking.

But I should have known better.

Seconds later, I jumped out of the bed, not trying to be silent at all, and rushed towards the door with heavy steps. I made sure he was well aware of my response, even before I opened the door.

And ta-daa, soon, the door was unlocked from inside, and once open, before he could even do anything or react at all, I did what any other fan girl would do…

”Big brother Damiiieeeeen!!! ”

I flew.

Rather, I recklessly threw herself into his arms, and tightly held onto him for my dear life, shamelessly pressing my whole body onto his.

”Its alright. Its alright. Lets go in, wear something proper and Ill explain everything to you. ” My dear big brother Damien. I thought to myself, trying not to dramatically sob.

Sobs of happiness of course.

And with me in his arms, big brother Damien walked into my house and closed the door behind him. Then into my room, without any shame at all.

I held onto him throughout the walk, for a while longer, and finally let go. I just realized that I only wore my thin nightgown. It was basically see through.

My inner wear was clearly visible, and my beasts up for view. But I did not mind, and did not see anything wrong at all. He was probably used to watching my naked body by now.

I moved away and changed my clothes. Of course in the exact same room as him.

And he did not seem bothered at all. He just stared me down, with his sharp gaze, that held a hint of gentleness to them.

And I liked that.

Especially the way his eyes explored my bare body. It gave me slight chills, and caused my heart to palpitate in excitement.

But I did change very quickly, for I could feel that he was in a rush. And I knew for a fact that, he was not impressed with my body at all. Sadly.

Really, sadly. My poor pride…

”Big brother, what is going on? ” I quickly changed into a nice summer dress, that held my figure tightly at the waist area, and the stomach. It was sleeveless, and exposed a portion of my back.

It emphasized my beauty, and perfectly plump figure. Not to brag, but I was actually quite the looker. As expected of my mothers daughter. Hehe~

Big brother Damien stared me up and down, and was eagerly awaiting his response. I mean, I wore this for him. Nobody else. Unfortunately…

”Wear something that would be movable within. ” He responded plainly as he sat down on my bed. Moments later, he took my blanket into his hands and took a casual sniff at them.

”… ”

I wordlessly ignored that, and obediently changed as he ordered.

I, likewise, also ignored the, ”When last did you wash these sheets? ” question that he followed up with.

”Now what? ” I wore a tight black trouser that held my figure perfectly well. My curves were more prominent in this trouser than the dress.

I also wore a skin tight simple plain white shirt. Held my chest perfectly fine. I turned around for him to check me out, and he casually nodded.

I ultimately moved closer to him, and sat besides him. On my bed. That he seems to make his. Right after insulting my bed sheets.

Speaking of bed sheets…

I also sniffed at the sheets, and wondered why he would ask me such a stupid question. I mean, my sheets are not that bad. I washed them last weekend you know?!

”Alright, heres the thing. ” He faced me and sternly began to speak.

I also threw out any irrelevant comment I had at the moment, and listened attentively to his coming words.

You know, he actually looks more handsome when he is… wait, wait, focus girl, focus!!

I completely focused on his words, but they only pissed me off. ”I don have much time to explain things to you properly, since you were changing your clothes like the little princess you are. ”

”Excuse me? Little? ” I responded back, clearly offended at his words. Like seriously, big brother…

”So Ill just cut to the chase. ” He ignored me. Oh wow. ”What this thing says, is true. You, and I, right now will accept its offer. Once done, Ill have all the time in the world to explain myself to you. ”

”Is that clear, Julie? ”

”Is that clear, Julie? ” His eyes softened at me as he spoke, standing up at the same time. He was staring down at me, and honestly, it was giving me shivers.

Of excitement. Do they even exist?

”Yes. ” Anyway, that was all I could say to him. I even wanted to say more, like… no wait, Im losing focus of the main point here.

”Alright. Thats great then. ” Big brother Damien nodded to himself, and went to lock the door to my house. Ah, I had forgotten to lock after he brought me in.

How clumsy. Not like there was anything secretive we were about to indulge in. Haah~ Yet another pity.

”In three, we will both accept, okay? Time is already wasted, but I can make up for it. ” He said, his words not blaming me one bit, or even the least bit bothered.

Big brother…

”Three…. ”

Wait, wait, Im not prepared!!

”Two… ”

Big brother Damiiieeeeen!!!

”One… ”

Was this… the end? Would I die just like this…?

No? Okay.

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