lp to ease the tension between us. ”Have you decided where you
e going? ” Blood Claw inquires. The ”no ” is visible on Blood Claws face; he wishes to be accompanied by someone from the race that has mercilessly slaughtered countless beings of his kind, doesn he? No matter how reliable a partner I am, his earnest displaying so frequently means the prince he served may hold an account to welcome me as a guest rather than a prisoner or refugee relying solely on him. But I can shake the feeling that something bad happened to his homeland recently. The task does not matter here…only his acceptance may come as the only to me, whether it is an invasion or it slowly swallows itself whole.

”Im not going to put any pressure on you, Mikhail. ” Blood Claw continues. He writhes his claws like mortals struggling to await their verdict. When his claws aren agitated by the fierce battle, they resemble those humans fingers. If it hadn been for the sudden appearance of Blood Claw, I might have given up on the idea of escaping. To think I once turned a blind eye to save Garbiel from being discarded, I have truly cared for not only this twin of mine but also my so-called family. When I decided to flee, that door had already closed, like dust in the cold wind, my heart now only save for myself.

”When I made that offer to you, I was planning to go to where the human is, ” I explain. Being an angel at all will provide them with an advantage to pass on as a wise sage among them. However, my physical appearance will raise eyebrows in those around me. I just want to live a quiet life and not be ratted out by those Im trying to help.

”I see… May your journey be safe… ” He says in a sad tone. A genuine reaction from someone who genuinely cares about me. How adorable… Is this what they referred to as a ”tease ”? Even though his appearance makes it difficult to distinguish his emotions, it is his demeanor that has sold him out to be deeply saddened by my words.

”However… ” I say. Create unnecessary suspense once more…ah, I really want to see his sudden change of demeanor once more. Its a lot of fun to watch.

”However? ” he asks cheerfully. How can I manipulate someones heart by giving and taking words from my answers?

”I find myself in the presence of such a dependable source of protection; may I join you as your companion? ” I ask. He now has a cheerful demeanor and grabs my hand to shake once more. In normal circumstances, wouldn this be how they seal the deal? After a few moments, he begins to regret his decision. Is it because of my race? I assumed so because of the clothes he changed into while we were sitting in this cave; he appears to be a noble type of demon. Even if one is half-bred or descended from royalty, ones status is always the same as ones power. Demon society operates differently than angel society. While angels are granted status based on their merit or usefulness to ma and pa, demons live by the definition of ”the strong swallow the weak, ” so nobility and status are based on ones power and influence over the whole. He mentioned his prince; must he then be an ”earl ”?

The end.

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