Jun-kyung was taken aback by the sudden question.

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“Ah, that’s… I…”

“You can tell just by looking at his face.
He doesn’t have a heart, he doesn’t have reasons, so it must be something like that.
Is it a crime in a foreign country and not in Korea?”

The doctor ridiculed the fact that he had seen such cases often.
The sneer wasn’t too bad, because Jun-Kyung has seen it for the last few days.

“Still, don’t take medicine for that kind of thing.
It’s only going to ruin your body.
Am I afraid to live as a female alpha? I can’t say it all, but you are eating well and living well.
Take good care of yourself, and if you don’t feel well, come to me right away.
The cost of treatment is paid by the rotten bastard.”

“Ah, yes, yes?”

“I didn’t see the Executive Director Min like that.
Still, you are fortunate to have suffered from a rich bastard.
I have been beaten by a bastard who had no money.”

The doctor shook his head.
Jun-kyung, who figured out a misunderstanding, waved his hand in surprise.

“Oh, no.
It’s not like that at all.”

“No? If not, then what is it? If it’s not the two of you, why does a busy person come all the way here to see Jun-Kyung? Are you the son of some kind of VVIP by chance?”

The doctor took a look at him from top to bottom.

“Coming to think of it, I think the strong male Omega is right for Executive Director Min.
Jun-Kyung Ho, too, don’t think too badly of him and talk to Executive Director Min well.
He seems to have a heart for Jun-kyung, so if you do well, we can sell it.”

The doctor, who gave unsuccessful encouragement, went out without hesitation as he did when he came in and then stopped.

“Oh, I’m waiting because Director Min is coming with clothes.
I came to tell you that but almost forgot.”

“Director Min himself?”

“That’s what I am saying.
What kind of heartless man is that? I didn’t become a doctor of medicine to run an errand.”

It’s such a misunderstanding.
I think I have to actively explain that it isn’t. 

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Somehow, Jun-Kyung had a strong feeling that the more he explains to a doctor, the more it’s going to tangle up.

The reason for Director’s Min, well, it was never the reason the doctor thought it was.
If he had to come up with an answer, it must be a reward for the friendship they made through the lunch box.

Director Min may also have been vaguely aware of the full story.
In any case, Director Min knows a certain amount.
There is a possibility that they may deal with him, fearing that he will sue or spread bad rumors.
If the group’s successor, Managing Director Min, deals with it personally, the incident will pass easily.

After waiting for about an hour, Director Min really came.

“You need clothes, don’t you? Wear this for now.”

An expensive luxury logo was stamped on the large paper bag that Min held out.
He thought it was only the paper bag, but the clothes inside were all brands, including the new suit and shoes, underwear, and socks in it.
All together, it would be well over ten million won.

“Isn’t it expensive?”

In embarrassment, he raised his head, but Executive Director Min was already turned around.

“I have an appointment soon.
It would be better to hurry up a bit.
I’ll be outside, so put it on and come right out.” It was just an order.
There is no room for negotiation.

It was not an order that was far from what Jun-kyung wanted, so he quietly did what was told.

Well, it wasn’t very surprising that men’s underwear with dimensions fit perfectly.


Even if it was a shirt, the jacket fit perfectly over the shoulder.
Even the length of the pants.
There is no such thing as a suit that’s the right length from the start, unless it’s a bespoke suit that’s been sized and built from scratch.

In particular, European luxury suits are made consciously of the model that boasts the best in terms of limb length.
Anyone in Korea that cuts them down to the point paid a thousand dollars.

Would it be easier to repair for Min Hyun-seung? Jun-kyung also has long limbs for an average person, but even when wearing a regular suit, the length of the pants had to be repaired.
However, the length of the trousers that Executive Director Min brought was perfect for Jun-kyung.

‘Are his eyes that good?’

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It must have been that the secretary’s skill was more powerful than that of Executive Director Min himself.
As the doctor said, Executive Director Min is a busy person.

As Jun-Kyung left the hospital room, he saw the Executive Director Min on the phone.
He felt the spirit of coolness in his attitude of not caring even though it was a hospital hallway.

“Why should I tell you that?” The tone of the voice responding to the other person was cold and hard as usual.

“I was only asked.
You take care of your problems.
I don’t want to mess with you.”

A slight anger was felt.
Joon-kyung, who is just next to him, is also psychologically intimidated.
After unilaterally ending the call, Executive Director Min put the phone in his jacket pocket and looked at Joon-kyung.

“That’s a good fit.
It was just a guess.”

Thank you.” You mean the secretary made a guess? Probably.

“I finished the discharge procedure on the way up, so we can just go straight to the parking lot.”

He did not know that discharge was possible without confirmation of the patient or guardian.
How powerful is the world of the rich.
The hospital must have a deep relationship with the Taewon Group.

He took the VIP-only elevator and went straight to the underground parking lot.

The sedan he saw before was parked right in front of the parking lot entrance.
He was impressed with the parking style that didn’t consider other people at all.

“Get in.”

Executive Director Min pointed to the passenger seat as if it was natural.
Since he was a patient who had just been discharged, he got into the passenger seat without saying a word.

The car quickly left the hospital parking lot and entered the road.
It was only when he entered the road overlooking the Han River that he thought of asking where they were going.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m on my way to Ho Jun-kyung’s house for now.
Shall we go somewhere else?”

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“Oh, no.
Thank you.”

Director Min did not respond to the thank-you note.
He was right on the way home.
Suddenly, Jun-Kyung had a question again.

“By the way, how did you know my address?”

“I looked at the company address book.
I was in a hurry before calling 911.”

Although Jun-Kyung was hired as a personal assistant, he was registered with the corporation that was in charge of managing the home.
“I’m sorry for searching through your personal information.”

You are rather busy.
Thank you for taking such care.
That’s why I can rest properly.
Even getting me expensive clothes.”

There was no mention of him buying clothes at all.
It may be borrowed.

“Oh, right.
I’ll wash it right away and give it back”.

“I bought the clothes for Jun-Kyung, so you don’t have to return them.”

“What? It’s too expensive.
911 and hospital bills.
I have already received tremendous help from the managing director.
I can’t get expensive clothes.”

“You’ve already received a lot of help, but would it make any difference if you received clothes? Please accept it.”

Junkyung was at a loss for words at the nonsensical logic.
He closed his mouth and looked out for a moment.
The Han River was flowing smoothly.

The more he talked with Executive Director Min, the more his doubts began to rise.
It must be hard for people around him to get along because his inside is unknown.

They spent a lot of time together, but it was not enough to build closeness.
It was also funny to become friendly with him due to this incident.

‘I can’t believe I didn’t see him clearly before.’

How did this happen? It’s all because of that moldy bastard.
If he hadn’t asked him to drink or if he hadn’t brought all kinds of soda because he didn’t have enough to drink.

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Executive Director Min exited the road without navigation and entered the city again.
It was the shortest course to Jun-kyung’s house.

While driving on a round-trip four-lane road which has an overwhelming number of domestic cars rather than foreign cars, Director Min stopped at crossroad signals.
Around the corner was the new building in which Jun-Kyung lived.
The heavy silence was awkward.

“How can I repay you for everything….?” The end of what he said with difficulty were blurred.

“I usually get a lot of help from Jun-kyung, so think of it as my sincerity towards you.”

“Me? When did I…?

“I have my own reason”.

Jun-Kyung thought it was some kind of nonsense.
A large hand gripping the steering wheel wrapped in high-quality leather loosened slightly.
His long fingers were moving softly, as if he were playing the piano.

“People are uncomfortable being with me.
I usually hate it.”

“No way.
That’s not true.”

Hospitality mode worked reflexively.
The survival mode of an office worker is really great, and he can jump right into saying absolutely no to any clear facts.

“Is that so?”

The corners of Executive Director Min’s lips rose slowly.
Seeing that his eyes are slightly loose, it seems like Director Min is trying to smile lightly, but to Jun-kyung, he looks like a gang leader who felt better after burying a person.
It was terrifying.

“If Mr.
Ho Jun-kyung says so, it must be true.”

“It really is.
Who would be uncomfortable with the Executive Director Min?”

As if he was in a good mood, his terrifying smile grew a little deeper.
Then the signal went off.
What a relief.
The conversation was interrupted as the car started.

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