Tenth author’s journal

1_Escape the cage

nto the rearing stone, a secret door open before your eye. A spiral staircase leads down the dark hallway, of some empty steel cells laid before your eyes with dim-lit torches.

The dead-end appears the creature, with red skin and blue blood. The creature ties down to the sliver chair of a source, the skin blustering while his blood spatters around blue around the room like a sadistic painting of Kushiel, the sixth archangel.

”Lord third, this is the demon that lord sixth has captured. He has done playing around as the father has said. The execution shall be carried out by the high noon. ” All time, I am left with my ”brother ” leftovers but this demon may find them useful in the escape. He will have to cooperate if he would have the both of us getting out alive.

”Master, may I ask you to leave me with him a little, ” I ask with the nicest tone

”For what reason may I ask, lord third? ” Again he will tell pa after this, but this time I will get out of here for good.

”I want to try some knowledge that my brother has taught me. ” Kushiel has never really taught me how he punishes sinners, he was always using me as practice. Those scars won go away easier even with ancient magic.

”Very well, milord. Be sure to participate on time. ” he gets out of the darkroom left me alone with the demon.

I woke him up with a splash of water, he screams with pain as the water was blessed. How careless of me, it would greater hinder this escape device of mine.

”You filthy angel, kill me if you want but don touch my family, ” he screams at top of his lungs. How fascinated, to demon have a family that wants to protect. This is what is the opposite of what pa has said, I have known from the start what that egoistic freak of my creator to be.

”Listen closely. ” I come up close and he bites my ears as I get closer, it hurts so much with his deformed teeth. The fact that he was missing his bottom teeth has spared me extra work when regenerating my flesh.

”Do you want to get out of here unscathed? ” I ask. He acts as if my promise isn something worth considering. Wasn he going to die without my offer

”I don believe your kind lies, you angels are always turning your back on the deal. ” True the angels while in the good eyes of most ”mortals ”. The long live kinds they famous for their sudden temper in making deals while the demons are famed for twisting the deal, both are untrustful when it comes to deals.

”Can just shut up and listen! We are being watched right now. ” you point to those torches on the wall, these labyrinths rendered with spying spells.

”Fine, what do you need? ” he sighs knowing that is the only chance to survive this.

”Just take me with you when you leave, that is all I ask. ” I hold out my hand and use blood healing with my mana. Demons can proceed with normal healing magic, so dark must be used to heal them. Dark magic isn something I particularly tell anyone, even ma, and pa. So for the demon to see me use it, he is quite surprised by the spell

”Why do you help me? Don you scared your archangels will be furious when they know? ” he asks. Somehow a demon has more empathy than my actually, how ironic fate work. And he would say the other archangels, has he known I am also one of them?

”I have my reason. About them don worry much, I am capable of surviving on my own. ” ”When the execution begins, I will unlock your chain. You will just have to grab me and run to exit on the south. Understand? ”

”Understand, little angel. ”


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