First, he had to tell his parents that they should agree to the interface that will appear in their minds. There was a good reason as to why.

Firstly, because once a person accepts The Primordial Source, they will undergo a trial to go through, where they will not leave until they are either level five, or dead.

Or, after 24 hours, when the trial ends. Luckily, the trial took in the overall talent and average potential of the target.

So, if you were not a coward, youd survive pretty much. That was guaranteed. Either you fight or runs, as long as you don just stand.

Survival was guaranteed.

The good part to this was that, the earlier one got in, the earlier they could get out, and the earlier they could choose a suitable exclusive class of their own.

Classes that could evolve according to their users circumstances and actions. There were only seventy two of such classes, so time was of the essence.

Was that mentioned? Pardon. It was just that important. Damien could not stop thinking about it, at every moment.

And if they actually went in now, they had a few hours before everyone else could enter. That was a godsend opportunity for them.

”Especially for me. I know which classes to choose for myself, mother, father and Juliette. ” Damien thought as he finally arrived at the door of his parents room.

Without knocking, he opened the door and lit up the candles. There was no electricity here, nor was there any magic at the moment. So candles it was.

The candles here were also not wax candles. They were something similar to a lamp, but a bit technical. They could be refilled with a liquid, and left to dry up.

Then lit up, and it burns for hours, or days depending on the quality.

But there were candles here, unique candles of this world the humans came up with. That resembled normal candles from earth.

They were expensive. And this family, did not have a tendency of overspending their money…

That out of the way, ”Rise and shine lovebirds. Theres trouble. ” The sixteen year old Damien, who was already 1,8 meters tall, and had a deeper voice for someone his age, spoke up.

Just his tall shadow and his voice alone woke up his parents, who were enjoying their sleep together, cuddling away the cold.

He looked at them with disgust, one that he did not even hide. His eyes even carrying a hint of disdain within.

”The hell boy? What did we do to you to deserve such treatment as your makers?! ” His father woke up first, but still stayed on bed. He was annoyed as usual.

His name was David Gray, the sixteen times World Champion. Of course, the world here, only included humans and not the entire world.

His mother was also awake, and was yawning besides David. She was Esther Gray, the founder of the Assassins Creed, and the daughter of the well respected Creed Family.

Damien ignored their identities, and took ahold of the blanket they covered themselves with, pulling it using a bit of force.


The two were exposed.

Luckily, they were wearing clothes. But Damien wouldn care either way. He took on a stern expression and faced his father,

”Old man, listen, a couple of minutes from now-– ” But just as he began speaking, a chime rang within the ears of every living beings within the whole planet.


Even waking up those who are deep sleepers instantly. Or those busy with their late night activities at the moment.

Following that, were bundles of interfaces that, even if one ignored the chime, they could never ignore these interfaces. They clouded everyones mind, like their deepest desires tormenting them.

[ Greetings all living beings. I am The Primordial Source of All Things. And I come in peace. I bring with me an Era of Genesis and Revolution ]

[ Those willing to change their lives for the better. Please select the ”Yes ” option. Those not sure, please stay calm ]

[ Would you desire to initiate ”Trials of Ascension ”? ]

[ ” YES ” ]

[ ” NO ” ]

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

That was that. Not only was Damien caught off guard about the fast response of The Primordial Source, even his parents were silenced.

No, the whole world was silenced to be specific. None were ready for this information.

But Damien immediately shook his head to clear his thoughts. Though it arrived a bit early, he did not think much of it.

He did not check the time, so maybe he was the one late, and not that The Primordial Source was early. Plus, he wasted time on his thoughts.

He immediately faced his father, who sternly stared back at his son. He was never going to agree to this scam, but he knew his daredevil of a son would.

And walla, his fears were proven correct.

”Look, old man. I want you two to accept this offer. Ill explain myself once I am back, mother, not now. ” Damien explain.

Meanwhile he stopped his mothers actions, who was about to listen to her son without hesitation, and accept the offer by herself.

He then added more, ”You should accept it together, to go through the trials together… like the couple you are. And make sure you both make it out alive. ”

He said and hurriedly went towards the door, and before his father could say anything, he added loudly, ”Just do it!! I promise Ill explain everything to you old man, I swear. ”

And like that, he left the room and rushed towards the door. His speed was really fast, being a couple of times faster than the fastest athletes of the modern era.

He was unique after all. He was Damien.

As for his parents, his father could not help but stare at the door in wonder and, resignation. He was exhausted. Spiritually.

”What can we say, honey? ” His mother, Esther, chuckled by the side, and added, ”Hes your son after all. Hes… Damien. ”

”No. Thats the problem. ” His father, David, refuted. ”Its because hes Damien, that im worried in the first place. ”

”… ”

His mother had no response to those words, and instead gazed at the blankets as if there was something interesting to watch.

David only gave her brief glance, ”… ” and sighed once again. How am I dealing with these two beings, and still normal? He asked himself. Resigning to his Fate for the second time.

Throughout their conversation, Damien never stopped. Nor did he relax. There was still one more person he had deal with.

He thus ran, and reached the door. He did not hesitate to unlock it and leave. And, without further ado, once he was outside, he went towards the fence.

Their yard was square shaped. Like all other yards around this district.

At the center was their house, the front was grass and a small garden, and the backyard was a training hall for him and his parents.

Most houses were built like this, with a few modifications here and there.

Damien did not take that to mind though, and just rushed towards the fence on the west, that was two meters tall. It was likewise made up of wood and wire.

He flew over the fence with how fast he was running, and thanks to his powerful physique, it was quite the easy feat for him to do.

He therefore rushed towards the door without any second thoughts, and heavily knocked on it. He could smash it open, but that would scare her. Hence he did not.

”Juliette!! Juliette!! Its me, open up. ” He called out loudly, knowing fully well she was in a state of panic due to the appearance of the interface, and his rough knocking.

But did that matter now?

Seconds later, he heard hurried sounds within the house, and slightly relaxed. He was suddenly expectany of seeing her again, after years of loneliness.

Thus with a smile, he waited. And soon, the door was unlocked from inside, and once open, before he could even do anything nor say a single word…

”Big brother Damien!!! ” The young girl threw herself into his arms and tightly held onto him for her dear life.

The moment he saw her face, it was warped for an instant, as his brain tried to find any similarities it had with the one he missed for decades on end.

This did not happen when he saw his parents face, or when he arrived back at his room. His mind automatically normalized everything, either than her.

Was she so into my mind that, I was actually looking forward to seeing her the most? Damien thought to himself in slight shock. He still kept looking at her for a few more seconds.

Yet even then, the Juliette now, and the Juliette of the future, they were not aligned. The current her, was completely different from the future her. In multiple degrees than one.

But it mattered not. She was his Juliette. And he was her Damien. The two childhood sweethearts. Not the killers of the future.

”Its alright. Its alright. Lets go in, wear something proper and Ill explain everything to you. ” Damien, with Juliette in his arms, walked into her house and closed the door behind him.

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