Tenth author’s journal

2_Open Blinded Eyes

every time he first engages on the battlefield. His kindness may come back to bite him one day. I wish I could bring him with me, but Im afraid hell become powerless in the face of Pas command.

Gabriel smiles quietly as he walks to his quarters to rest before another call. His golden helmet shields his emotions from view. If he has shown any weakness, please bring it to Pas attention and request his replacement. Because Ive decided to flee, facing him in battle is unavoidable, but he must not witness the bloodshed that I cause next. The smell of Gabriels blood seems to agitate the demon. So I cast ”mitis tenebrae ” just to calm him down. The holy chain slows regeneration, preventing the guard angels from being alerted.

”All residents of the promise garden have gathered around where Lord Third now stands! ” declares the head angel. The extra effort he put into this is so laudable that I almost feel sorry for him.

”Today, brothers and sisters, may we gather around Lord Third, who is here as a representative for paradise itself to announce that the Garden of Promise will directly join the angel battalion above as the magical battalion to the front line. ”

As the head angel rises to stand beside me, the crowd cheers. He grabbed my shoulder and forced my hand to hold the halbert high up. It hurts exceedingly.

”Lord third here will be the first one to purge the demon on the execution stand. Lets have a standing ovation to bless this execution. ”

He motions for me to approach the demon, who is kneeling with both of his hands chained to the wooden board. The demon is ready to break free and kill anyone who gets in his way. Without Gabriels bloodstained armor earlier, there would be no bloodshed. It now appears that doing so is unavoidable. However, I despise these angels for making my life a living hell, and I don want to stain my hand with their blood. Please forgive this brothers actions, Gabriel. I only do what is needed.

Cutting the chain on the demons hand, the crowd is in awe of what has happened; the guard angels pointing their spears at me, the head angel pointing his staff at me. This would have been expected as would do something like this.

”Lord third, would you dare anger father like this? ” the head angel furious asks. I only come to the side of the demon, ”illusio ” dispel as my hand put on the demon.

”This has been a long time coming, master, ” I say while looking down at him, the one who torments me this long now looks small like a grain of sand in my eyes.

”Mikhail, I ask you once more time. Do you intend to throw away it like this? ” The head angel asks again as his staff prepares a low-level holy spell ”Lux ”

”Oh? Using my name, to master? And yes, I intend to do just that. ” I laugh, somehow the man before me looks so pitiful against me.

”Little angel, I think they are surrounding us real fast. ” The demon mentions as the guard angels prepare ”Amia ” to pierce through us.

”I know. ” I giggle. When the spell ”Infernium ignis ” hit the ground, anything alive caught fire. The unending fire that can only be cured by strong holy magic, its victims can only squirm in pain and terror as the fire slowly eats away their flesh and soul…of that only mortals are aware. Because they are angels, it simply causes them unbearable anguish, leaving them vulnerable to the demons execution. The blood of the angels was caught on the demons claw one by one, only to flick up to the ground. A great sense of joy is coursing through my body; may it be the joy of finally seeing my much-needed justice.

The end.

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