doing now?”

When Karaf finished speaking, he looked at the maids with terrifying eyes. 

Seeing his red eyes flash, they flinched and bowed their heads. 

They all trembled for fear of being killed.

No matter how hated minorities were, it was clearly negligence when they handed over their assigned work to others.

Karaf never forgives anyone who was negligent while living in a luxurious palace.

The head maid, who made the most decisive mistake among them, tremble pitifully and even had tears in her eyes. 

When she, who had been venomous and arrogant, looked like this, she felt sorry for her. 

Duran closed his eyes as he sensed that blood would be spattering at the Imperial Palace at dawn. 

But it was then.

“I told them I would clean by myself, so everyone should go in and rest first.”


Karaf’s eyes widened slightly and he turned to Asha. 

Suddenly, Asha had a subtle smile on her lips.

“Didn’t you tell me to indulge you, Your Majesty? So again, I tried to satisfy you.
I love to clean.”

Karaf looked at her with a slight frown.

It was a well-intentioned lie, but he could hardly believe the situation.

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     Lady Vanessa…… She is a good person.

Recalling what Duran had said, Karaf clenched his fists out of her sight.

As you said before.
Your worth is determined by yourself.
But look at you now.
Is this what you are talking about?”


“A person’s worth depends on where they stand.”

Asha looked at him and said.

“Do you really think so?”

Karaf paused.

“I am very sorry if you think so.
In Your Majesty’s eyes, do you see me as a worthless woman now?”

He was unable to answer that question. 

Vanessa was a noble being. 

She was the only woman in this empire who could make him bloom. 

Even though she was wearing a shabby maid outfit, she did not lose her worth. 

Then Asha said with a subtle smile.

“It’s always worth helping someone.
I am very happy to be able to ease the work of the maids on my own.”

Karaf’s eyes widened. 

Since he was cursed, there hasn’t been a single day that he hasn’t resented minorities. 

But she was different. 

She was a completely different being. 

Karaf soon relaxed his fierce eyes and looked down.

“…..Don’t do what I haven’t ordered you to do in the future.
No, just don’t do it.”

Asha looked at him curiously, but Karaf jumped up and turned his head.

“You did a good job cleaning today to my satisfaction, so I’ll give you a reward.”

When he finished speaking, he walked past the servants. 

Duran made eye contact with Asha, nodded once and followed him.

As the two disappeared, the maids rushed to help clean up, but Asha stopped them.

“I’ll finish it, just go back and rest.
You must have been very surprised today.”

They opened their eyes wide open. 

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Even though the Emperor was out of sight, Asha still didn’t say a word of resentment to them. 

Her slender back looked reliable as she quietly organized the cleaning tools.

They returned feeling sorry.

However, it was difficult for everyone to fall asleep again in the middle of the night.

They almost lost their heads, but there was no way they could go back to sleep peacefully as if nothing had happened.

Moments later, they poked their heads out the bed.

When their eyes met, they quickly got off the bunks and gathered around.

“What the hell happened……?”

They chattered about what had just happened. 

This was the first time that Karaf showed mercy to someone.

After being cursed, he gets easily tired of everything, and never gave a second chance to anyone who made a mistake or let him down. 

But to change him like that……

His eyes when he looked at Asha did not contain hatred, but regret and guilt. 

The maids made a ruckus about it and talked excitedly.

“His Majesty must really like her!”

Sonya worked hard to tell good stories about Asha with hype. 

All the maids had drooping eyebrows and blamed themselves for being too harsh on her.

“I guess not all minorities are bad people……”

“I think we misunderstood.
I felt sorry……”

They talked all night about Asha and Karaf. 

Countless rumors arose about their relationship, but Asha’s reputation rose like a mountain.

* * * * *

Late in the morning, Asha returned to her quarters, but fell sound asleep as soon as she lay down on her bed. 

Suddenly, the sound of birds chirping and the sunlight shining on her face, Asha frowned a bit and slowly opened her eyes. 

The moment she realized that she had slept until noon, Asha jumped out of bed in shock. 

As she hastily prepared to leave, she stopped when she noticed something on the table.




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