The beginning of the story (8)

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“Did Lepis do well?”

He sat me down at the table and served me soup himself.

…Is this something the Emperor of a country would do? I swallowed the soup that was forced in my mouth.

While serving me soup, his other hand stroked my thigh.
His hand, which had been gently stroking my abdomen, gradually moved inward and even more secretly.
I trembled once as his finger touched inside.

Handing over the soup, Distria lifted his hand and stroked my cheek.
He looked friendly.

“I like your body quite a bit… Although the others seem to do the same when I see them rushing out of their mind.”

As I stared blankly at him, he then tapped my cheek.

”I’m glad my eyes are right, though.
I don’t like it when you spread your legs out to anyone.”

He whispered in my ear.
It was a voice of deep possessiveness.

Did he express his possessiveness so directly in the original story…?

Distria didn’t like Arne, who couldn’t understand her place.
Even though she had been half threatened by a foreign country, he was dissatisfied when she raised her head.
So, he was constantly tormenting her until she was exhausted.

He still wanted to hurt my self-esteem by tying my arms and legs to keep me from rebelling—hence, tying the restraints and feeding me.
To put it in a Distria’s term, he wanted me to understand my place.

No, he called the King of a country according to his own will and didn’t even look for her for days… However, didn’t he ruin the country because he didn’t like it and was offended? What place was there to grasp…?

No matter how good I tried to think about it, he was out of his mind.

In short, Distria was a crazy bastard.
I felt pity for Arne who got caught by this guy.

“…Crazy bastard.
You have no hope.”

Ah, my mistake—

The swear words leaked out of my mouth as I was thinking inside.
Distria laughed as if it was ridiculous.
He couldn’t stand Arne’s rebellion, cursing him like this now, refusing to touch him because she didn’t like him, and all of that.

The next moment, he moved his fingers inside me in a circular motion.

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When he brushed the thick part, he repeatedly pressed his finger against it before removing it slowly, like a slow piston.
Then, he stretched out his fingers, which he had put in the place that had not yet gotten wet enough without mercy.


I moved my tied arms and legs to express my dislike.
A loud noise echoed through the room.

When my body trembled as his hand touched my genitals, Distria smiled and accelerated his movements.

A squeaking sound was heard as the love liquid gradually flowed from below.
Oh really, it was difficult for me to keep getting soaked in actions that I should not have gotten wet if it was the original Arne.
Contrary to the difficulties, my body was gradually increasing in heat.

The faster his hands went, the more the table shook constantly.

I bit my lip to hold back my moan.

As the plates fell to the floor, the contents inside flowed out through the broken pieces.
It took only a few minutes for the clean room to become a mess.

“I think you like being oppressed like this.”

I want to pretend I don’t, but my body was honest.

Eventually, Distria pulled his finger out of me.
His fingers, doused with love liquid, were shiny and reflected in the light.
Licking his fingers, the slimy love liquid and his saliva ran down the back of his hand and fell to the floor.

“It’s hot.”

He smiled softly, seemingly satisfied.

That look was horribly erotic.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, a swarm of lights filled the room.

Today, for some reason, all restraints, including the collar, were released.
I slowly moved my body and got out of bed.

The pain, which started from my toes, swept through my entire body.
My body ached because I was constantly being inserted and treated harshly without even having time to recover.
Especially, my thighs and inner sensitive areas were sore.

As I got out of bed, I glanced over my body slowly.
It was full of redness and bruises.

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I led my shaky legs out of the room.
Even if I decided not to care about the original story, it was important to imitate the character of the original Arne…

For my happy M life.

In particular, it was important for Distria to not lose interest.
Even though he was a psychopath, I was just playing with him for the sake of my happy s*x life.
It wasn’t anything.
Besides, if I mess up, I would die.

…Well, death wasn’t really that scary.

In the original story, the male protagonists liked Arne being tormented and took her by force.
Well, it was more delicious to hold a noblewoman forcibly.
Besides, there were only a few sane people here.

Thanks to them, I’m happy.

I like being forced, pretending I’m being harassed and fulfilling their needs.
In addition, I enjoy being in a coercive relationship! Isn’t that a great life plan?

Though Distria’s interest was gripping, I thought that I would be able to meet Rewan easily.
In the original story, Arne ran out recklessly, where she met Rewan and spent the night with him.
Like that, I thought that I would be able to easily meet Rewan and form a relationship with him.

It was an illusion.

No matter how much I walked and looked around the room, I couldn’t find a single strand of Rewan’s hair.
Where the hell did he hide Rewan? I rubbed my thighs as I was lost in thoughts.

Suddenly, there was a roar from afar.

As the Imperial Palace began to get noisy, it was as if Distria had noticed that I had disappeared.
I thought I would meet Rewan soon, though my legs hurt and the pain below was so severe that it was difficult to walk.

For now, I’ll just pretend I’m hiding so I wouldn’t get caught.

As I strode through the corridors of the Imperial Palace and opened a simple, patternless door, there was nothing in the spacious room except for a single bed and a bookshelf full of books.
I lay in bed without thinking.

Given Arne’s easy encounter with Rewan, it must have been that she received the heroine buff while I was thinking nonsense.

* * *

[ Arne was in shock for a while and was unable to move.

Every time she saw the Emperor, the terrible memories of that day came to her mind.
The legs that were forcibly spread apart and the pen inserted…

She shook her head softly.
It was terrible.
She lost her country, she lost her protection, she lost her allies.
It felt like being put in the mouth of a beast without a single weapon.

Arne had nightmares every night.
She couldn’t sleep and couldn’t even eat properly at the thought of the Kingdom of Sorano, and she was getting weaker day by day.

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Distria, who had become more gentle than the first day, used to pat and whisper to her as if he liked her, stroking her hair with tender eyes.

‘That’s good.
If you remain calm in that state, you and your escort knight will be safe.’

She trembled sadly at Distria’s touch.
He liked Arne’s crushed horror look.
He thought she was figuring her place right now.

It was a series of such days.

Arne didn’t want to do anything.
A feeling of helplessness and fear overtook her whole body.
A fear more vivid than death.
Helpless and weak, because even at this moment, she was only breathing because of Distria’s permission.

“Come here.”

As she gazed at Distria, who smelled a strong wine scent, she slowly approached him.

Bright red eyes stared at her.

Arne turned her gaze away, pretending not to notice the deep, blatant gaze that scanned her body.
Distria’s lips touched her eyes, nose, mouth, and her neck in that order, then fell.
His long fingers ran across her body.

When the light cloth was lifted, a pure white naked body shone in the light.

Arne, who had come to her senses with excitement, shook off Distria’s hand.
She pushed him and ran down the imperial corridor.

No matter how terrified she may be, and how she couldn’t do anything, she shouldn’t have given up.
Considering the people of the Kingdom of Sorano who believed in her and resisted to the end, this shouldn’t have been the case.

Arne wept aloud for the first time since the fall of the kingdom.
She hated herself because she couldn’t do anything for the people of the Kingdom.
However, she felt sorry for herself because she abandoned them out of guilt and could not be satisfied with the life she had now.

While running down the hallway, someone caught her.

Although very surprised, Arne did not even have the strength to scream.
In the empty dark room, in the silence, only her hiccups echoed.

“Your Majesty, it’s me.
This is Rewan.”

Arne turned her head at the familiar voice.

An unfamiliar place, the only person on her side… Arne grabbed Rewan and cried profusely, forgetting to save her face.
Rewan, who was taken aback, looked better than she expected that he was being treated badly.

The next moment, she took off her thin clothes.

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When she ran away and got dragged in, she didn’t know when she would be forced to have her first experience with someone.
If that was the case, if it was obvious that it would be like that, Rewan would have been better.
She wanted to spend the first night with her own will rather than the first night where she had to be forced.

She wanted to do it even though she knew it was an irrational choice that didn’t fit the situation.
It would be a little spiritual support for a woman who had lost her country, lost protection, and was left raw in the enemy…

…To not be deprived of her first time with someone.
To not behave the way Distria wanted.

Arne bit her lip.
She felt like she was about to cry.
It was just that she was sorry that she was only thinking of this as a sanctuary for her life.

“Hold me.”

Saying so, she grabbed Rewan and hung on him.

Please, hold me.

Then, she hurriedly put herself in his arms again and whispered.

Rewan was shocked to see his king trembling.
She had never been weak.
His anger towards the Empire rose.
Originally, Rewan had planned to secretly meet Arne to communicate his plans and leave the Empire.

Even if it was impossible to take Arne, he had the strength to get out by himself.
Besides, the surveillance towards him was low.
However, the moment he saw his trembling king collapse, asking for him to hold her, he bit his lips.

If he left, what about her…? She was shaking her body and showing a weakness he had never seen before.

Arne met Rewan and was greatly relieved.
Even if he couldn’t do anything for her, one thing that comforted her was that they were in the same room, it was enough.

He was her knight… Not just a knight of the kingdom.

Rewan kissed Arne’s lips slowly.
The corridors of the imperial Palace became noisy and the sound of searching for her was heard.

He gazed at her, who was trembling anxiously.

“It’s okay.”

He didn’t know what was okay.
Still, he comforted her that it was okay.

Rewan laid the white knight uniform cloak on the floor and laid her down.
He comforted the impatient Arne, and gave her what she wanted.

It was an ordinary night of lovers.
A first night that Arne would have experienced if she had continued her normal life in the kingdom.

Red blood stains were sprinkled on the pure white cloak.

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