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s support has fled to a nearby kingdom, ” he explains, as the kingdom is currently on the verge of being overtaken by another nearby kingdom.

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”I must admit that I am close to being a duke, but his majesty always bothers me on doing the task, so I can complete the way to get that kind of title. ” Blood Claw describes the prince as a slacker who is always going out of his way to have fun while ignoring his parents kingdom civil disputes, forcing him and others to do the princes duty. Blood Claw observes how many of the subordinates are both dissatisfied and admiring of his ruling at the same time; does he have a pheromone similar to mine?

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He also says the prince to be a generous person and a good one to amplify this nonsense of a story. ”While he continued giving me headaches every time he went out a few days, he is still my prince that has helped me while no one did. Oh and for your information, he is an almost ”king ”, power is far from what consider a ”duke ” but he is too carefree to focus on getting the ”king ” title may it be another century or two. ”

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”As for my name, being a human and all, I do have a name for my former self. ” But I rarely use it because its considered unfit for a demon to continue using their mortal names. Because of how frequently he uses my mortal name, the prince must still decide whether to give me a demon. But I don want you to follow in his footsteps. ”

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”In terms of hells power structure, there are, as you mentioned, ”earl, ” ”marquises ” ”duke, ” and ”king. ” However, there was something of a record of another higher up that only the royal may be aware of because only those who are pure of demon manage to obtain that, as his majesty has stated to me. ”

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”What about your human that you
e so eager to discard? ” Was it a taboo subject for some? ” I ask. He must have done something terrible to deserve such power.

” It is simply a common practice in hell to remove their name as a reminder of the grief they have caused in their life. ” I simply follow that type of tradition. Don give it much thought, Mikhail. ” While looking away from me, Blood Claw says.

[ Falsetto ]

”Isn there something more to it? ” I confront him about the lie he told, regardless of how painful or sensitive the subject is. Im sick of all the lies at this point, so I need to press on the matter at hand.

”So youve figured it out. I truly believe you are the older person in our conversation. ” ”I don want to remember my mortal life, and my human name is a bad omen wherever I step. ” When I was human, as a mercenary, I killed many people, even when they begged for mercy. ”

[ Veritas ]

” Oh, and as for the name Blood Claw, it wasn given to me by his majesty, but by those who rumored me to be. I was previously transformed into a demon in another land and served a different lord. Because His Majesty was thought to be my last master due to a prophecy, the fact that you have saved me makes you the owner of my life. A servant, however, can never serve two masters with opposing ideals, so may I ask you to assist his majesty as well? ”

[ Veritas ]

” My answer as always, you and I are partners. Following you in what certainly, even if our contract expired. ” I end this long conversation with a confirmation, to follow him is what is best for my path to tread on.

The end.

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