The president can’t spit it out, so he forcefully swallowed like a person who chewed shit.
After that, he placed the tea straight to the table.

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Even though the president gave out all kinds of dislike, his wife didn’t blink an eyebrow.

“You said you have a sore throat, so have more.”

“I’m done.”

Madam just smiled softly at the awkward answer.
The reason for madam’s unhappiness may be due to the family’s bad luck, but there must also be an influence of the chairman.

Between the president who gets angry for no reason, and the executive director Min who endures like the Arctic glacier against such a father, madam did not lose her coolness. She asked how Jun-Kyung’s parents were doing and how they’ve been doing.
Compared to his mother, Jun-Kyung got along very well.

“How have you been?” Jun-Kyung asked.

“I’ve been visiting the hermitage back and forth.
I went to see the kids from time to time.”

Most of the daughters live in the United States, study abroad or get married and live there.

“It’s really nice to go to America these days.”

“I haven’t been to America yet.” As madam put down the teacup, she smiled sadly.

In an instant, Jun-Kyung’s heart pounded.

Come to think of it, madam tended to refer to the other daughter of the wives by their names formally.
The only children who she can call her children were the two sons who end up in a pile of accidents.
Going to see the kids was like going to hell.

The air in the living room fell heavily.
Jun-Kyung was short of breath.
If you ask someone how they’ve been when it’s only been four months since her son’s death, it is hard to answer that they are doing all right. Jun-Kyung feel stupid for sending unnecessary regards.

“But didn’t you say you have something to say?”

Madam kindly provided a way out for Jun-Kyung.
He wasn’t the only one who welcomed the change of topic.
The two members of the Min family, who were exuding hot and cold, also relaxed slightly.

“I want to get married, “Director Min replied.


An exclamation close to astonishment came from the chairman.
As he looked at his son, his eyes were full of disbelief.

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“Marriage? So suddenly? To whom?”

“This is Ho Jun-Kyung here.”

The eyes of the president and his wife were focused on Jun-kyung at the same time.

It was an opportunity to have a good time, but why are you throwing it away?

If it wasn’t for the two startled people, Jun-kyung wanted to grab Director’s Min right now.

“You two come together to get permission to marry?” The president asked and listened.

“Ah… I mean…”


While Jun-kyung, who did not dare raise his head, mumbled while holding and loosening both hands, Executive Director Min answered firmly.
Was it necessary to be so determined?

“It’s so sudden.” The wife also turned to look at her stepson and her former secretary, as if she was speechless.
The president snorted and clicked his tongue.
Then, he took another sip of the jujube tea he had put away due to thirst.

“Since when have you two been in this relationship?” Madam asked.

“It’s been about half a year.”

“Half a year?”

“Yes, I start to have feelings by sharing the lunch box my mother made for me.” Executive Director Min spit out lies without batting an eyelid even though Jun-Kyung was looking sideways at him.


Jun-kyung gave me a lunch box.”

The president’s eyes were fixed on his wife.
“You should’ve told me beforehand if that happened.”

“Since when did you care about the kids?” The only person who didn’t care at all no matter what the president said was Taewon’s wife, Jeong Gyo-jin, right in front of him.

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“I’ve sent a lot of packed lunches so far.
It’s the first time this has happened.”

“I think so too.”

The chairman looks more brazen because of his distinctive expressionless face.
He took out his cell phone and made a call.
“It’s me.
I need you to look into a man.”

His wife frowned when her husband asked to openly investigate behind the scenes.

“What are you doing in front of them right now?”

“I need to find out about a marriage partner.”

“I was doing it.
And also, what do you mean ‘that man’? So uneducated.
Our daughter in law…daughter-in-law, right? No, is he a son-in-law because he is a man? Anyway, we will be close for the rest of our lives, so please call him kindly.”

It’s the first time Jun-Kyung has ever seen madam talk so loudly.
Swallowing his dry saliva, he looked into the president’s eyes.
It looked like something was going to go wrong, but the president shut his mouth as if displeased and then flipped the phone onto the table.

“Who gave them permission?”

“Why do they need permission? If they like each other, that’s enough.”

“Not in my house….”

In an instant, sparks flew out of madam’s eyes.

“Let’s stop talking about the family in which children who could not see the light died one after another.”


“They are children from different families.”

The two dead children have different mothers.
Madam’s meaning is that the bad luck is on the side of the father’s family, Chairman Min Chang-heon.
The president’s complexion turned red.

“You’re not even a woman.”

“What do man and woman matter in alpha and omega pairs?”

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“Still, in the eyes of others….”

“Fine, let’s think about other people’s views.
When this tall man Omega comes in, the bad energy that dwells in the house will go away.
Jun-kyung is a boy that even monks admit has good energy.”

The president, who was amazed by the refutation full of the Buddhist spirit, glared at his wife to the fullest.
The wife, who carried the Buddha’s mercy on her back, treated him not as a chairman.

How can mere sentient beings overcome a bodhisattva who is prepared for great mercy? The president could not open his mouth until the very end.

After a short break from work, the family’s power structure changed drastically.
It is a big change,so Jun-Kyung will need some time to adjust.

“That’s all from Executive Director Min.
How does Jun-Kyung feel about meeting Executive Director Min?” Madam gets to the point with a soft tone.

“After spending time with each other, naturally….”

“I didn’t ask the Executive Director Min.”

Director Min, who had started as a relief pitcher, was sent off with a single blow.
Jun-Kyung swallowed dry saliva and placed his sweaty palms on his knees.
He wanted to cover it up with a smile, but madam stared at Jun-kyung as if she wanted to hear anything.

“He’s cool and… well…he has good skills… nice and…”

Jun-Kyung was so speechless that he didn’t even realize he was saying the same thing over and over again.
The mother-in-law asked with a smirk.

“What’s so cool about the Executive Director Min?”

Without realizing it, Jun-Kyung glanced at Director Min.
Their eyes met.
He quickly turned his gaze to the other side and noticed that even the president was waiting for his answer with a look of interest.
Damn it.

“He has a big physique and is muscular.
His core is strong, so he’s easy to win.
If he worked out in earnest, he would have won an Olympic gold medal.
Even if he was in judo, he would have achieved great results.”

Jun-Kyung was trying to make up a story I hadn’t really thought about, so he gave compliments about exercise.
It pokes his conscience less if he is sincere.

“That’s true.
When he was young, I even thought about making him work out.” Surprisingly, the president chimed in.


“Because he was the second son.
For management….
but he wasn’t interested in sports at all.”

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As soon as he thought of what he was thinking, the chairman suddenly looked at Executive Director Min.

“I added a swimming coach, but he didn’t think to learn properly and drowned his brother in the water.
Do you know how much Hyun-Jun suffered because of him? How hard it must have been for Hyun-Jun to get in the water and save him.”

Suddenly, there was talk of the dead eldest.
The warm atmosphere becomes a thin ice sheet again.
Executive Director Min clenched his fists.

Although there was no movement in his outward expression or attitude, Jun-Kyung could feel the strength in his back and waist sitting right next to him.
The folds of his trousers wrapped around his thighs were also gently stretched out.
The fact that the strength was put in means that he was angry.

“A kid who doesn’t even want to go in the water goes fishing in the ocean and brings along his younger brother? If you’re only going to say bad things like that, don’t say anything, just listen.”

Again, the wife blocked the president’s mouth.
At first, Jun-Kyung thought they were merely words.
Seeing him continue to do this, it seems that the president has a lump.
Just as the president resents Executive Vice President Min, does the wife also resent the president?

“So, Jun-kyung, tell me more.
How did you get close? These days, I’m in a bad mood, so I want to hear more from young people.”

“As the Executive Director said earlier, I happened to eat a packed lunch and the director was nice to me.”

“I contacted Jun-kyung saying that I had a crush on him and wanted to meet him personally.” Executive Director Min helped.

“Really? It’s not that you can’t refuse it because he’s the executive director Min, right?

Absolutely not.” Jun-Kyung vehemently denied.
Although the situation may seem more suspicious, madam did not even think about it that far.

“I really don’t know what a human relationship is.
I’ve had a lot of secretaries so far, and I’ve sent a lot of packed lunches.
Director Min who never ate, and Hyunwoo…”

How does it feel to bring out the name of her son, who died only four months ago? As if there was pain, madam frowned.
After taking a sip of the cooled jujube tea, she relaxed her expression.

“He also ate the packed lunch that Junkyung brought.
That’s why I was so grateful to Jun-kyung.”

Jun-Kyung told a big lie out of fear, out of fear of people pointing their fingers at him.
Can he really do this? Unlike Jun-kyung, who tells hypocritical lies with a smiling face, madam was very strong.

“Thank you now, too.
Thank you for coming back to this house where people only leave.”

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