often, and still prayed to.

”… ”

But all of that was not important at the moment. Yes, even that was not important right now. Nor was the history of the new humans who adapted to this world.

No no no.

The important part is that, today, or rather exactly at midnight, The Primordial Source will awaken, and begin the process of changing the whole world.

And Damien, was staring at the wall, waiting. Waiting for a few more minutes before that time arrived. His mother and father were asleep, and he was the only one up.

But he had to be.

Because… only the first seventy two beings world wide, would be lucky to obtain the Exclusive Classes.

Classes that could evolve, and would later have the chance to become higher ranked Classes or even Hidden Classes not meant for any Jim and Jack out there.

And he wanted to be one of them. Alongside his parents. As for his allies, they had to find a way, because his focus was only his family at the moment.

…And the girl next door.

Regardless of what, she was as important as family. Even if she was going to ignore him in the future. Not like Ill let that happen. Not a chance in Hell.

Damien thought.

He then immediately stood up. Time wa of the essence. Right now, he could not sit down and plan his every step properly.

That was for later.

Instead, he should react fast with what was to come. The initial phase of The Primordial Source, and its desperate struggle when nobody reacted to its inticement.

His actions should be in proportion, and alignment to that.

This was a world where one trusted no one. One could not even put complete trust in their own brother or father, let alone their fellow race members.

Or even other foreign races. No. More so the foreign races. Even before the appearance of The Primordial Source, races were not that friendly towards one another.

Except a select few, of course.

So who would believe an entity that could freely invade the minds of living beings, including gods and devils without a problem?

Such an action was disastrous.

So of course, nobody would.

Thus, when The Primordial Source first made its debut, there were hours of wait before even a single person, one out of trillions, decided to even agree to participate in its plot.

Even the most desperate, and idiotic fools out there did not hurriedly agree.

Let alone the mindless monsters that could not understand the interface of The Primordial Source when it first appeared.

After all, The Primordial Source was like a child given Omnipotent powers. Hence its actions were not thoroughly thought through.

But as time went by, it grew up and matured. Yes, in just a couple of hours at that.

Therefore, after hours of wait, the The Primordial Source actually decided to bribe everyone. More like coerce, if you will.

Giving out things such as their deepest desire to them and all other words. And as you thought, one out of trillions of beings would at least fall to the temptations right?

Yes, they appeared.

And they were the first generational humans who were still not much used to the lack of trust of this world. As well as because the interface was a lot like their technology back at home.

It brought powerful feelings of sadness and melancholy when they saw it. And being a race of good fantasizers, they believed that The Primordial Source was their golden finger.

Hence, one ultimately agreed to The Primordial Sources temptations.

And because of that, that person ended up being one of the few to reach the peak. And also an old man who was the reason why there were at least humans in the near future.

”… ”

Damien thought of all of this instantly as he opened the door to his room and left. Everything within the room was melancholic, to him.

Outside, was a well decorated, clean and luxurious house that differed completely to his empty, god forsaken room.

It was not to the point of being like the rich houses in the modern day, but for people in the stone-age-like Era, it was quite descent and neat.

But he ignored it and the emotions he was experiencing. And just walked to his parents room, not far from his.

The Primordial Source was only minutes away from initiating its first phase, so he had to make a move. One as quickly as he possibly could.

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