Chapter 20 – What Changes and What Doesn’t Change (2)

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He grabbed my head and directed my gaze downward.

His thing was twitching up and down, exuding a presence.
It was always a big size.
This sister is very satisfied.

Raphael slowly shoved his thing underneath.
He grabbed my head and made me watch the moment it was inserted.
The scene where his thing pushed inside me was so lewd.

I closed my eyes and heard Raphael’s laughter.
He grabbed my chin.

“Open your eyes and look straight.
Can you see? The way you’re eating me.”

He spread my legs apart and slowly piston.

His eyes were still gleaming with murderous intentions, and he was engulfed in madness.
Raphael stopped his movements whenever I glanced away and turned my head.
I was forced to look at the insertion scene.

No, excuse me.
My neck hurts… I like everything, too, but my neck is so stiff—

Did this bastard learn s*x with a book? Why was he acting like a piece of sh*? It’s uncomfortable…! I’m not joking, it’s uncomfortable.
Are you kidding me? You bastard, my throat felt tight.

I swallowed the words I couldn’t put out in my mouth.


Besides, every time he pierced my sensitive place, I unknowingly tensed my body.

The pain in the neck increased.
It didn’t matter if I was hit or pressed or if it was physical pain.
It was difficult to concentrate on s*x if the posture was uncomfortable.
My neck was constantly creaking.

After a while, Raphael got so excited that he didn’t care whether I saw him or not.
I could barely relax my neck.

…Wow, I think I can finally live.

When I focused on the s*x I hadn’t been able to, I felt an ecstatic pleasure as if I was being rewarded.
It had been a while since I’d done it, so everywhere he stabbed was sensitive.
It was difficult to hold back my moan as I felt an electric current flowing through my body.

Because my body was a little more comfortable now, my mind was suffering.

I bit my lips tightly.

In the end, I couldn’t stop the moaning from coming out.

“Ahk! Ang…! No…!”

‘No’ was Arne’s last conscience.

Raphael bit my breast and sucked it.
His thick saliva flowed down the round curve.
I tried to push him away.
Since we were firmly connected, whenever I applied force to the hand that pushed him, it stabbed deeper as if tormenting me.

As if it was a lie that he was pushed by my small force at first, he was no longer pushed away.

“Huuht… Huang…! Ple…ase.”

On the contrary, because of the ignorant attack, there was no strength in my body.

Raphael seemed to be more aroused by my act of pushing somehow.
He reached up and grabbed my arm with one hand.
Even though my raised arm hurt, even that was a pleasure.

“You keep me alive, yet you put me in the mud.”

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“…Huk—huht, ahhk…”

He licked my mouth.

I had no time to think about anything else, even with his nonsense, as the rough lips licked my lips and bit it.
The area around my mouth was wet.
He shoved his tongue into my open mouth with slight stimulation.
The blunt flesh was soft and swept through the tender inside.

He, who had been harassing my mouth, relaxed his expression.

“Even now.”

He smiled, with a happy face.


* * *


The room that Raphael left was hot with the still uncooled heat.
He constantly pushed me and came all over me—on my stomach, and in my chest.
The feeling of s*men flowing through my body made my mood reach its peak.

I felt a great sense of upliftment from having s*x in a long time.
I struggled to calm down my harsh breathing that had not gone away.
The fact that I almost died had already been erased from my mind.

“I’m sorry.”

Acacia came up to me with a wet towel with an unknown expression.
He applied the medicine to the red marks left on my neck.

I glanced at him without a word.
I didn’t know why he felt sorry for Arne.
Even now, I didn’t know why he was apologizing.
It had been a long time since I had s*x, so it felt really good.
Because of that, I was offended by Acacia’s apology.

“I will clean you.”

He wiped away Raphael’s traces with a wet towel.
It was a bit disappointing because I wanted to feel the afterglow, though I grabbed Acacia’s wrist.
I took the towel he was holding and wiped the semen off my body myself.

Why was he apologizing…?

In the original story, Acacia was not close to Arne.
He wasn’t even the original male lead, and he had never had an affair with Arne.
Rather, he helped her in a difficult situation.
Even though Acacia was responsible, conscientious, and principled, he was not so noble and overbearing.

He was the only normal person among irrational people, so he stood out more.

[ Arne, who was running an errand for the Emperor, was caught by the apprentice knight Veloce.
She was passing by the training ground.
He stroked the flower stamped on Arne’s thigh once.
It was a hand full of sexual intent.


“Do you know what this means?”


Shaking off Veloce’s hand, she stared at Veloce with disgusted eyes.


Arne shook off her body in the unexpected situation as she bit her lip in a situation that she couldn’t get used to no matter how much she suffered.
If she gave up everything, would she get used to it? Would it be easier to give up…?


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“Is there a knight who has chivalry?”


Veloce hardened his expression absurdly.
Arne, who still considered herself a member of the royal family, was funny.


Damn it, how dare she talk about chivalry when she serves the Emperor’s nights?


At that, he slapped Arne on the cheek.
Once, twice.
All of a sudden, in the hall, a sound of flesh and flesh touching rather than a sword was heard.


Veloce stopped his hand from hitting her on the cheek and put his hand into Arne’s chest.
He rubbed her chest and stretched out his hand towards her shoulder before tearing her clothes down with a single gesture.


He was overcome with a sense of exaltation as he watched her look at him through her sullen eyes.


“The flowers stamped on the back represent bedroom service, and the flowers stamped below indicate grades.
And, this flower means that even nobles can use you.
Do you know what I mean?”


Arne’s body stopped shaking at his words.


Seeing that, Veloce grabbed her soft hair and kissed it.
His hand, which was stroking her cheek, turned downward.


He parted her lips and smiled coldly.


“I mean, I can r*pe you here.”


Then, he pushed her against the wall with a strong force.
Arne, who only now realized that this was what it meant at the sinister gazes wherever she went, trembled.
The harsh reality made her unable to come to her senses.


“Of course, anything I do to you will not be considered r*pe.”


As if he didn’t care about her situation, Veloce spread Arne’s legs apart.


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Her heart fluttered through the torn clothes as he brushed his lips with his tongue.
He took off his pants and pushed himself at once.


Bitting Arne’s chest, Veloce chewed and swallowed the apex and thrust his back at high speed.
This series felt like eons of time, and Arne wanted to run away.


She wanted to run away from life.


As soon as Veloce put himself inside the tight Arne he felt his climax coming.
He pushed himself and repeatedly pulled out of her stiff place.
Although she gasped in pain, he didn’t care.


Rather, the more she suffered, the better he felt.


“What are you doing in the training ground?”


At that, Veloce’s actions stopped.
He hastily put on his clothes neatly after taking off his thing from under Arne.


Acacia closed his mouth and glanced at Arne, who struggled to hold back her tears.
He felt a momentary sympathy for her.
Her demise and the last remnant of her royal family, he sympathized with her.
In addition, he still admired her for not giving up on her act as a royalty.


It was he who destroyed her country.


Acacia recalled his master, Carwen de Distria.
Even now, Distria’s intentions to send Arne on errands for the 22nd Division were obvious.


When he lifted her up and gave a glance at Veloce, he bowed his head to Acacia with a pale face and walked out of the training ground.


Arne stared at Veloce, who escaped without even being able to straighten his back with a blank expression.
He was the one who immediately lowered his tail in front of a power stronger than him.
She was taken at random by such a person.


She was treated no less than a passing bug.
Her body trembled with anger.


Arne thought of what she had lost.

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Raphael often visited my room as if the times when he had never come were a dream.
At first, the eyes that were gleaming with madness gradually softened and returned to the smirk of the past.
It was irritating because the series of processes was strangely jarring.

As if something in the novel told Raphael, “You are not this kind of character.
Go back.” It seemed to force his character back.

Today, as soon as he came in, he had a clean look unlike before and tore off the clothes I was wearing.

Bewildered by the sudden action, hiding my joy for a moment, I gave him a contemptuous look and pushed him away.
I peeked at Acacia, struggling to cover myself with the half-ripped and tattered clothes.

He closed the door and went out, regardless of my pitiful gaze.

….Wow, really, what’s wrong with him?

Still, thanks to Acacia going out, I was able to have s*x with Raphael.
However, it was a little disappointing.
He gave consideration to Arne, but why not me? Acacia, who was sweet and kind to Arne, surprisingly didn’t pay any attention to me.
That really made me anxious.

When I tried to seduce him, I didn’t think he knew that I was seducing him, though maybe he did? Did he realize that I was having fun and quietly walk away…?

I repeated several delusions in my head.

Nevertheless, Acacia’s expression of regret at that time was full of sincerity.
Even though I knew it wasn’t, I was worried.

As characters had become truly unknown, I stopped feeling confident that I knew them well.
They were living people, those I thought I knew well were already gone.

Even though I was thinking about Acacia for a moment, Raphael came close to me and kissed me.
I was slowly soaked in the excitement by the thick kiss that erased my thoughts.

It was a lesson I learned when I was forced into abstinence.
Let’s focus on the sex in front of us.
I would have to survive with it later.
Well, in the same situation now, I wouldn’t be able to masturbate.
Anyway, I had to focus.

Thinking about it makes me mad.
If it was possible to masturbate, I wouldn’t have seduced Acacia.
I didn’t do it with people who don’t like me either.

Raphael’s hot hand touched my arm, and he laughed out loud.

“I’ve already seen everything I want to see.
What are you doing?”

Raphael, who bent my arm violently with force, dragged me to the bed.
I was thrown onto the bed.
He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to his knees as I struggled with my focus.
It was a typical back position.


“Unlike what you said, are you already spilling water?”

He stroked me lightly inside.

As he said, the already drenched bottom was filled with love liquid.
I had been feeling weird for a long time.
To be honest, I didn’t even know I was wet because I was so excited.

He squeezed the inside with his fingers and licked the flowing liquid with his tongue.
A thick, hot tongue touched the secret place.
I gripped the duvet sheet tightly to the soft touch.
His tongue went deeper and deeper as if indulging in the inside.


I shook lightly, and he lightly patted my buttocks.

“Don’t move.”

“…Don’t do it.

I gazed at Raphael with half-wet eyes as though trembling in shame.
As if he didn’t like what I said, Raphael raised his hand.

…Was this spanking?

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