Startled, Jun-Kyung dropped the phone.
Min Hyun-woo’s name was visible on the screen.

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What do I do about the call? If there’s one person I hate in the world right now, it is Min Hyun-woo. 

The swearing was intense, “What a dog bastard!”

He immediately had the urge to grab him by the neck and tie him up, then beat him with his knee and bend his waist in the opposite direction.
He should have known from the time when this bastard suggested drinking.

Hyun-Woo Min drove the car on purpose.
Naturally, Hyun-Woo expected that him going home would not be smooth.
He must have done this trick on purpose to crush the cheeky Jun-kyung.

This crazy punk!

He is a fox pretending to not be one.
He’s a crazy fox with rabies.
Jun-Kyung believed him when Hyun-Woo said to treat him comfortably like brothers.
He himself was so stupid.

Why did he treat the words of an employer seriously when maybe they are just saying it out of politeness? This is largely due to the fact that he fell for Hyun-Woo’s innocent and sad impression.

Jun-Kyung mistakenly thought they were really friends.
What madman would be so good to an employee? Hyun-Woo wasn’t treating him well because he wanted to be close.

Just because he’s an easy omega.
It was only because Jun-kyung was an Omega.
He should have noticed.
He got excited because it’s been a long time since he has had friends.
“Really, crazy.”

Omega tries to escape from a predetermined role, but he eventually realizes again.
Intoxicated with stupid beliefs, he was not aware of his identity and situation, and the price he paid came back as a painful shock.

Alpha, I can’t believe I thought I could become real friends with the son of a VIP. 

The pain itself felt dirty.
He was so distressed that he took medications carelessly and the situation where he received help from Hyun-Seung Min was shameful.


The vibrating continued every 1 minute as if he knew that the power had been turned on.

Jun-Kyung wanted to smash my anger.
In fact, ignoring the muscle pain, he lifted the phone up to his shoulder to toss and then stopped.

The cell phone was not at fault.
If it’s anyone’s fault, it would be him who drank so much that he fell for the same bastard and became a cheap drunk.
The raised hand went down slowly.

He didn’t want to see the phone ringing constantly, so he turned it off.
He shouldn’t have turned it on in the first place.

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He pulled the blanket and lay flat on his back.

Thanks to this, the muscles that were screaming all at once became silent.
The body is comfortable, but the misery is doubled.

He held his breath quietly and tightly curled his lips like when a cartoon character is in an embarrassing situation.
He tightened his chin and tried to hold it in.
He managed to hold back the lump that rose up his throat.
However, one strand of anger betrayed Jun-Kyung’s effort to calm down.

Tears welled up.
His nose twitched.
Tears crept down the bridge of his nose and ran down his cheeks.


Taking the drug was just an impulsive act, not specifically to die.
Maybe if he took the inhibitor, this shit that happened to him would go away.
Fortunately, hormonal drugs act as the Plan-B contraceptive pill.

Just thinking about the word ‘morning after pill’ made him feel cold.
Hopefully that won’t happen though.
What if the worst happens? But now that he thinks about it, the cold rebuke of the doctor was not without a sound.

‘Go jump if you really want to die’.

With tears in his eyes, he lifted his head and looked out the window.
It was tightly closed.
It will hurt if he jumps.
It’ll be on the news too.

No, since it is related to the chaebol family, there is a greater possibility that even if he falls to death in a hospital, he will be quietly buried.

The lives of his parents who believe that their healthy son cannot die suddenly will be ruined by one-man protests and lawsuits.
Also, his brother.

It was miserable.
He wants to die.
His body hurts too much.

Hyun-woo Min, you rotten food waste, I will kill you.

He can’t remember how many times he drank alcohol.
If he drinks again in the future, he will be Hyun-Woo Min’s little brother.

The VIP ward was quiet.
There were only a few sights of medical staff and the medical trolley rolling back and forth.
Since he was born in a healthy body, he’s never had a lot of IVs.
A nurse came in.
It was time to sort things out.

Ho Jun-kyung.”

With a cheerful call, the nurse dragged the tray in.
While the awkward Jun-Kyung was wriggling, the nurse quickly took blood pressure and temperature and changed the IV.

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Then the nurse touched Junkyung’s foot.
It was only then that he realized that there was a small dressing on the sole of his right foot.
The nurse applied the ointment while changing the dressing.
Jun-Kyung’s soles were throbbing.

The nurse lowered the bed put on by the Executive Director Min flat.
“Turn around.
Not that way, this way.”

The nurse pulled up the thin hospital blanket at once.
Jun-Kyung was wearing clothing that patients normally wear with the back-open dress.
His shame doubled.
He tried to spread the hem well while lying on his side, but the nurse put the hem away with a firm touch.

“No, what’s wrong with this?”

The nurse took the bruise ointment from the silver tray and squeezed it over the bruise.

“Please spread it out”.

The nurse spread the ointment on his bruise.
He remembered falling on the hard tile on the bathroom.
It could’ve caused a serious bruise.

“You have severe bruises.
It’s red now, but it will turn black later.
I will leave the rest of the medicine with you, so apply it often.”

While explaining, the nurse also took out another ointment.
The cap was so long that he thought it was a syringe at first.
When the nurse opened the long triangular pyramid-shaped lid, a long snout came out.
It was designed to be applied deep no matter how you look at it.

“Please turn a little more to the right so that your left leg can go up.”

The nurse who changed the position made the bruised leg bent.
Jun-kyung frowned.
The gruesome feeling felt in the flat ass was a subsequent problem.

“It’s cold.”

Something slipped between his buttocks with a mechanical warning.
Junkyung held his breath as he felt the cold gel rushing inward.
He was so startled that he bit the duvet.

“You have severe lacerations inside.
It can develop into hemorrhoids, so you need to take good care of it.”

Nurses are medical professionals.
A patient is just a piece of wood.
They must have seen all kinds of terrible things.
It wouldn’t matter much to the male omega, but not to Junkyung.

The nurse, who treated him quickly, told him to apply the anal ointment as she was leaving, but Jun-kyung did not respond while lying down.

“Call me if you need anything.”

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After leaving a refreshing greeting, the nurse dragged the tray out.

He realized that because it was an omega that collapsed after taking drugs, they would’ve performed a test.
A huge shock struck Jun-kyung again.
Even men can be omega.
It was an area that was sufficiently understandable from a rational point of view.

However, the confirmation of others provided a new level of peek.
Is this what it feels like to drown in rotten water with poop and urine floating around?

It was similar to the disgust his felt when he was informed that he had manifested as an Omega.

Does Executive Director Min know? He probably knows.

Closing his eyes tightly, he drew several breaths inwardly.

He felt like turning his back on the world.
Make Hyun-Woo write a suicide note.
Let’s go to jail after killing Hyun-Woo Min in the company car.

To get revenge, you must first have power.
In order to be strong, the body must first be healed. He reminds himself consciously.

I want to kill and I want to die. 

It was just that the overall situation was so shameful.
Because of the lack of industrial accidents, he became shameless enough to think of consolation money.

It was the first time he realized that even revenge can only continue if they have energy.
It’s the first time in his life that his mind and body have been pushed to this limit.


Perhaps because the treatments were good, the condition that was like garbage returned to some semblance of normality the next day.
His thigh bruises were bigger than expected, so he was hospitalized for about three days due to concern about possible muscle damage.

When the dark, swollen bruises showed signs of fading away, permission to be discharged from the hospital immediately fell.
So far, there have been no visitors.
It was very fortunate.

About two hours before discharge, Jun-kyung discovered a serious problem.

“Oh, clothes.”

He took medicine after taking a shower and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance naked, so he doesn’t have clothes and shoes right now.
Not even underwear.
He had to contact someone to bring it.

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“Oh, shit.”

He didn’t contact his parents.
There is nothing strange about it though since it was normal in their relationship to not contact each other for about a month.

He didn’t dare to contact his parents.
As a parent of a judo prospect, every time she visits the hospital, she has a habit of asking about her son’s condition and knowing everything there is to know.

I can call Hyung. However, since it is daytime on a weekday, if his older brother suddenly leaves the cafe, he may be suspicious.

If he had a friend who could be called ‘friend’, no one immediately came to mind.
All of his close friends were office workers.

English: This is Herdia.
It is a single place on the green, and Young may be suspicious if he is a B-fraud [Pe, an American soldier.

But when I asked if I had a friend I could call, no one immediately came to mind.
All of my close friends were office workers.

He should’ve ordered online in advance.
He regretted it later and even though it was a nuisance, he thought of asking the nurse for a favor.

Ho Jun-kyung.”

A foul-mouth doctor came in.
She was a middle-aged woman who gave him a look over her spectacle at every round twice a day saying, “You recover too quickly for someone who even committed suicide.”

The first time he saw a female alpha, he was a bit overwhelmed.
No, he was overwhelmed by her formidable personality from the beginning.
She was a difficult person in many ways.

“Yes.” Junkyung, who had been sitting on the bed, got up from his seat.
The IV is done.

“You are discharged from the hospital today, right?”


“Well, you are doing well.
Don’t try to die for nothing.
That’s a waste of medical resources.
Was it forced by any chance?”

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