, they planned to ambush from behind, grab the young ones, and escape. It would have been possible considering that the training ground was at the far edge of the city.

And the walls were not large enough to stop those slithering snake-like bastards from climbing up. Our defenses were not impenetrable.

Thus, they carefully sneaked up from behind everyone. I honestly blame the guards for being lackluster and careless, but truthfully, nobody expected an ambush so deep within the settlement.

Hence they were caught off guard. Including father. From what I heard, fireballs were spit everywhere, humans burned, and flarizards were skewered.

It was a mess.

And when Father reacted, it was too late. He had no choice but to take the vanguard and hold back the flarizards, while Mother, who just so happened to want to watch father do his job, helped the children evacuate.

Pity… Truly, a pity indeed.

Father did, manage to stop the flarizards for a while. But at the end of the day, a human, was but a human.

No matter how durable father was, he was, ultimately still a human, and not some supernatural being made up of steel. He was still made up of flesh and blood.

He ended up losing his life, and the flarizards pushed on at full speed. Mind you, the guards were still not here yet. It was strange.

I, for one, find it strange. But maybe its my rage and unwillingness to accept everything. Or so everyone tells me so. Everyone except my new family of course.

Either way, all the men, and the few women, including mother, who had come to watch their husbands and children, turned back to fight as well.

Stupid. I know. I sometimes resent mother for that silly decision. But at the end of the day, they did save lives, including big brother Damien… but at what cost?


Really, stupid…

The guards ended up arriving on time, but as far as I heard, they said that the flarizards were torn apart from limb to limb, and their hearts dug out brutally.

They said the scene was a gore scene, as blood sprayed everywhere, with organs and intestines decorating the area even more.

Not even a grown up men, could bare watching for a bit longer than a couple of seconds, let alone the women and the elderly.

And till this day, nobody still knows what actually happened, and who was as monstrous as that. People claimed it was my father, and the claim did make sense.

Some claimed that it was humanitys strongest of that time, Uncle Gray. This claim likewise made even more sense. And some, just blame it on their luck.

But why, don I believe any of that?

Yes, my father is strong, but not so strong?

And uncle Gray arrived late as well. He, himself also denies it. So it does not make sense. But what does not make more sense, is my belief.

I believe big brother Damien has something to do with this. I don know how, or why, and also should not care. But I just do. And my belief is baseless, I know.

Let us forget that. Whats important is that, since then, the Grays took me in and adopted me.

I was raised with their son, big brother Damien, who is a year older than me. I was under their care until I came of age, and they bought me a house just next door.

I was actually spoiled by them. Uncle Gray bought me anything I wanted, and treated me like a princess. Even though I was reserved and humble, I still pretty much got every toy every other girls had.

Aunt Esther also did a lot of things with me. I was taught to cook, clean, wash, make, fix or the likes by her. I was even taught how to gossip, and gather information.

Okay, the last one was a bit too much. But I was actually good at information gathering now. Helped me in being more aware of my soroundings.

Then, there was bug brother Damien. He… literally just became my everyday source of joy. My protector. My best friend. My crush. My everything.

And yes, I would do anything for that man. Even to put on a dog leash, and let him walk me like a… ahem, ahem. Pardon. Lets move on.

At the end, I grew up.

And as a grown up woman, I could now live by myself, and fend for myself. This was my decision, and they supported it wholeheartedly…

While making sure I was still close by.

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